The Modern Wild Wild West by djsgjg0045


									Some people stated that Cowboy is a classic icon of manliness that all guys can relate
to. But do they? The latest return of cowboy style is hardly a craze like that ignited by
"Urban Cowboy" in 1980 and tromped into the dust thereafter. Unlike the showy
finery of a quarter century ago, which eventually brought western wear low, today's
looks exude a laconic Gary Cooper restraint, suggesting the authenticity of yesteryear
with, say, a quiet vintage-plaid shirt or plain brown boots.
  These are the most masculine of clothes, but with the twist of a bandanna and a
too-big buckle, they can veer easily into dude wear. Men itching to indulge in a bit of
cowboy find themselves both attracted and torn. There is the romance of the Old West,
sure. But they are also faced with two modern-day maverick extremes, which are hard
to reconcile.
  Levi’s take the western fashion into a brand new level by releasing Levi’s Fenom
Metallic shirts. It may look like the average vintage denim at first glance, actually it
sports some daring style with the addition of Swarovski crystals on the edge of the
yoke. This detail is a fun twist on the standard shirt and an easy way to add some
shimmer without being garish.
  Currently, there’s a trend of the futuristic western. The traditional checked cowboy
shirt gets a revival - only this time cowboy's are washed and groomed before heading
to the saloon. Shirts are styled with crisp t-shirts underneath and silk scarves. Pair a
checked shirt with a sleek waistcoat for a new take on the smart, casual look.
  The Wild West may be the place where branding was born, but if the last 150 years
have made anything clear, it is that no one has staked a clear copyright claim on
cowboy style. The vintage denim jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing
in existence second only to the basic white tee. Like their jeans, cowboys tend to wear
their jean jackets on the narrow side. The darker blue denim is more tradition, as is the
dark brass buttons, but you can get a little creative here, if you'd like.

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