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									ING Foundation and
The Spastic Centre
  In Partnership Building Futures

Activity Report | March 2010
ING volunteers
continue to make
an enormous
contribution to
innovative programs
that are changing
the lives of children
with cerebral palsy
and their families.
We extend our sincere thanks to ING for their volunteer engagement,
financial contribution and practical support. The depth of ING’s engagement
with The Spastic Centre continues to improve the quality of life for many
children, young people, and their families.

Recently received donations from ING will allow us to offer a ‘Master Chef’
holiday respite program for young people aged 14-17 years and a week-
long holiday on the Gold Coast for teenagers with high care needs. These
are examples of how we are able to significantly enhance the quality of our
programs through the generosity of ING.

What is Cerebral Palsy?              The Spastic Centre
•   Every 15 hours a child is        For 65 years The Spastic              agencies (particularly in the
    born with cerebral palsy (CP)    Centre has been building              Asia-Pacific region), fosters
                                     futures for adults and children       and conducts research related
•   Cerebral palsy is the most                                             to cerebral palsy, provides
                                     with CP. Established in 1945,
    common, physical disability in                                         essential services and therapies,
                                     it is the oldest organisation of
    childhood                                                              and develops information and
                                     its type in the world. Today,
•   CP is a permanent disability     The Spastic Centre provides           education materials related to
    that affects movement            a comprehensive range of              cerebral palsy.
•   CP results from damage to        services to over 4,000 people
    the developing brain, usually    annually across 70 states in          In Summary:
    before birth                     New South Wales and the ACT.
                                     We also provide leadership in         •   Is a mature, stable
•   In Australia, 1 in 400 babies    the disability sector in Australia.       organisation with well-
    are diagnosed with CP                                                      developed infrastructure
                                     The Spastic Centre informs the            and supports.
•   There is no known cure,          community of the continuing
    and for most, the cause is       advances in research for              •   Has the resources to
    unknown                          the prevention and cure of                support the child with
                                     cerebral palsy. Improvements              cerebral palsy in the family,
•   People with cerebral palsy                                                 community and school
    may also have seizures,          in the quality of life for
                                     those living with cerebral                setting.
    and sensory and intellectual
    impairments.                     palsy and their families. We          •   Values partnerships with
                                     maintain international links and          the corporate sector and
                                     collaborations with other                 volunteers in the pursuit
                                                                               of service excellence and
ING Conductive Education
Highlights of the last six months

Activity Highlights                        Race holiday camp. The teams             ‘THANK YOU’ mail-out to all
                                           researched and navigated the             Spastic Centre sponsors.
• ING volunteers supported                 public transport system, as well
  Conductive Education families            as completing challenges along        • Conductive Education rocked
  who took part in the Harbour             the way in the CBD, at the airport,     the stage at the annual Spastic
  Bridge Fun Run as part of the            in the Blue Mountains and at            Centre Christmas Party. The
  Blackmores Sydney Running                Homebush Olympic Park.                  children presented a Rock N’
  Festival. At the end of the race the                                             Roll Christmas song played on
  families were treated to a gourmet • New volunteers in Conductive                colourful inflatable guitars. All the
  breakfast and entertainment in         Education include a qualified             parents in the ‘mosh-pit’ joined
  the ING members’ only area in the      personal trainer who brings               in celebrating the children’s
  Botanical Gardens.                     sporting skills and a university          performance! It was a great way
                                         student studying interior design.         of closing another very successful
• Conductive Education families          She brings a wealth of artistic skill     year in the history of The ING
  attended our annual art                to the program.                           Centre for Conductive Education!
  exhibition at Manly Library. Our
  paintings were displayed as part • A fundraiser organised by one               We are looking forward to our 10
  of the Manly Art Festival. This        of the parents assisted with the        year anniversary in May!
  exhibition raises awareness of         purchase of sunshade sails for
  the creativity of children living      the playground area.                    Thank you for all your support.
  with cerebral palsy.                                                           Rita, Gabriel and the children in ING
                                       • The children in Conductive              Conductive Education
• Children from Conductive               Education created Christmas
  Education attended the Amazing         card designs as artworks for the
ING Mentoring
Summer 2010

