The Invention and History of the Flashlight by djsgjg0045


									Flashlight is a handheld electronic lighting tool. A typical flashlight has
battery-powered bulb and which focusing mirror, and it has the hand-held handle
housing. Although its design is fairly simple, flashlight had been invented until the
late 19th century, because torch must be combined with the invention of the battery
and light bulb, and in the early the battery power was low, in English it is called
"flashlight", which means short-term lights.
  Modern civilization should thank the American inventor Thomas Edison, and he
made the first commercial valuable white light lamp, to bring light for mankind.
However, Conrad Hubert should also be similarly respected, and he who migrated
from Russia to the United States invented the flashlight.
  Hubert got home from work, and a friend proudly showed him a blinking flowerpot,
originally, he installed a battery and a small light bulb in a pot, when he turned on
switch, the lamp lit up the flowers which looked dazzling. Hubert was fascinated to
see, this thing gave him enlightenment. It was very convenient that He sometimes
walked in the dark at night, and it was not long ago that he carried the heavy oil lamp
to the dark basement to look for something. He thought it was very convenient if we
could use portable electric bulb to light. As a result, the first torch came out.
  With the incessant development of society, flashlight style and function constantly
change. Most of the flashlights are designed cylindrical models, but the early
flashlights were often designed into a variety of styles, some looked like the early
lantern, and some looked like candles, we expect that there will be more interesting
patterns to appear in the future. Now the flashlights which gradually come out have
high-power flashlight, solar flashlight and LED flashlight and so on.
  As LED diode emergence in previous years, now the single lamp with 1W, 3W
high-power appear, this constantly enriches our flashlight options. Especially
aerometal flashlights appear, this let buyers move. Of course, now this flashlight price
has dropped from a high price, it is fit for many buyers. LED flashlight is made up
many LED diode, its temperature is very high and it brings very light visual feel. It is
also energy saving, in addition, the magnesium alloy metal case is suitable for outdoor
to use, because it is anti-corrosion, anti-wind and anti-rain.

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