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					  Distributor/Dealer Application
                             Are you interested in our products?
                                  Distributors/Dealers are WELCOME!!
                                       Let’s try and grow together!!!
We are looking for a distributor who has the spirit of challenging a new technology to contribute
to the people, making an effort to explore the new market, and working together to grow with.
Please fill out and email to us.

 Which Product would you like to be the distributor for? Please mark them.

            Produce Wrapping Machines               e.g.) NV-650, NV-851
            Farm Implements                         e.g.) Rotary Tiller, Reverse Rotary, Sowing Equipment
            Agricultural Films                      e.g.) Cool White, Betaron, Highbress
            Screen Mesh                             e.g.) Diomesh
            Edge Folding Tapers                     e.g.) Bag Taper, Box Taper, Industrial Taper
            Film/Label Feeding Machines             e.g.) Film by Film Feeding Machine
                                                          Label by Label Feeding Machine
            Industrial Tape Dispensers              e.g.) Perforating Tape Dispenser
                                                          Double Tape Dispenser

 Business contact information

   Name:                                                        Title:

   Company Name:

   Company Address:

   City:                                               State:                        Zip:

   Phone:                                                       Fax:

   Email:                                                       Company
       Corporation          Partnership          Sole Proprietorship        Other:
   Date company                                Number of                       FED Tax ID#:
   established:                                employee:                       SOC. SEC#:


Please submit this application by:
    1) Email the file to:
    2) Or, mail us this document to the below company address.
    3) Or, fax us this document to: (559) 226-0750
*Submitting this application does not guarantee to be the distributor. Subject to the review and the approval by San-Ai.

                                          2491 Alluvial Ave. Ste 210, Clovis, CA 93611
                                          Tel: (559) 226-0740     URL:
                  San-Ai Corporation, USA Fax: (559) 226-0750 Email:

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