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					White Wines                                                         Irish Whiskey
Colio Lake & River Series, Chardonnay, Ontario V.Q.A.
6oz. 5.97 9oz. 9.73 Bottle 24.78                                    Black Bush
                                                                    Distinctive aroma of spice and malt; nutty, sweet, toffee-tinged flavours
BV Coastal, Sauvignon Blanc, California
                                                                    Jameson Irish W hiskey
6oz. 6.64 9oz. 10.18 Bottle 26.55                            	
     Bright gold colour; hint of butter, and peaches over grain on the nose; round
                                                                    flavour with an oaky finish
Jacob’s Creek, Semillon Chardonnay, Australia
6oz. 7.08 9oz. 10.62  Bottle 28.32                                  Scotch Whisky Single Malts
Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio, Italy                               Cragganmore 12 year old
6oz. 8.85   9oz. 12.39 Bottle 31.86                                 Golden amber colour; sweet, peaty, caramel nose; medium-bodied with light
                                                                    smoky flavours and a clean finish
Louis Bernard, Cotes du Rhone White, France                         Dalwhinnie 15 year old
6oz. 7.08    9oz. 10.62 Bottle 28.32                                Bright gold colour; peat & light smoke nose, medium body, smooth lightly
                                                                    smoky finish
Cono Sur, Viognier, Chile
6oz. 6.64    9oz. 10.18 Bottle 26.55                                GlenFiddich 12 year old
                                                                    Gold colour; fruity aroma with oak & hint of peat smooth mellow flavour with a
Roland Bouchacourt Cotes de Provence, Rose, France                  touch of sweetness and light smoke to finish
Bottle 28.32                                                        Glenkinchie 10 year old
                                                                    Bright medium gold with amber/gold highlights; Fresh, light aromas of orange
Red Wines                                                           peel, dried grass, flowers, biscuit and with underlying light peat-smoke; Light
                                                                    smoky note melds with a persistent sweetness on a lengthy finish.
Colio Lake & River Series, Cabernet/Merlot, Ontario V.Q.A.
6oz. 5.97 9oz. 9.73 Bottle 24.78                                    Glenlivet 12 year old
                                                                    Deep amber colour; butterscotch, leather and smoke; peppery, smoky flavour
BV Coastal, Cabernet Sauvignon, California                          with a touch of iodine rich long finish
6oz. 6.64 9oz. 10.18 Bottle 26.55
                                                                    Glenm orangie 10 year old
Baron Philippe De Rothschild, Merlot, France                        Bronze gold colour; floral, pears & peaches with vanilla oak aroma; peaches
6oz. 7.08 9oz. 10.62 Bottle 28.32                                   and ginger flavour with a light peat note; delicate style but flavourful
Jacob’s Creek, Shiraz, Australia                                    Isle of Jura Superstition
6oz. 7.08 9oz. 11.43 Bottle 28.32                                   Immediate peatiness; Light smoke lying above firm, young grassy, notes.
                                                                    Good length. Drifting smoke
Cono Sur, Pinot Noir, Chile                                         Lagavulin 16 year old
6oz. 6.64 9oz. 10.18 Bottle 26.55                                   Golden amber colour; intense smoky peat & iodine; full flavour, smooth, long
                                                                    smoky dry finish
Deloach, Zinfandel, California
6oz. 8.85 9oz. 12.39 Bottle 31.86                                   Oban 14 year old
                                                                  Hint of sea air, mineral, subtle peat and mild maltiness; delicate, perfumed
Masi, Passo Doble Tupungato, Malbec/Corvina, Argentina              and slightly smoky on the finish
6oz. 7.96 9oz. 11.50 Bottle 30.97
                                                                    Blended Whiskey
Henkell Trocken Piccolo 200ml 8.14                                  Ballentine’s
Henkell Trocken 750ml 34.60                                         J & B Rare
Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne 750ml 110.00                          Johnnie Walker Red
Mumm Carte Classique Extra Dry Champagne 750ml 110.00               Johnnie Walker Black
                                                                    Chivas Regal
Premium Draught                                                                        House Tap
                                                                                       Moosehead Lager (New Brunswick)
Cracked Canoe Light Lager 3.5% (New Brunswick)                                         Light bodied with a balanced nose, light carbonation, hop bitterness and malt
Premium light tasting lager brewed in small batches over a long period of              sweetness
time and under 100 calories                                                            ½ Pint 3.67              Pint 5.35             Pitcher 15.27
Rock Creek Premium Dry Apple Cider (Alberta)                                    	
Crisp refreshing apple cider with mild carbonation, fruity aroma and pale       	
     Guest Taps
golden colour made from only the finest Okanagan apples                         	
Mill Street Organic (Ontario)                                                   	
     Sm ithwick’s Irish Ale
Ontarios first organic certified lager with no pesticides or herbicides. This   	
     Rich ruby colour with sweet malty notes and a hint of roast coffee. Irelands
4.2% German style pilsner offers a light crisp refreshing flavour
     oldest Ale
Steam W histle Pilsner (Ontario)                                                       ½ Pint 4.65     Pint 6.90     Pitcher 20.31
Golden refreshing brew with a distinctive hop aroma, tasty malt flavour and
clean crisp finish                                                              	
     United States
W ellington Arkell Best Bitter (Ontario)
Slight copper colour with aromas of grain and nuts with a delicate sweet        	
     Sam Adam ’s W inter Lager
                                                                                       Deep ruby colour, rich and full bodied with a hint of cinnamon, ginger and
malt and subtle hop flower after taste                                          	
Creemore Springs Lager (Ontario)                                                	
Fire brewed in small batches using only pure spring water and the finest
                                                                                       ½ Pint 4.65      16oz. 5.97      Pitcher 20.31
malted barley and imported hops
St-Am broise Oatm eal Stout (Quebec)                                                   Bottle Selection
Brewed from 40 percent dark malts and roasted barley, this intensely black
ale carries strong hints of espresso and chocolate. Oatmeal contributes         	
body and a long-lasting mocha-colored head to this well-hopped beer             	
                                                                                        Domestic                                      Imported
Alexander Keith’s I.P.A. (Nova Scotia)                                          	
                                                                                        Labatt Blue                                   Guinness (Ireland)
