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					                                 PVA ADDITIVE                                            752
FOR STRENGTHENING CEMENT-BASED PRODUCTS                                                     BONDIT
A   D          D          I         T          I       V          E

    DESCRIPTION:                                   •       New concrete must be allowed to cure
    Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive is a P.V.A.              for six weeks and have a wood float
    based emulsion for use as a mortar                     finish.
    additive, primer and sealer. Lanko 752         •       Steel trowel finished concrete must be
    Bondit PVA Additive increases the                      acid etched or wire brushed prior to
    adhesion, flexibility, tensile strength and            tiling.
    impact resistance of mortars.           Also   •       Old concrete and rendered surfaces
    suitable for bonding timber to timber.                 must be thoroughly cleaned prior to
    USES:                                          •       Newly rendered surfaces must be
    • Mixed with water and applied to                      allowed to cure for at least 7 days.
      concrete    surfaces    for      priming,
      dustproofing and sealing.                    MIXING INSTRUCTIONS:
    • As an additive to sand/cement for            Rendering Mix:
      concrete patching applications.              • 1 part Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive
    • As an additive in sand/cement for            • 4 parts water
      rendering applications.                      • 3:1 sand/cement mix
    • As an additive in mortars for tiling over    • Apply with a flat trowel onto the
      concrete, render, blockwork and                  surface to be rendered.
      rendered brickwork surfaces.                 Priming and Sealing Mix:
    • As a slurry into neat cement for             • 1 part Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive
      bonding new sand/cement toppings             • 3 parts water
      onto concrete surfaces.                      • Apply with a broom/brush onto the
    • For bonding timber onto timber.                  floor or wall.
                                                   Concrete Patching Mix:
    FEATURES AND BENEFITS:                         • 1 part Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive
    • Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive is             • 4 parts water
       P.V.A. based and when added to              • 3:1 sand/cement mix
       sand/cement mortars improves the            • Apply with a flat trowel or spatula to
       flexural and compressive strengths of           patch holes or depressions in concrete
       the mortars.                                    or rendered surfaces after priming.
    • Formulation is high in solids, and can       Joinery:
       be diluted at various ratios depending      • Neat Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive
       on the application. This means that             can be used to bond timber to timber.
       Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive is very           Apply with a brush or roller.
                                                   APPLICATION TECHNIQUES:
    SURFACE PREPARATION:                           Refer to individual mortar datasheets for
    • All surfaces should be structurally            details on application techniques.
      sound, dry, clean, free from dust,
      grease, oil, wax, curing compounds           COVERAGE:
      and any other loose contaminating
    • Ensure all release agents are removed
                                                   • Approximately 3.5m2/L when used
                                                       neat, depending upon surface porosity
      from surface of concrete, especially
                                                       and site conditions.
      tilt-up slabs.
    • Painted surfaces should be scabbled
      to expose at least 80% of the original       • 6-8m2/L when diluted with water and
      surface.                                         applied with a brush or roller.
    • Very porous surfaces must be primed          Mortar Addition:
      with Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive           • Approximately 750ml to 1L of Lanko
      as per instructions below.                       752 Bondit with required water to each
                                                       20kg of sand/cement mix.

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                                     PVA ADDITIVE                                                             752
FOR STRENGTHENING CEMENT-BASED PRODUCTS                                                                           BONDIT
A   D            D           I           T            I     V               E

    CLEAN UP INSTRUCTIONS:                                DISCLAIMER:
    Clean up tools and equipment with water               The use of this product is beyond the manufacturer’s control,
                                                          and liability is restricted to the replacement of material
    while Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive is                proven faulty. The manufacturer is not responsible for any
    still wet.                                            loss or damage arising from incorrect usage. All
                                                          workmanship must be carried out in accordance with Davco’s
                                                          specific instructions.
    PRECAUTIONS:                                          The information contained herein is to the best of our
    • Do not use Lanko 752 Bondit PVA                     knowledge true and accurate. No warranty is implied or
                                                          given as to its completeness or accuracy in describing the
      Additive in temperatures above 40ºC                 performance or suitability of the product for a particular
      and below 5ºC.                                      application. Users are asked to check that the literature in
    • Do not use Lanko 752 Bondit PVA                     their possession is the latest issue.

      Additive in permanently wet or damp
      areas such as swimming pools and
      spas. In these types of installations,
      use Lanko 751 Lankolatex.
    • Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive is not
      recommended for the bonding of
      plastic or rubber.
    • For a full MSDS contact your Lanko
      Construction Materials state office.

    Lanko 752 Bondit PVA Additive is
    available in 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre

    • Storage: must be stored in a cool, dry
      elevated place and protected from
      high humidity.
    • Shelf Life: Up to 12 months in
      unopened containers, if stored as
      specified above

    • Lanko 751 Lankolatex is non-
      hazardous, according the Australian
      Dangerous Goods Regulations For
      Transport By Rail And Road.
    • Care should be taken when handling,
      that applicators wear PVC or similar
      gloves and safety goggles.
    • For a full MSDS on this product,
      contact the Lanko Technical Advisory
      Line or visit

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