The personal investment by ING          Ignition Mentoring                    The truth of the matter from my side
                                                                              is that initially I was a sceptic on the
Foundation Volunteers in both           As we sit on the cusp of the fifth    ability of a program to be able to assist
the Ignition Mentoring Program          year of Ignition, it is exciting to   and help Jacob develop. We only
and the Emerge Leadership               think that we have the privilege of   signed him up as we’ve always tried to
Program is what sets it apart           yet another year working with the     involve him in as many experiences as
from many other corporate social        staff and volunteers from the ING     possible and considered the Ignition
responsibility projects. ING staff      Foundation.                           Mentoring just one of these. I was
individually volunteer in excess                                              even harsher on any perceived benefit
of 80hrs during a one-year              Research shows that teenagers         from the parent group activities but
program and many return for a           with cerebral palsy have a            I am now glad to be able to say how
                                        high chance of falling into ‘at       wrong I was in this perception. On
2nd, 3rd or 4th year in a row. This
                                        risk’ categories with issues          both accounts I now believe that not
investment breaks down unhelpful                                              only was it a worthwhile program for
stereotypes about disability, it        such as bullying, depression,
                                                                              us both but I consider it to be a major
builds confidence and capacity          social marginalisation and low        event in Jacob’s development and a
in young people with cerebral           self-esteem being extremely           life changing activity in his growth as a
palsy and it creates a fulfilling and   common. Many of the participants      person and as a boy transforming into
positive working environment for        in Ignition may be the only           a young man.
the staff themselves – knowing          person with cerebral palsy or         I can only imagine what the world
that they are supported to              any significant disability in their   would be like if all large firms and
give something back. Ignition           school. So when a big part of the     organisations undertook the same
and Emerge continue to make             teenage years is about image and      challenges that ING has in providing
significant contributions in            having the right social group, our    the program. I wonder how much
supporting and encouraging              clients often face really difficult   better a place it would be for all
youth and young adults living with      challenges at school.                 those who do not get the opportunity
                                                                              to participate in activities like the
cerebral palsy.
                                                                              mentoring program, if there were more
                                                                              programs such as this.

                                                                              Matt Cross
                                                                              A 2009 Ignition parent
Ignition mentoring not only provides   not every day that you get to say       felt like a ‘nobody’, but you have
young people with a context            that you were in a recording studio     made me feel like a ‘somebody’.
where they are accepted, but also      laying down some vocals with            Thank you.’
the opportunity to discuss these       Jimmy Barnes!”
                                                                               Throughout 2010 we will again
challenges and the strategies they
                                       In November we took the                 engage a new group of teenagers
can use to address them. Time
                                       opportunity to say thank you to the     with cerebral palsy - giving them
after time, we are told how much
                                       ING Ignition Foundation Volunteers      the opportunity to benefit from the
this program has come at just the
                                       with our end of year dinner. The        friendship and encouragement
right time.
                                       night was a celebration of the          of the 2010 ING Foundation
                                       dedication and investment of            Volunteers.
                                       the mentors and a celebration
Surprise Visitors
                                       of the relationships that formed
In September Jimmy Barnes and                                                  Corporate Volunteer of the Year
                                       over the year. Each mentor had
his daughter Elly May, who has                                                 Award
                                       an opportunity to identify the
cerebral palsy, dropped in on one      positive attributes they saw in their   Opportunities to recognise the
of the sessions to help the Ignition   teenage mentee – something that is      commitment of our volunteers is
participants record a song written     incredibly special for any teenager     extremely important. In nominating
by the teenagers, called ‘How Far      to hear. Then the teenagers spoke       Nigel Dearinger for his contribution
We’ve Come’. It was an electric        of how they had benefitted from the     over the last 2 years to the Ignition
night where it was hard to tell        program. It was amazing to hear in      Mentoring program we were
who was more star struck – the         their own words how this program        confident that he epitomised
teenagers or their mentors. One        had helped. One young mentee            what the judges were looking for
mentor was heard saying, “It is        said, ‘Coming into this program I       in crowning the very first NSW
Corporate Volunteer of the Year. The judges
agreed as they commented that Nigel regularly
went beyond the call of duty as a volunteer.
Congratulations Nigel - a very deserved winner
of the inaugural NSW Corporate Volunteer of
the Year Award!
From Nigel Dearinger - recipient of the 2009
Corporate Volunteer of the Year Award:
Receiving the award truly is a reflection of the
great work by all that goes into these types of
initiatives…I will advocate to any and all about
the fantastic work The Spastic Centre and the
ING Foundation does, and the amount of effort
required by the parents and the kids to make
this program possible…And I look forward to
filling in my form to apply for a position in the
2010 Ignition Mentoring Program.