A smooth golden ale with a distinct taste                                       	
                                                                                        Labatt 50                                     Strongbow (England)
Barking Squirrel Lager (Ontario)                                                	
Rich burnt orange colour darker than most lagers, medium body with a bold
                                                                                        Coors Light                                   Stella Artois (Belgium)
      Canadian                                      Heineken (Netherlands)
pleasant hop taste
      Budweiser                                     Carlsberg (Denmark)
Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer (Ontario)
Wheat beer infused with orange pekoe and Earl Grey teas with a subtle
                                                    Carlsberg Light (Denmark)
lemon twist                                                                     	
      Premium Domestic                              Kronenbourg 1664 (France)
Big Rock Traditional Ale (Alberta)                                              	
      Alexander Keith’s I.P.A.                      Corona (Mexico)
Deep copper colour Ale with notes of toast, fruit and nuts. Full flavour and    	
      La Messegere (Gluten Free)                    Bud Light Lime (United States)
perfect balance                                                                         Moosehead                                     Boddingtons (England)
Mill Street Tankhouse (Ontario)                                                         Steam Whistle                                 Peroni (Italy)
Deep copper red colour, five different malts, aromas of citrus and spice with           	
roasted notes
Flying M onkey Hoptical Illusion (Ontario)
                                                                                                              Smirnoff Twisted Green Apple
Citrus and floral essenses with good hop notes and a subtle unique
                                                                                                               Smirnoff Twisted Raspberry
          ½ Pint 3.98               Pint 5.97         Pitcher 17.30                                            Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade
         ½ pint (10 Oz.)           Pint (20 Oz.)     Pitcher (60 Oz.)                                                     6.63
Cocktails                                                                             Martini
$8.14                                                                                 $8.40
Black Cherry & Cola                                                                   Classic Martini
Smirnoff Black Cherry Vodka and Pepsi served on the rocks                             Gin or Vodka
Cran Apple Twist                                                               	
     Cranberry Apple Martini
Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka and cranberry juice served on the rocks                    Smirnoff Cranberry Vodka, Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka and a splash of
                                                                                      cranberry juice
Orange Crush Twist
Smirnoff Orange Twist Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and pineapple juice          Em erald M artini
served on the rocks                                                                   Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, Melon Liqueur and a splash of pineapple juice
Raspberry Ice Pick                                                                    Orange Martini
Smirnoff Raspberry vodka and ice tea served on the rocks                              Smirnoff Orange Vodka, triple sec and a splash of Tropicana orange juice and
                                                                                      lime juice
Strawberry Sunshine
Smirnoff Strawberry Vodka, Tropicana orange juice and cranberry juice                 Lem on Drop M artini
served on the rocks                                                                   Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, triple sec and a splash of lime juice
The Beach Bum                                                                         The Devine Inspiration Martini
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, Melon Liquor, cranberry juice and pineapple                 Smirnoff Black Cherry Vodka with a splash of cranberry juice and lemonade
juice served on the rocks
                                                                                      Twisted Raz Ma Taz Martini
Tropical Twist                                                                        Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, triple sec and a splash of lime juice
Smirnoff Orange Vodka, Parrot Bay Rum, pineapple juice, Tropicana orange
juice, and cranberry juice served on the rocks                                        Tropical Breeze
                                                                                      Parrot Bay Rum, blue curacao, Captain Morgan White Rum and a splash of
Deep Blue Sea                                                                         pineapple juice
Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka, Blue Curacao and pineapple juice served on the
rocks                                                                                 Spirits M artini
                                                                                      Smirnoff White Grape, Raspberry Sour Puss, crème de banane and
Agent Orange                                                                          7-up
Smirnoff Orange Vodka, Grand Marnier and Tropicana orange juice served
on the rocks                                                                                                         All Martinis are 2 oz.

A Tinker Tail
Irish Mist Liquor, ginger ale and club soda served on the rocks                                                        Features
Cherry Popper                                                                                                   M oosehead Mondays
Crème de Banane, Cassis, Peach Schnapps and Tropicana orange juice                                                     $5 pints
served on the rocks
                                                                                                                 Creemore Tuesdays
Kum a Sutra                                                                                                           $5 pints
Alize Red Passion, Cognac, and Tropicana orange juice served on the
                                                                                                        W ines of the W orld W ednesdays
Kir                                                                                                            All wine at house price
Dry white wine and cassis
                                                                                                            Sm irnoff M artini Thursdays
Executive Sunrise                                                                                                     $6 Martinis
Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, cassis and Tropicana orange juice
                                                                                                              Saturday and Sunday
                             All cocktails are 2oz.
                                                                                                          $3.49 Smirnoff Caesars 11am-4pm
                                                                                                              $5 Alexander Keith’s Pints

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