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									                   INTERNATIONAL INDIAN SCHOOL, RIYADH , K.S.A

                       ENGLISH STD VII WORKSHEET – 2009-2010


  I.   Read the instructions for preparing a tea below. Write them in the PASSIVE VOICE:-
          1. Put water in a pan.
          2. Put the pan on the stove.
          3. Add tea leaves in the boiling water and add some milk.
          4. Add sugar according to taste.
          5. Boil for sometime.
 II.   Change the following sentences from PASSIVE VOICE to ACTIVE VOICE:-
          1. Chocolates are loved by children.
          2. The mountain can be climbed by us.
          3. The teacher was annoyed at my behaviour.
          4. A painting was gifted to me by her.
          5. You will be marked absent by the teacher.
III.   Change the following sentences ACTIVE VOICE to PASSIVE VOICE:-
         1. She was making tea.
         2. The name has shocked me.
         3. He will have to complete it.
         4. The manager has given me the ticket.
         5. I love my mother.
IV.    Complete these sentences appropriately:-
         1. It is said that _________________________________.
         2. It has been quoted that__________________________.
         3. It has been agreed that __________________________.
         4. It is believed to be that __________________________.
V.    Change these sentences into the Passive form. Mention the agent only if required :-
           1.   People have expressed the hope that the bus will come again.
           2.   They bought all the items.
           3.   The inspector arrested the accused.
           4.   They have made Ram the Director of the company.
           5.   They gave me a copy of the list.

VI.   The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines.
      Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet as given below
      against the correct blank number:-
                                                             Incorrect              Correct
      Diwali was celebrate twenty days after Dussehra. a) ______________ __________
      Houses and shops is white wash before it              b) ______________ __________
      On the day of the festival , they is decorate nicely, c) ______________ __________
      Gifts is exchange with friends ,                      d) ______________ __________
      relatives and neighbours
      Thus joy are shares                                   e) _____________ __________
      Lakshmi , the goddess of wealth are worship at
       night                                                f) _____________ ___________

      I.        Correct the errors in the usage of determiners:-
                1. I don’t need some money.
                2. A lot of us were here.
                3. This knives are silver.
                4. I have packed a little books.
                5. Come here and look at this photographs?
                6. The teacher asked every the boys.
                7. Cheese is made from any milk.
                8. The police questioned any suspect.
                9. Much friends and relatives attended the function
                10.I want to tell you some interesting story.
II.    Fill in the blanks with suitable Determiners: -
       1. I am having _____________ of trouble passing my driving exam.
       2. ________________ the movies were rated PG.
       3. ____________________ of the information proved to be outdated.
       4. We are close to the project deadline, but there is still _____________ time
       5. Although there are _____________ brilliant students in this state only
           ______ will choose to remain in the state after graduation .

III.   Fill in the blanks with Pre-determiners.
       1. Watch this film is a __________ torture.
       2. ______________ of the target is completed.
       3. ________________ a trouble it would be.
       4. __________________ problems should be present for the hearing.
       5. Raj and Ravi go to the gym __________ in a week.

IV.    In the following passage, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the
       missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes
       after it in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.

          Last night moon was shining brightly            (a) _________________
          John’s train arrived at station and he got off. (b) _________________
          He went up to station manager and asked          (c) ________________
          ‘Do you know if there, is Italian restaurant (d) _________________
          near here? ‘Yes its very near, just about 20
          metre on left opposite information centre        (e) _________________
          Thank You’ said John, and started walking.
          He found restaurant and went inside.             (f) _________________
          There was woman playing the piano, and
          there, in the corner of the room, next to
          kitchen was a joker                             (h)_________________

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