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									                 New Study Reveals the Mobile Channel is First

                Industry Analyst Group Reports on Importance of
                        Mobility for Consumers’ Daily Life;
            Research Predicts the Mobile Cloud will Change Commerce

Barcelona, Spain February 15, 2011 – Neustar, Inc., (NYSE: NSR), a provider of
market-leading, innovative solutions and directory services to enable trusted
communication across networks, and Aepona, a provider of software solutions for
Mobile Cloud Computing, today released the results of a new industry white paper*,
authored by Yankee Group, called, “The Mobile Cloud: Unlocking New Profits”. The
research investigates the growing demand from consumers for high-speed mobile
services and its impact on mobile network operators (MNOs), brands, advertisers,
content owners, and enterprises. The report reveals that these stakeholders have an
opportunity to differentiate themselves and add new revenue-generating services by
harnessing mobile cloud computing (mobile cloud).

“Yankee Group is bullish on the prospects for the entire mobile ecosystem - if
stakeholders have the ability to work together more efficiently. The industry needs
capable stakeholders to step up and reduce the friction that currently stymies the
creation of an efficient and profitable mobile platform,” said Brian Partridge, vice
president, Anywhere Network Research at Yankee Group. “Solutions that can
successfully address these key challenges can help the entire mobile ecosystem create
more profits.”
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    •   MNOs will require new sources of revenue that harness the value of the network
    •   Yankee Group believes that the mobile cloud has the potential to change how
        consumers work, transact commerce, socialize, and entertain themselves.
    •   In the last five years, the mobile channel has moved from the bottom of the
        value stack to the top priority.
    •   Enterprise IT managers must deal with the growing need for enterprise
        application mobility and the impact from productivity tools created in the
        consumer world that are increasingly being brought into the work environment.
    •   Application developers face significant choices about which platform they should
        target for development and how to achieve wholesale access to MNO APIs.

“The study conducted by Yankee Group confirms our view that the mobile marketplace
is at an inflection point,” said Steve Edwards, senior vice president, Carrier Services.
“Operators need monetize their network investments and support consumers’
increasing appetite for rich media services. The Neustar Intelligent Cloud changes the
mobile services business model by reducing operating costs and improving the
consumer experience, while creating new revenue streams.”

Key Findings:
Based on an examination of the mobile marketplace and ecosystem, the Yankee Group
believes that a well-executed mobile cloud service eliminates the commercial and
technical fragmentation that has proven to be a barrier in the past. The firm believes
that by combining mobile cloud services with a motivated ecosystem, there are
significant opportunities to enrich the entire marketplace.

“The Aepona software engine powers the convergence of open mobile networks with
Mobile Cloud Computing,” said Al Snyder, Chief Executive Officer, Aepona. “Through
our work with OneAPI, we saw the need for a service that streamlines the path to
market for mobile services. By working with Neustar, we are able to enable a rich
New Study Reveals the Mobile Channel is First                                                   Page | 3

variety of applications and series that utilize the mobile network features and
intelligence available on-demand via the mobile cloud.”

The complete white paper titled "The Mobile Cloud: Unlocking New Profits" can be
downloaded at: http://

* A commissioned work conducted by Yankee Group on behalf of Neustar and Aepona
as of February 2011.

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