The Importance of Social Authority in Social Media Marketing

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					Building a reputation in the world of business is not an easy task. But with the help of
various marketing strategies, this is not impossible to do. Social authority is one of the
key components in implementing an effective advertising plan. This is gained through
developing healthy relationships with consumers and other companies. Social media
marketing is one strategy that can help any business establish a reputation of being an
expert in its field. An effective advertisement goes a long way as it encourages people
to buy and trust a certain product or service. Once the audience is convinced that the
company's product is worth spending their money for, the company becomes an
'influencer' in the field of business.
  Having social authority in the industry makes it easier for any business to market
their goods. Marketing strategies such as social media, electronic media and printed
media are ways to start up an interaction with the target market. However, it is not a
guarantee that people will buy and patronize the products and services. The
disadvantage of these advertising plans is that companies do not have the control on
how the audience will react to their message. Once the promotion is done, all they
have left to do is to hope and pray that the message was delivered effectively enough
to attract some attention.
  Businesses always have to come up with new and creative ways to lure their
customers to buy their goods. People are innately resistant to any types of marketing;
may it be traditional or through social media. They may have had a bad personal
experience or have heard gruesome stories about it from their family and friends. That
is why it is important to establish social authority and make people believe that the
company is indeed credible. Other than coming up with innovative ways of promoting
their products and services, businesses have to take good care of their reputation as a
company and marketer. They need to value their existing customers because these
people are sources of information for other potential buyers. Survey has shown that
majority or the target market respond to companies that were referred by someone
they trusted.
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