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					BEXLEY STAMPS                   NEWS January 27 2011                                                               1

                                           BEXLEY STAMPS
                           P. O. Box 13, Bexley           2207, Australia.       Members APTA. PTS. IFSDA
                                                     Ph (02) 9567 5242
                                                     MAIL ORDER ONLY
                Credit Cards (no additional cost) Visa, MasterCard & Amex, Electronic Transfer (request details)
                       Normal terms payment or credit card with order P & P extra. Prices include GST
                         News        Dated       January 27 2011               PRICES INCLUDE GST
                       MS= Mini sheet, m= Mint unhinged, mlh= Mint hinged, u= fine used or canceled to order.
                    Even though this may look the same News as the previous one always check the date above.

Please check that you have our e-mail as as the old e-m of is no longer in use.

CHRISTMAS is now over for another year and many thanks to all who sent Christmas cards.

And not to forget A Very Happy & Healthy New Year to you all for 2011

For those of you who have been concerned about the move. Yes the first part, the moving of all the stock and
demolition of all shelving, counters etc all went to plan. However I had hoped to be up and running by Jan 6 but
a few bugs got in the way such as the transfer of the EFTPOS machine, phone and the biggest part trying to
transfer all info that was on the ancient computer to the newer one at home.

And also for those who ring and ask why I still have the same phone number. Very simple it is called Divert.
The same goes for P. O. Box 13 Bexley, it is called redirect.

Please note that a few items such as Kanga, Vario stocksheets, Stockbooks and a few other items are now stocked
at the Bexley Post Office which is 50m up the road from the shop. Kim or Van will be pleased to help you.

SEVEN SEAS SUPPLEMENTS & OPTIONAL PAGES for 2010. We have been advised that these will be
ready for late January early February 2011. A full list is enclosed with this short News. With minor adjustmants.

DAVO SUPPLEMENTS FOR 2010. Some supplements are ready and should arrive around mid January.
However due to the move things are delayed a little. The supplements that will be available are as follows.
Netherlands, Åland, Faroe, Finland, Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man,GB.
A more detailed list will be available very soon especially for the Netherlands & GB. Orders can now be taken.

NEXT SHOW Narellan Coin & Stamp Fair. Community Hall Queen St. Narellan Feb 13th 2011. I will
have a table with lots of goodies.

Another Show coming up in February. Tamworth.                Friday 18th Feb 5pm to 9pm, Saturday 19th 9am to
5pm, Sunday 20th 9am to 2pm. Will be at the Tamworth Town Hall Fitzroy St. I will be in attendance with stand,
so if you can make it then do drop in. I will look forward to meeting Clients around the Tamworth area and
anyone else that calls in.

SEVEN SEAS AUSTRALIA Catalogue part 1 2010 edition. This includes AAT, Christmas & Cocos. This
long awaited catalogue is $49.50. Get yours today don't delay and order now as it is selling fast.

                      A FEW MORE CLEARANCE ITEMS.
ENVELOPE CONTAINING 6 NSW Lottery Tickets and 2 Tats Doomben Cup Sweep of 1977. Assume
that none of them won anything. They are in pristine flat and undamaged condition. Novelty item $10.00

SOUVENIR POSTCARD FROM HELL. Very interesting item Has 3 Norwegian stamps of 10 ore. Postmark Hell
BEXLEY STAMPS                  NEWS January 27 2011                                                             2

21/11/1955. I assume there is a place in Norway called Hell. Just 1 only available.    $12.50
LEN JURY NEW ZEALAND 2011 catalogue is now available. 99 pages all for just $13.90

BIG BAG OF CLEAR MOUNTS, has been in high demand. Over ½Kg in fact about 700 odd grams in strips and also
larger for mini sheets etc. Only available in clear. One of the best sellers and Bargains for just $38.50

A FEW NEW WWF        sets now available
VIETNAM               Fishing Cats set of 4          $4.20,     BELARUS      Green Snaketail set 4     $5.00
ESTONIA               Great Crested Newt set 4       $8.00      FIJI         Crested Iguana set 4      $10.40
MONTSERRAT            Reddish Egret set 4            $9.00      CROATIA      Balkan Green Lizard set 4 $3.60
AITUTAKI              Grouper (fish) set 4           $7.00      PENRHYN      Striped Dolphin set 4     $7.00
COOK Is               Rimatara Lorikeet set 4        $13.40

WORLD KILOWARE 350 gram bag $20.00

TIN CAN MAIL Niuafoou (Tonga) 1938 with many different postmarks etc. Few minor tones. Addressed to NZ.

FIRST FLIGHT COVERS that were listed last time we still have quite a few and hope that you kept the list.

