The Galaxy S By Samsung Is A High End Android Smartphone

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					The Samsung Galaxy S (aka the i9000 Galaxy S) ushers in a new era for the brand.
Already receiving great reviews, this advanced Android OS mobile has been hailed as
being an iPhone beater by countless smart phone experts. Among the more notable
and immediately noticeable specifications is the sizeable 4 inches super AMOLED
touch-screen. This screen is effective at a pixel configuration of 480x 800 pixels,
which supplies it with unrivalled degrees of display quality of the screen's imagery.
It's very effective at expressing to as much as 16 million tones, which shows how
superb the display quality is. At only 9.9 MM thick, the Galaxy S is amongst the more
slimline smartphones around, and is conveniently light, with a weight of just 119 g. It
will result in it comfortable to fit in your pocket or purse. The Galaxy S handset
utilises Android V2.1 (Eclair) for its choice of operating platform, together with the
tailor-made Samsung UI named TouchWiz. The Samsung Galaxy S incorporates a
ample volume of internal storage space and memory, and has a 1 GHz chip, meaning
its impressively speedy with regard to running demanding utilities, meaning its the
perfect partner to the Android operating system. Tons of multimedia may be kept
internally on account of a comprehensive 16 gigabytes of internal storage space as
standard so that it is good for storing data including audio file tracks, and having this
ample storage readily available, the Galaxy S is easily efficient at accommodating a
full digital music library. Yet, even more file storage is available anywhere up to 32
Gigabytes comprising of a micro SD card slot should even more media storage be
desired. The TouchWiz 3.0 UI gives a simple means of navigating the phone, with
very low lag times, with thanks to the impressive chip. Admission to the Android
Market presents users of the Samsung Galaxy S apparently unlimited possible choices
of both personalisation in addition to infinite possible ways to expand on the phone’s
day to day usefulness. Much like the Apple AppStore, there's an App for pretty much
every purpose, and this can be immediately downloaded, many absolutely free.
Naturally the Samsung Galaxy S incorporates many of the gadgets you should expect
from a Android Smartphone provided as standard. For instance, a five mega-pixel
digital video camera. This great camera comes equipped with tons of amazing features
for cropping and editing the end result of photographs whilst simultaneously
simplifying the task of taking them. Wi-Fi and 3G on line access offers an ideal
connection to the web at lightening fast rates. Many different varieties of both audio
and videos are included in the internal multimedia player, and as well social
networking integration, fm radio player and even an array of pre-installed and further
downloadable games to keep owners busy for long periods of time. On the whole, the
Samsung Galaxy S ticks all the boxes and will most likely wow anybody from the
occasional smartphone owner, to serious smartphone devotees.
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