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									Arab people brought their great knowledge of agriculture across the world. They grew
many kinds of plants; some of them previously unknown in Europe; such as laurel
trees. However, it was well-known by Syrian people. Syria has always been a center
where east and west meet; it is one of the important countries in the Middle East. It
has been argued that the name of Syria was derived from ancient Greek which traced
back to the cognate Assyria. It lies at the eastern end of Mediterranean. It is no
wonder that Syria is the cradle of civilization which flourished throughout history.
Part of learning about Syria is knowing Aleppo; Aleppo is one of the most splendid
ancient sites in the north; it is the oldest inhabited city in the world. It is located near
Turkey from the south. At the crossroads of two-thousand-year-old trade routes,
Aleppo has been ruled by the Hittites, Assyrians, Arabs, Mongols, Mamelukes and
Ottomans and is now the second-largest city in modern-day Syria. Aleppo has been
flourished in many aspects, such as architecture and agriculture. It is considered the
most famous city that concerns with the laurel tree planting. It will be obvious to
anyone to notice the use of the laurel’s leaves in Aleppo right after visiting Aleppo in
their daily life.
  Where and how does this plant grow? Laurel's large order of flowering plants
contains 11 families with a total of 70 genera and more than 2500 species. It grows at
900-1200 meter above the sea level in most of Syrian land. It has white flowers in
spring which smells well. In ancient Greece the wreath of honour placed upon the
heads of heroes was made from leaves and barnacles of laurel. Laurel has many other
uses, as for example to extract laurel oil, soap productions which has new form
nowadays as liquid soap.
  The main use of laurel in Aleppo is to produce special kinds of soap and different
kinds of body care productions; the main characteristic of these productions are
free-chemical substances; they are natural 100% made from olive oil and bay using
only 100% natural ingredients our soaps contain no animal fats, or unnecessary
chemical additives. They are luxurious, mild, and gentle soaps with incredible purity
and moisturizing properties that make them ideal for sensitive skins.
  The unique specialty of these soaps, in addition to being natural, is providing hair
with natural sustenance that hair needs, and it protects hair from sun-effect damages.
It also keeps the skin soft for long time with nice smell because of its perfume. The
bay soap making has two ways:
  The first one is the traditional way which made by the local people in Aleppo. They
put the fruit of this tree in water and boil them; when it begins to boil for enough time
the oil flows on the surface. These quantities are collected and sold to the
commercials who concerns about this kinds. By the time, it has been developed using
advanced technology to produce this soap in a scientific way.
  Laurel was an important plant that made Aleppo soap symbolize something special
for many people, and it stands as the oldest tradition than many of the detergents and
washing agents that are in use nowadays. is the place for you!
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