Keeping Pets Healthy during the Holidays

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					Everywhere you look, there's a tip or trick to eating healthy throughout the holidays. -
Drink a glass of water before sitting down to dinner so you feel full sooner. - Stay
away from processed carbs like breads and stick with whole food carbs like carrots or
potatoes. - Eat a light snack before going to holiday parties to avoid overeating. - Wait
for the meal to eat, instead of snacking on the M&Ms or nuts in the bowls scattered
around the house. - Choose your beverages wisely, avoiding high calorie drinks.
Drink water with your meal and choose a wine as a desert instead.
  But, rarely do we think about how to keep our pets healthy during the holidays.
  Try these 7 Tips to a Healthier Holiday!
  1. Increase Activity
Traveling and visitors throughout the holiday season can upset your pet's routine. Try
to keep your pet on his regular feeding and exercise schedule to keep your pet's stress
level down.
  2. Maintain Normal Diet
  To assure your pet stays on his normal, healthy diet this holiday season, have him
fed before all the festivities. This will help keep him full and satisfied while everyone
else enjoys dinner!
  3. No Hand-offs
  Yes it's football season but inform your guests that feeding the dog or cat off the
table is a 15 yard personal foul. Instead, keep a bowl of healthy pet treats out so
people are not so tempted to "treat" your pet with sweets or food off the table.
  4. No Cooked Bones
  Cooked bones, like those left over from the turkey, can splinter and lodge in your
pet's throat or digestive system. Make sure you safely dispose of the turkey carcass so
your pet can't get to it.
  5. Quality Protein- If You Must
  If you just have to share your holiday dinner with your pet, share only quality meat
protein with them. Processed meats like ham and smoked sausage contain
preservatives and sodium levels that are not healthy choices for your pet. Small bites
of lean turkey or beef are better choices.
  6. No Gravy
  Avoid sharing the drippings or gravy with your pet. Many human spices are not
healthy for your pet and the drippings may be too rich and may cause digestive upset.
  7. Some Plants are Deadly
  When choosing ways to decorate your home, keep in mind that real mistletoe and
live poinsettias are poisonous to dogs and cats. Click here to read more about holiday
plants that can harm your pet.

 Author: Cindy Lukacevic, Owner, Dinovite Inc. has been working with pet owners
for over 10 years to help provide natural solutions for pet's issues. Click here for a
Free Online Health Report for your pet.

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