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									To celebrate Saif Ali Khan Cousin Saad Bin Jung 50th birthday, Kareena Kapoor and
he air-dashed to Bangalore for half a day. This event at Sunil Shetty's
pub-cum-restaurant in Indiranagar attended by Saad's friends and family from across
the country and world. Saif and bebo both are in the middle of shooting Agent Vinod,
didn't need much convincing to take time out of their busy schedule for the do as Saad
is close family. He dressed in a simple shirt and a pair of jeans, and she wearing a
beige churidar kurta, mingled with the 100-odd invitees. A three-piece band from
Hyderabad, Krish, played retro music and the couple was seen dancing to them. The
menu comprised Indian and Chinese food, which they tucked into, forgetting their diet
plans. He stayed at Saad's place, but she stayed at another cousin's home. The couple
flew back the next morning, not staying back to attend Vivek Oberoi's wedding.
Kareena Kapoor with SRK performed at the second Sahara India Sports Awards in
Mumbai. The Sports Journalists 鈥?Federation of India members nominated the
players for the awards. As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Jeetendra Son Tusshar
Kapoor said that, 鈥淵 es. I am ready to fall in love. I want a girl like Kareena. She is
a good mix of someone who is intelligent, sweet, smart, hardworking, independent
and warm. I am keen to go on a holiday. We plan to take a break, party and shop.
Kareena would mostly want to stay in her room even for dinner. I had to literally drag
her out 鈥? Kareena Kapoor is not keen on producing films at any stage of her career
unlike her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan. she does not enjoy the process of production. All
she wants to do now and in her long term career is to only act. There is no question of
producing films ever. As per her interviews, she said that, "I find it extremely difficult
to see myself producing films. I won't enjoy the process of making films and so I have
decided not to try my hands at producing films. Though Saif does it, but I am not
involved in any decision concerning his film production."
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