; Is Running The Best Exercise For Weight Loss-
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Is Running The Best Exercise For Weight Loss-


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									It really doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose. It all depends on what you
have to work with. What you have available. At the same time everyone can’t run.
Therefore, if all you can do is to walk, then that’s fine. Just as important as the
exercise itself, is what you’re eating is the second part of the equation.
  The whole idea about exercise is that you want to develop a consistent daily plan. In
the beginning it’ll have to be daily. Once you found your proper weight then you can
usually take a day or two out. The idea is to get your heart rate up to get the blood to
flowing for your cardiovascular system a good workout.
  If you have access to a pool then by all means the pool can be great workout. You
may have arthritis and have a hard time walking or running. But, if you have access to
a pool there’s just something about the water, the same person may have no trouble at
all getting A good workout in the pool. The whole idea behind weight loss is to burn
more calories than the amount of calories you’re eating in a day. Once you have the
amount of exercise on a schedule every week and you don’t seem to be losing any
weight, then it’s time to look at what is in your diet. A good rule of thumb is the 2,000
calorie a day plan. Watch how many calories you’re eating of everything you eat.
After a few weeks go by and your still not losing any weight then you’ll have to cut
some more calories out. If that doesn’t work then it’s time to increase the intensity of
your workouts.
  If you’re running four days a week then add a couple more days on. The main idea is
to not get discouraged. Just keep at it week in week out, then month to month. At
some point of each week you’ll start seeing a consistent drop of pounds. Three pounds
a week is a pretty safe amount of weight to lose.
  Once you hit your mark of the weight you want to be at, then you’ve found the
amount of calories and the amount of exercise it takes each week. Be consistent to
stay that weight and shape. At this point you can start to tweak it a little. This means
you’ve found how much you can eat everyday. You know your amount. Then you take
how many days a week you’re exercising. Maybe you’re a five day exerciser. Well
you probably can drop one day.
  Once you found you platue it’s not as hard to stay at your normal weight. Once in
shape, the body has a way of knowing what weight you should be for your height, age
and body frame. In essence, running is not the important question in weight losing.
The question is can you stay on a consistent daily plan to control your weight? I think
so and so should you!

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