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The Most Common Ways to Screw up a Personal Statement


									Writing a personal statement does not have to be rocket science; however, if you're
not careful, you could easily jeopardize your personal essay and compromise your
chances of getting accepted in the school you prefer. If you think you can write about
anything in your personal essay, you better think again and think hard. Not everything
you might want to share will make the right impact, and failing to comply with essay
rules and guidelines could cost you your acceptance. Here are some of the more
common ways for you to mess up your personal statement and some tips on what you
can do to keep yourself from doing so.
  Using plagiarized content
  Personal statement examples can serve as excellent guides when it comes to writing
your personal essays. However, using the actual content of these samples and passing
them off as your own is one surefire way to jeopardize your personal statement.
Plagiarizing other people's work so that your personal essay appears highly interesting
is a sign of incompetence and irresponsibility. Surely, you would not want to
communicate these poor qualities to the selections committee.
  If you must, make use of personal statement examples, you need to use them only as
guides. You can use the outline as a sample, so you will know which experiences to
include in your essay and which ones to leave out.
  Focusing on negativity
  People face problems from time to time; however, there are those who have faced
graver trials than others. If you are one of those people who's had your fair share of
problems, make sure that you adopt a positive attitude despite the challenges, and
reflect this attitude in your personal statement. Wallowing in negativity will give off
an unfavorable vibe, and enumerating all the trials you've been through will no longer
make your essay an interesting read.
  Failure to comply with essay requirements
  Different schools will have different requirements when it comes to writing personal
statements. Typical requirements and guidelines include the word count, number of
paragraphs, fonts, document size, and deadline of submissions, among others. More
than writing a personal statement that will pique the interest of your readers,
following the set guidelines is no less important. By following correct instructions,
you are essentially communicating to the selections board that you are willing and
able to stick to the rules.
  The personal statement is one of the most important requirements for college
admissions. Along with your GPAs, SAT requirements, and recommendations, a high
quality personal essay is one requirement you should never leave out. There are many
ways for you to make your essay more compelling than others, such as looking into
personal statement examples as guides. Nonetheless, you can also screw up your
admissions essay by committing the above-mentioned mistakes. The important thing
is to stick to the rules, while writing a lively, original, and creative personal essay.
  About the Author
  Ikaterina Herzegova-Chan is a reliable source of personal statement examples online.
She has been writing personal statement examples and guides for incoming students
applying at different colleges and universities.

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