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									Workshop Title: Bio-Inspired          Models for Industrial Applications:
Duration of the Workshop:

1 day based on the number of submisions.

A Technical Description of the Workshop Topic area and

Computing models inspired by biology is a way to make use of concepts, principles and
mechanisms underlying biological systems. This type of computing includes among
others, fields as evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, molecular computing and
quantum computing. The special session->workshop is soliciting papers on all aspects
of Bio-inspired Models applied to the field of Industrial Applications. Because of the
interdisciplinary character of the conference a special effort will be made to solicit
survey, review, and tutorial papers which would make research trends in a given
subarea more accessible to the broad audience of the conference.

The scope of this special sesions->workshop covers the following bio-inpired models
and related techniques and their industrial applications:

      Evolutionary Computing
      Swarm intelligence
      Neurocomputing
      Immunological Computing
      Hybrid Methods
      Intelligent Agents and Agent Theory
      Other topics

The application fields of interest cover but are not limited to:
    Decision Support
    Process and System Control
    System Identification and Modelling
    Optimisation
    Signal or Image Processing
    Vision or Pattern Recognition
    Condition Monitoring
    Fault Diagnosis
    Systems Integration
    Internet Tools
    Human-Machine Interface
    Time Series Prediction
    Robotics
    Motion Control and Power Electronics
    Biomedical Engineering
    Virtual Reality
    Reactive Distributed AI
    Telecommunications
    Consumer Electronics
      Industrial Electronics
      Manufacturing Systems
      ower->Power and Energy
      Data Mining
      Data Visualisation
      Intelligent Information Retrieval
      Autonomous Reasoning
      Intelligent Agents

Important Dates:
Dates for Paper Submission:
Deadline for Paper Submission : June 26, 2009
Notification for Acceptance : August 14, 2009
Deadline for Camera Ready Manuscript : September 14, 2009

All accepted papers will appear in conference proceedings published by the IEEE
Computer Society and indexed by both EI (Compendex) and ISTP

Composition of the Organizing Committee,

Emilio Corchado - University of Burgos (Spain)
Andrés Bustillo. University of Burgos (Spain)
Leticial Curiel. University of Burgos (Spain)
Javier Sedano. University of Burgos (Spain)
Bruno Baruque. University of Burgos (Spain)
Alvaro Herrero. University of Burgos (Spain)
Angel Arroyo. University of Burgos (Spain)
Pedro Santos. University of Burgos (Spain)
Raquel Redondo. University of Burgos (Spain)
David Martin. University of Burgos (Spain)

Composition of the Program Committee

Chairs and PC:
   Emilio Corchado - University of Burgos (Spain) e-mail:
   Andrés Bustillo. University of Burgos (Spain)
   Javier Sedano. University of Burgos (Spain)
   Pedro Mª Caballero. CARTIF
   Bruno Baruque. University of Burgos (Spain)
   Alvaro Herrero. University of Burgos (Spain)
   Juan Corchado. University of Salamanca
   Ajith Abraham - Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)

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