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					Often the book of Revelation is treated as some mysterious, secretive book that you
can’t understand. Nonsense! Why would God promise a blessing to those who read it
and do the things suggested in it (1:3)?
  Why is Revelation touted as mysterious and secretive that you can’t understand? It is
because most people who read it don’t try to understand it. And besides if you do
understand it, you will have to do what the words of the book say. Actually, that is
why most people say they don’t know what the Bible says.
  There is little in Revelation that is secretive or mysterious. The book can readily and
easily be understood literally. What’s hard to understand about God hating and
judging sin?
  Yes, God is love, and He loves the sinner more than He does those who are saved.
However, you can’t continue to ignore His call, never accept Him as Lord and savior
without there being some consequences.
  Even during all the tribulation caused by the leader of a world government, God
calls a timeout to all the destruction and sends His love to the world. He uses super
evangelists, chapter 7, and a large eagle flying through the sky with a scroll that has
the plan of salvation written on it chapter 14. Many people from every country in the
world get saved by these super evangelists.
  Tribulation comes because God must reclaim what is rightly His, the world and the
people He created. Adam gave the whole of creation to Satan when he rebelled in the
Garden. It cost God His life in the person of Jesus.
  Therefore, Revelation culminates with God getting back His creation. It’s His! God
will reclaim the earth, make it perfect again and then give it to His people, the Jews
and the believers.
  In order to achieve His goals, God will rid the world of sin. With this in mind God
will eliminate immorality, idol worship, the worship of Satan, sorceries, murder, theft
and pride in what is made. Is this hard to understand literally?
  So there is nothing mysterious or secretive or hard anything you can’t understand
about Revelation. You can look at the book literally even though there is figurative
language contained in it. Get a copy of a good study today, and begin to enjoy one of
the most beautiful, literary pieces every written.
  There is so much information about this book and a literal understanding of it in our
study of the Book of Revelation. It’s a must read for serious Bible enthusiasts. Order
your copy today. To obtain your copy of the study of Revelation from B. C. Ministries,
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