Emerge Leadership Program
The Emerge Leadership Program takes
volunteering onto the next level, offering
an opportunity for managers and senior
executives to use their skills and experience
to coach a young adult with cerebral palsy. In
2009, nine ING volunteer coaches met with
nine young adults with cerebral palsy for 15
sessions of coaching, input and inspiration.
The result was nothing short of remarkable.
Each young adult participant spoke of the
benefit of the program in increasing their
leadership skills and exposing them to a new
understanding of their own potential as a
leader. The coaches spoke of their own growth
in understanding of leadership and were
appreciative of the opportunities this program
gave them to impart their knowledge and
The year culminated in a one-day Emerge
leadership conference at Luna Park where
many of the participants had a key role in
either emceeing, speaking or helping to
organise aspects of the conference. The
conference was an inspiring day for the more
than 100 participants. The action packed day
ended with a musical performance by Matt
Corby – runner up in Australian Idol.

 Thank you Shannon!
 Emerge and Ignition would like to thank
 Shannon Carruth for her commitment to
 making these partnerships work. We wish
 her all the best with her new baby and look
 forward to working with Fleur Lanham over
 the coming year.
ING volunteers continue to provide loyal support…

ING volunteers support The Spastic    Sunday September 20th              at ING. Special thanks to
                                      saw 127 of our family              Rich High, Wellbeing Manager
Centre across many programmes         members turn out for the           for all his work in making this
and initiatives. Their continued      Blackmores Sydney Running          event happen so smoothly.
involvement means so much to          Festival – North Sydney
everyone at The Spastic Centre -      to The Opera House. This
                                                                         The name Mark Woolnough
                                      event is eagerly anticipated
clients, parents and staff alike.                                        from ING Direct is well known
                                      by families who enjoy the
                                                                         to The Spastic Centre, Mark
                                      practical support provided
                                                                         annually offers his team to
The following are a few examples      by ING. ING volunteers
                                                                         help tackle projects where
                                      arrange all registration, supply
of recent events which relied         T-shirts, caps and assist
                                                                         assistance is most needed.
heavily on the wonderful volunteers   the families during the race      Last October when Mark
from ING.                             and organise the breakfast        heard of our plight with the
                                      banquet at the finish.            children’s playground at
                                                                        Allambie he did not hesitate
                                      The kids adore it; it’s not every
                                                                        to come to the rescue. The
                                      day that you can have ice-
                                                                        playground had become a
                                      cream for breakfast!
                                                                        little neglected over the winter
                                      None of this would happen         months and there were also
                                      without the amazing support       several safety issues. Mark’s
                                      we receive from all our friends team worked hard to give the
kids a much safer, brighter and cleaner
play area. The loss of the ‘cubby house’
was sad but the demolition was swift.
The resurrected raised planter box with
herbs and veggies will provide hours of
interest. The new sand in the sandpit made
everything more hygienic and pleasant.
Thanks to some wonderful artwork by the
team, the play area now has some added
colour in the form of wall paintings. Dora
the Explorer, Snoopy, Sponge Bob Square
Pants, Bart Simpson, Tweetie Pie, Wile E
Coyote and the rest have given the kids
such joy. They just love having these new
friendly characters in their playground!
Mark noticed the old and outdated TV we
used to show our latest DVD of the kids
and popped down to the shops to buy us
a new one! His generosity overwhelmed
us. This wonderful gift and the practical
contribution of Mark’s team has made an
enormous difference. From all the children,
the staff and parents at The Spastic Centre
we thank you.

ING answered a call for help with our
annual ‘Christmas for the Kids’ event. In
true ING style, the assistance given was
‘above and beyond’. What a wonderful
team of volunteers they were. Their
enthusiasm for the role of ‘Santa’s Helpers’
was infectious and created such a warm
welcoming experience for our children,
some of whom were meeting Santa for the
first time.
They also made the line waiting to see
Santa so much more fun and must have
some lovely little stories to tell on what the
children wrote in their letters to Santa.
Huge thanks too to ING for providing the
funds to buy all the exciting gifts handed
out to each child. You all brought the
‘Magic of Christmas’ to our kids.

Future Plans
•   Possible restaging of the ‘Inspired
•   Various painting and Backyard Blitz
Thank you ING
                             Rob White
                Chief Executive Officer
                     The Spastic Centre
321 Mona Vale Road • Terrey Hills • 2084
         PO Box 184 • Brookvale • 2100
     T 02 9479 7200 / F 02 9479 7290

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