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									How to Qualify for a K1 Visa An American citizen and his foreign national fiancee
can only get married in the United States if she has already been granted a fiancee
visa or the K1 visa. A K1 visa is a single entry card that allows a person to come to
the U.S. for 90 days to get married. Before a K-1 visa can be granted, several
important documents are required to be submitted for processing by several
government agencies here and in the beneficiary's country of origin. What documents
are needed? The first step in the petition is the filing of Form I-129F - the Petition for
Alien Fiance. This is done by a legally qualified American citizen in the United States.
The documents needed along with this form are the following: -Birth certificate or
Naturalization Certificate - Either of this will establish that you are a citizen of the
United States and are qualified to file for a fiancee visa. -A divorce or annulment
decree or death certificate of a former spouse - Any one of these is necessary to prove
that you are currently single and that any former marriage has been completely
dissolved or terminated. -Airline tickets, photos, hotel receipts or proof of
accommodation, entry and exit visa, and other documents to prove that you have seen
your fiancee in person in the last two years prior to the filing of the fiance visa. -Love
letters, emails, phone bills, gift receipts, chat records, sms, and others of the kind to
support the authenticity of your relationship. -Financial records like bank statements,
deposit certificates, proof of income and employment, and other documents to prove
that you have the financial capacity to support a wife. All these documents are needed
in the initial step of filing the petition in the U.S. Fiance visa interview When the
Philippine wife marriage visa assistance petition has passed the perusal of all agencies
concerned in the U.S., it will be sent to the embassy of the country of your fiancee.
Your fiance will receive notification of this and she will be sent the K-1 visa packet.
She will then be asked to undergo medical examination and submit several other
documents when she comes in for her interview. These are the documents she has to
prepare: - Valid passport - Birth certificate - Police certificate - Divorce, annulment or
death certificate in case of prior marriages to establish eligibility to marry - Medical
examination results and certificates - Proof of financial support from the petitioner -
Evidence of relationship - Two photographs showing full face against a light
background ( 1 and 1/2 inches square) Any child of your fiancee under the age of 21,
who wishes to accompany or follow her to the U.S may be given a K-2 visa by the
embassy. EasyFianceVisa.com Dealing with all these requirements can be daunting
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