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Is Theta Healing A Treatment Option For You-


									Normally traditional methods of treatment by western medicine are invasive and
expensive. Doctors start out hoping to help people and end up following the myriad of
confusing theories. Not to mention drug companies that are mostly profits machines
and actually pay off physicians in many cases.
  This is not saying all western physicians are wrong or just give up. Many do care
about their patients. Many who are research scientists do realize the mind body
connection is ultimately important to the patients 鈥?recovery.
  Traditional medicine has started to focus more on the connection between mind and
body. It has also started to focus on the quality of homeostasis that is a level of
optimum qualities or just a level playing field between all systems. Law though often
prescribes the actual treatments and tests. Physicians often are bound to perform
useless tests and sometimes treatments when they know they are useless merely
because it is prescribed medical practice. They do this even when they know another
form of treatment will help in the long run they must follow current modalities to
practice in certain hospitals.
  Would you like a teaching, a way of life that will help you bypass all of these
problems? Would you just like a better emotional state? Would you like to feel better
physically, mentally, and even spiritually at the same time? Theta Healing focuses on
all of these sides of the human animal at the same time. It also works with other
teachings, not against them.
  With Thetahealing, you will be in touch with the Creator Of All That Is. You will
focus on the four levels: core, gene, history, and soul. Thetahealing focuses on the
problems or glitches in your thinking or feeling to bring about miraculous whole body,
holistic healing of your ailments and conditions that may be plaguing you.

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