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					                                        SURFACE PREPARATION SHEET
                                                                              Surface Preparation Code                PSB067

 Substrate Description
 Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mostly of sand sized grains cemented by clay, silica, carbonate or iron oxide. In most
 places the majority of the constituent grains are quartz. Sandstone often contains other mineral grains such as feldspar or mica and
 very small fragments of pre-existing rocks. When cemented by silica, sandstone has great strength making it suitable for structural

Surface Preparation Sheet        SANDSTONE
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                                         SURFACE PREPARATION SHEET
                                                                               Surface Preparation Code                  PSB067

 Surface Preparation
            Concrete, mortar and cement based products need to be fully cured for at least 28 days before painting.

            Remove any powdery layers, laitance or efflorescence by detergent cleaning, wire brushing, water blasting or a suitable
            chemical treatment.

            Clean the surface thoroughly by water blasting or detergent cleaning, where a commercial cleaner is added to hot or
            cold water and surface is washed / scrubbed thoroughly with a stiff bristle broom and then rinsed clean with fresh water.
            This may need to be repeated on extremely dirty surfaces to ensure removal of efflorescence or other poorly bonded
            surface material. Ensure that the surface is dry, clean and free from dust.

            Fill any cracks or surface imperfections with a suitable filler or patching compound. Any gaps resulting from structural
            movement should be filled with a flexible gap sealant.

            RENDERING of NEW BRICK/ BLOCKWORK & MASONRY prior to applying texture
            Trowel apply a basecoat of Dulux AcraTex Renderwall 3002 over entire substrate at approximately 6mm to 8mm in
            thickness until flush. A Screed or darby may be used to level the renderwall prior to floating with a plastic or wooden
            Inspect to determine the degree of deterioration of existing coatings. Identification of the existing coating is also very
            helpful in determining the system procedure Check coating adhesion using the cross-hatch per AS 1580.408.4-
            1993 : Paints and related materials - Methods of test - Adhesion (cross-cut)

            CLEAN SURFACE
            Clean to remove all dirt, dust, efflorescence, laitance, powdery surfaces and all other surface contaminants by using a
            suitable cleaning agent and rinsing / water blasting clean with water. 1500 2500 PSI water blast, this will also give a
            good indication as to its integrity. Treat mould with an appropriate mould treatment after the substrate has been
            pressure washed, leave for 24hours prior to coating. Efflorescence should be wire brushed clean.
            If the coating is in bad condition then remove all paint with a scraper, wire brush, power sander or by burning off or
            chemical stripper.

            Prepare all areas that have poor adhesion, cracking, peeling and flaking by sanding, power sanding, scraping, wire
            brushing or grit blast to leave a clean surface. as appropriate. Feather edges of the surrounding sound paint to
            completely remove visual ridges and wash / dust off to remove debris. Any major design faults leading to structural
            failure must be corrected prior to repainting. Use an acrylic based patching compound with the addition of 10-20% fresh
            Portland cement to patch any surface defects then prime patched areas with a water based primer

            Prime any bare areas with a suitable deep penetrating primer.

            Previous coatings must be removed from substrate using hot water blast to 120 degrees centigrade and no more than
            2000 psi and no less than 1500 psi.A chemical stripper may be used on differcult areas ,when all coatings are removed
            the substrate must be inspected for drummy and unsound substrates, any drummy areas must be taken back to a solid
            substrate and repaired using Acratex Renderwall with Acrabond to flush the substrate.
            Prepcoat -1 coat of Acraprime 501 S/B primer thinned 3/1 ratio using Xylene thinners to ensure good substrate
            penetration then follow with a second unthinned coat Acraprime 501 S/B.
            The surface must be inspected after this process has taken place then top coats may be applied as per the

Surface Preparation Sheet         SANDSTONE
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                                             SURFACE PREPARATION SHEET
                                                                                        Surface Preparation Code                     PSB067

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Surface Preparation Sheet             SANDSTONE
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