Keep Your Child Safe by hkksew3563rd


									When you were a kid you loved to take off with your friends and you waited for the
days when you’d be home alone so that you could do whatever you wanted not
worrying about your parents disapproving. Now that you’re a parent, though, you
can’t help it but want to control your child not to show who the boss is, but to keep
them safe for as long as it’s possible. Just like your parents couldn’t control
everything you did, you can’t control everything your child does, but you can set up
some rules and controls that will minimize the risks of anything happening to your
  Every parent teaches their child not to accept anything fro the strangers on the street,
whether it’s candy or a ride, and they warn their kids against walking alone. It’s very
important for a child to know that refusing to talk to a stranger is not being rude and
they will not get punished for moving away or even calling for help. Your child needs
to be reminded that they can only get into somebody else’s car if they were told by
you in advance that that was the plan or if they hear the safe word only you and your
child knows, a word agreed upon for extreme situations like you being in an accident
and unable to come to your child yourself.
  Preparing your child for different situations outside the house and preparing them to
act accordingly when a stranger approaches them or they hurt themselves seems
obvious, but you have to remember that your house is not the safe fortress you’d like
it to be. It’s less likely that your child will face any danger once the front door closes,
but it’s not impossible, so you have to make sure your child is aware of different
situations that may happen when they’re home alone, or even when you’re in as well.
  It’s never too early to teach your child to dial the emergency number and to let them
know what situations it’s to be done. You also have to make sure your child knows
their full name and address early on so that they can call help to the house should
anything bad happen. If anyone in the family has any allergies or suffers from any
illnesses, it’s important to wear medical alert bracelets, but also for everybody to at
least know there is a condition and preferably what the condition is. Knowing where
the medication is and how to use it in case of emergency is also a must.
  With the development of technology, dangerous strangers from the streets may want
to get into your home through different webcam chats or forums. Make sure your
computer and TV have parental controls set up accordingly to your child’s age and if
you use the same computer as your kid, that you log on under a password protected
user account. Otherwise your child may be doing homework research and come
across celebrity gossip site with some explicit pictures in the least, or start chatting to
a predator in a much worse case scenario. That’s why you should not only set up
parental controls, but also let your child know that you’ve done it and what your
reasons were for it, because as much as you would want your child unaware of all the
bad tings that could happen, keeping them informed helps you keep them protected.

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