ALSO SOME OF THE PRE-DECIAML FDC'S previously listed are still available.

CENSOR COVER USA to NSW sent Dec 1941 with “Opened by Censor” with 3 USA stamps. $10.00
CENSOR COVER South Africa Johannesburgh to Georgia USA with label Examined by 7641 $10.00

GB Pre-Stamped entire with nice London postmark. Dated 16 June 1863. $15.00.

NSW Pre-stamped envelope dated Sydney January 31 1899. Nice clear Sydney postmark and a barred numeral. $20.00

½d. Roo SG 1 1st watermark nicely centred in MUH $16.00
4d. Orange Roo 1st wmk SG 6 well centred has a shortish perf in MUH $400.00
4d. Orange Roo 1st wmk SG 6 well centred has a couple of short perfs and an odd small tone mark. MLH $50.00
5d. Chestnut Roo 2 1st wmk. SG 8 centred top and slightly to right MUH copy $300.00
5d. Chestnut Roo 2 1st wmk. SG 8 well centred nice copy MLH $125.00
6d. Ultramarine Roo SG 9 1st wmk top marginal copy centring slightly to the top MUH $$460.00
6d. Ultramarine Roo SG 9 1st wmk nicely centred in mint $80.00
9d. Violet Roo SG 10 1st wmk nice well centred copy but has a very small tone spot and a short perf. MUH $110.00
1/- Green Roo 1st wmk SG 11 excellent centering and very nice copy MLH $120.00
2d. Grey Roo 3rd Wmk SG 35 bottom marginal copy centred left MUH $55.00
1/- Green Roo 3rd Wmk SG 40 welll centred MUH $225.00
1/- Green Roo 3rd Wmk SG 40 reasonable copy mint $50.00
2/- Roo Brown 3rd wmk SG 41 very well centred mint $295, Another copy but has very minor faults in mint $130.00
5/- Roo Grey Yellow 3rd wmk SG 42 well centred MLH $295.00
1/- Green Roo Small multi SG 109 a bit to the left centring MLH $50.00
2/- Maroon Roo Small multi SG 110 very well centred MLH $190.00
10/- Grey pink Roo small multi SG 112 well centred MLH $690.00
9d. Violet Roo C of A SG 133 centred top right fresh colour and in MUH $130.00
2/- Maroon C of A SG 134 centred very slight to the bottom MUH $12.00
5/- Roo Grey Yellow C of A just a tad to the left CTO copy $27.50
10/- Roo Grey Pink C of A SG 136 well centred very light hinge $575.00
4d. Orange Roo Perf Large OS SG 06 very well centred mint light hinge $380.00
5d. Chestnut Roo Perf small OS 1st wmk SG 022 a tad to the right. Mint light hinge $395.00
6d. Roo Ultramarine 3rd wmk Perf small OS SG 046 well centred but some perfs bit short MLH $90.00
1935 2d. ANZAC top left hand corner block of 6 plate 3 very fine used. $12.50.

Looking forward to your orders in the near future.                    Regards Mike Hill 27/01/11
BEXLEY STAMPS                         NEWS January 27 2011                                                                             3

