The History of Candy Molds

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					With the ever increasing popularity of chocolate candy and specialty treats available
on the market it is always nice to know how they have evolved over the years. Candy
molds have been around since 1880. The trends have varied in design to reflect the
many different styles throughout history. The molds often took on the influences of
society and culture over time. Hard candy, chocolates and other delicious edible treats
have always been a big part of culture in many parts of the world.
  The early candy molds were made of metal and molding using hand tools and
rudimentary methods. They were often molded in shapes of fruits, and other items.
There were many European influences. The molds were used to create many different
types of specialty confections. These include chocolate candies, hard candy, and soft
jellies similar to today’s jellies that are available.
  The metal candy molds worked best for chocolate and it was not until the mid 1900's
that other material began being used for making molds. Silicone is now used for many
baking and candy creation projects. The soft flexible material makes it easy to work
with; especially when dealing with fruit flavored jelly candies.
  The most popular material used for modern mold making is polycarbonate plastic. It
is a hard durable plastic that reacts to chocolate very well. It is by far the best candy
mold material available. Modern technology has also allowed for many realistic
shapes to be made out of these molds. Three dimensional candy molds can now be
found by many of the mold manufacturing companies.
  Some examples of the most popular molds for candy making are:
  Three dimensional holiday figurines
  The widely popular seasonal chocolate offerings have created a demand for many
molds in many different shapes. Today you can find candy molds in the shape of
Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Menorah’s and a variety of other holiday themes.
  Bon Bon Molds
  With the increasing success of many artisan chocolatiers in business today you can
also find a wide selection of molds in small shapes and designs for chocolate bon bon.
Some are smooth and standard in shape. While many other candy molds are unique in
shape and also have different textures. These textures create artistic effects to enhance
the presentation of the chocolate bon bon.
  As technology continues to advance so do the many options in candy mold making.
What was once a standard metal mold in a simple shape is now available in thousands
of shapes and sizes. What seemed impossible is now quite possible. Keep your eyes
out for new candy mold shapes from the many different pastry supply companies out
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Candy Molds and Bon Bon Molds

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