The life and career of Ewan Sheriff by djsgjg0045


									Born in Forfar, Scotland in 1968, Ewan Sheriff is a first born child with one younger
brother. As a child he grew up in the Scottish towns of Dunfermline, Selkirk and for
the main part, Dundee. Ewan attended the renowned High School of Dundee, before
being accepted into the law program at The University of Dundee where he received
his Bachelor of Laws Honours degree in 1989 and his Diploma in Legal Practice one
year later in 1990. Having always been keen on sports, Ewan Sheriff participated in
football, golf, curling, swimming and rugby throughout his time at both school and
  Mr Sheriff holds eighteen years of high-profile experience in the Commercial, Real
Estate and Asset Management arenas, with high-exposure firms located in Edinburgh,
Glasgow, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, respectively. At the end of 2009, having
long held an interest in the Middle East and it 鈥檚 business opportunities, Ewan
Sheriff sought to embrace the regions richer and more balanced lifestyle for himself,
his wife and his three young children. The Sheriff family relocated from Edinburgh,
UK to Dubai, UAE in April 2010 and have never looked back. Mr Sherriff himself
has embraced learning about a new legal system, and continues to enjoy the vast
cultural and lifestyle offerings of the region. Being a keen sportsman, Ewan continues
to root for his Celtic football team from abroad, as well as running, swimming and
playing football in Dubai. He and his wife remain avid travellers and his family keen
  The Dubai & Abu Dhabi based firm of Davidson & Co. Welcomed Ewan Sheriff to
their team in late 2009, where he now holds the title of Partner in Corporate and
Commercial Real Estate. Davidson is a leading-edge, United Arab Emirate speciality
firm of western-trained lawyers, with in-house Emirati Counsel; a model which
continues to increase market share. To date, Mr Sheriff has implemented key
operational methodologies and Anti-Money Laundering Law procedures to instil the
standardization of corporate wide activity. In keeping with his career concentration,
Ewan continues to advise on corporate and commercial contract matters, UAE
Vehicles of Incorporation, Commercial Real Estate transactions, Asset Management
and Origination.
  The credentials and standing of Ewan Sheriff as a true professional are in no doubt
and he is often praised by clients and co-workers alike. Over the years he has become
well known in the industry for his wide-spread knowledge in across several sectors
and is renowned for his limitless dedication when it come to being part of a team.
There are many examples of external praise and here is one example - a comment
about Ewan made in the Chambers Directory from his time working in the UK..
  Chambers Directory comment: 鈥淭 he dynamic leadership of Ewan Sheriff has
seen this Edinburgh-based team's profile escalate dramatically in recent months -
indeed, many sources believe that the practice 鈥渨 ould be a pale imitation of itself
without him.鈥?The group is renowned for its representation of Irish investors in
property acquisitions, but also handles leasing, investment, development and funds
work and supports the firm 鈥檚 superb corporate department. The team recently
represented Belfast-based William Ewart on its 拢 267 million acquisition of the Gyle
Shopping Centre, near Edinburgh 鈥?

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