                                            BEXLEY STAMPS                                ESTABLISHED IN 1969
                                                     ABN 39 068 893 945     Members APTA. PTS. IFSDA
                                                                 MAIL ORDER ONLY
                                              P. O. Box 13, Bexley  2207, Australia.
                                                         Ph (02) 9567 5242
                                  Credit cards Visa, Master & Amex. Electronic Transfer accepted ( request details)
           Normal terms payment or credit card with order P & P extra. Prices include GST ( OVERSEAS ORDERS GST IS REMOVED)
                                              Seven Seas Optional Pages for 2010
                                 This listing is correct as of November 25 2010 from Seven Seas. Price per page $3.30
Page No.             Description                                                     Item                               Price Qty   Total
1           Literary Legends                      Booklet 20 S/ad                                                        3.30
2           Governor Macquarie                    Gutter Strip 10                                                        3.30
3           Winter Olympics                       2 sheetlets                  Note 2 page set                           6.60
4           Centenary of Powered Flight           2 S/ad sheetlets                                                       3.30
5           Canberra Stamp Show                   Mini Sheet                                                             3.30
6           Come to The Show                      Gutter Strip 10                                                        3.30
7           Come to The Show                      Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                     3.30
8           Queen's Birthday                      Sheetlet of 10                                                         3.30
9           Queen's Birthday                      Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                     3.30
10          Kokoda                                Gutter Strip                                                           3.30
11          Kokoda                                Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                     3.30
12          Kokoda                                Strip 4 S/ad ex roll                                                   3.30
13          Kokoda                                 Collector Pack                                                        3.30
14          Great Railway Journeys                Booklet of 20 S/ad                                                     3.30
15          Great Railway Journeys                S/ad Sheetlet of 5                                                     3.30
16          London 2010 Stamp Expo                Mini sheets X 4               Note 2 page set                          6.60
17          Shanghai Expo                         Sheetlet of 10                                                         3.30
18          Australian World Heritage Sites       Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                     3.30
19          Australian World Heritage Sites       Collector Pack                                                         3.30
20          Fish of The Reef part 1               S/ad Booklets (3)                                                      3.30
21          Fish of The Reef part 1               Strip 4 S/ad ex roll                                                   3.30
22          Australian Beaches                    Sheetlets (2) S/ad                                                     3.30
23          Adopted & Adored                      Gutter Strip 10                                                        3.30
24          Adopted & Adored                      Strip of 5     S/ad (2)                                                3.30
25          Adopted & Adored                      Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                     3.30
26          Adopted & Adored                      Collector Pack              Note 2 page set                            6.60
27          Emergency Services                    Gutter Strip of 10                                                     3.30
28          Emergency Services                    Booklet of 20 S/ad                                                     3.30
29          Emergency Services                    Strip 4 S/ad ex roll                                                   3.30
30          Special Occasions                     6 S/ad Booklets             Note 3 page set                            9.90
31          Taxation Office Centenary             Sheetlet of 10                                                         3.30
32          Burk & Wills                          Collector Pack                                                         3.30
33          Bangkok Stamp Expo                    Mini sheet                                                             3.30
34          Adelaide Stamp Expo                   Mini Sheet                                                             3.30
35          Girl Guides                           2 Sheetles S/ad                                                        3.30
36          Girl Guides                           Booklet of 20 S/ad                                                     3.30
37          Girl Guides                           Collector Pack                                                         3.30
38          National Service Memorial             Sheetlet of 10                                                         3.30
BEXLEY STAMPS                          NEWS January 27 2011                                                                 4

39            National Service Memorial          Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                  3.30
40            Long Weekend                       Gutter Strip                                                        3.30
41            Long Weekend                       Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                  3.30
42            Long Weekend                       Strip 5 S/ad ex roll                                                3.30
43            Wildlife Caring                    Gutter Strip                                                        3.30
44            Wildlife Caring                    Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                  3.30
45            Wildlife Caring                    Strip 5 S/ad ex roll                                                3.30
46            Wildlife Caring                    Collector Pack                                                      3.30
47            Mary MacKillop                     Sheetlet of 10                                                      3.30
48            Australian Kingfishers             Booklet of 10 S/ad                                                  3.30
49            Australian Kingfishers             Collector Pack                                                      3.30
50            Melbourne Cup                      Booklet of 20 S/ad                                                  3.30
51            Dear Santa                         Gutter Strip                                                        3.30
52            Dear Santa                         Booklet of 20 S/ad                                                  3.30
53            Dear Santa                         Sheetlets varnished (2) Note 2 page set                             6.60
54            Traditional Christmas              Booklet of 20 S/ad                                                  3.30
55            Traditional Christmas              Sheetlet S/ad                                                       3.30
56            Reserved for Reprints              1 K Booklet Tourist Precincts                                       3.30
57            Reserved for Reprints              1K singles - $1.45 and $2.10 Koala and Roo, plus $1.80 and $3.00    3.30
58            Reserved for Reprints              3K singles - $1.50 Thorny devil, $1.45 Blue Orchid, 5c and          3.30
                                                 10c Butterflies, $1.00 and $2.00 Desert flowers, $1.65 Salamanca
59            Reserved for Reprints              1Roo singles - 30c Croc, 5c Possum, 20c Croc, $5.00 and $10.00      3.30

              OPTIONAL PAGE PACKS                Full pack of 65 pages Includes reprint pages      $191.50

                                                 Pack of 61 Normal Pages No reprint pages           $176.00

              SUPPLEMENTS                        AUSTRALIAN HINGELESS SUPPLEMENT                     $42.90

                                                 Australian standard supplement                      $27.50
                                                 AAT                                                  $4.40
                                                 GRAND TOTAL

NAME                                                                                       Post & packing at cost


                                                                                   Post Code

Payment Chq. Money Order, Visa, Master Card, Amex, (circle one) or EFT (request details)

Card No. (If we do not already have on record).                                                         Security No. Amex

Expiry Date           /                     Signature

Goods should be available End of 1st week of February

All orders received with payment or current credit card by January 25 2011 will be given our Early Bird discount of 12.5%

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