The Future of SEO in Web Design

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					It happens sometimes in business that a product or service that used to be a separate
revenue stream gets downgraded into some kind of value-added product or service for
the business. It is a sad thing to lose a formerly good revenue earner, but the reality is
that certain situations call for some sacrifices. Such is the future of SEO in web design
and development. Where before, SEO was offered as a separate service by web design
companies, the competition in the sector is so intense that SEO will just be something
thrown in to sweeten the deal for future contracts. It is interesting to trace the rise and
fall of SEO in web design. SEO only came about when search engines became more
efficient, resulting in hundreds of thousands of search result pages. As stiff as the
competition was in cyberspace, companies with web sites put a premium on their
placing in web searches. So came the studies and the metrics, and with time,
personnel and resources poured into monitoring these searches. Web design
companies saw a new line that generated revenues. For a diversified business,
entering a market such as Toronto would be easy for it is a huge market for products
and services. It would be a simple matter of campaigning in cyberspace to just link the
company’s pages with one another and none of the company’s units would lose out on
the business. However, for a Toronto web design company to be significant to clients,
it must forego SEO as a separate revenue stream and consider it as an added service.
This will be done to ensure that any web site developed by the company captures a
share of the market. Any Toronto web design company must go back to basics on its
service. The original value of the service is for clients to capture new customers
through their web sites. For web sites to be competitive in cyberspace, there has to be
an SEO component to it, so that sites become available to searches and be of
continued relevance to clients. Whatever revenue might be lost as a result of
downgrading SEO into an added service, a Toronto web design company can leverage
web site maintenance as a replacement revenue earner.