Is Cosway Or ECosway A Scam

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					The answer is NOT.We have already open 1,600 free franchise shops in
Malaysia,Australia,Taiwan,Hongkong,thailand,Indonesia              etc.eCosway>income
opportunities" out there which are scams. Most are relatively easy to spot, but some
actually look like legitimate opportunities. eCosway has nothing in common with
these scams. If you think that there are similarities, please look more closely. As you
examine the relevant issues, you'll see how the eCosway> Network Marketing
opportunities.We are much better than mlm.How i say so?Network Marketing or
"Multi-Level Marketing" companies generally have one or more features that differ
greatly from eCosway's Mutual Marketing Model.
  Over-Priced Products- Many Network Marketing companies offer products priced
much higher than similar products in retail stores. The reason for this is simple-these
companies focus more on recruiting and paying distributors than they do on offering
consumer value or on being competitive in the marketplace. These companies know
that as long as distributors are making money, they will buy the product themselves
(no matter the price) and will get their friends and family members to buy it too. This
is problematic for several reasons.eCosway does NOT manufacture or private label
products in order to price them higher than similar items in retail stores. eCosway
sources high quality products from around the world (many are well known brand
names) and prices them at or below retail so that consumers can buy products they
already want - at prices they already expect to pay.
  Products With Limited Appeal-Many Network Marketing companies offer only a
small range of products that appeal to a certain group of people. Often these products
are expensive nutritional or weight loss products. The expensive nature of these
products limits the market and increases the need for justifying why they are worth
more than cheaper brands sold in stores. Other companies offer "miracle" products
(for health, for beauty, for cars, for finances, etc.). These require a lot of explaining
because people have to be convinced that they need such products, and they have to
believe that the "miracle" will happen.eCosway, on the other hand, offers thousands of
exciting and popular products. Shoppers can buy brand name items that they already
know and love, and discover exotic new things they can't buy anywhere else. In either
case, shoppers don't require a lot of convincing and the website does all of the
  Geographical Constraints-Network Marketing companies are usually geographically
restricted to the countries/republics where they have filed all appropriate paperwork,
established a headquarters and set up either a manufacturing plant or a product
distribution center. This makes international expansion a slow and cumbersome
process. Since the business is primarily done "offline," distributors from these
companies usually have to travel to new countries/republics that are "opening up" in
order to personally find and recruit citizens of that country/republic.eCosway, on the
other hand, is a truly global and wholly online opportunity with no geographical
restrictions other than those posed by governments on their own citizens. From the
moment you become an eCosway Business Owner, you can start attracting shoppers
and other Business Owners from all over world. eCosway's B.O.S.S. (Business
Ownership Support System) helps you do just that! Time Consuming & Costly
Activities-It's extremely difficult to succeed in most Network Marketing companies
unless you are willing to invest a lot of money in marketing materials and marketing
campaigns and then put in a lot of time and effort attending meetings, explaining
products, placing orders, doing paperwork, and training your downline.eCosway, on
the other hand, can be done completely online any time of day or night so it takes
much less time and can easily fit into even the tightest of schedules. Your online
office, network statistics and all of the training resources and marketing materials are
available online 24 hours per day.
  Unreasonable Compensation Plans-Most Network Marketing companies structure
their compensation plans in such a way that either pay:"Big and Fast" (These are
usually pyramid schemes disguised as Network Marketing companies.)"Hard and
Heavy" (These are very difficult plans for the average part-timer but are they are very
lucrative for "heavy hitters" who do make it.)"Spread Out and Limited" (These plans
pay a reasonable amount of money to a larger number of people, but they rarely offer
big income potential to those willing and able to really "go for it.")eCosway, on the
other hand, offers a unique Profit Plan that Pays profits quickly while you are building
your network (thanks to a very special feature called "ISO"-Initial Sale Offer).Pays
12-28% retail profit on all of the eVolume generated by your entire Shopper
Network.Pays handsome overriding profit and branch performance incentive on
unlimited numbers of Business Owner Branches in your network.Allows you
complete control over the placement of eVolume-giving you the ability to maximize
your profits each month.Allows you to put eVolume in reserve so that you can
"auto-qualify" each month for profit payout when you're taking a break.
  Mutual> differs fundamentally from Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing.
The business model is mutually beneficial for so many more people. Shoppers win
with great products at great prices (VERY rare in Network Marketing). Suppliers,
both big and small, from all over the world, win with access to loyal international
customers (almost UNHEARD of in Network Marketing). Business Owners win with
a genuine opportunity to create a safe second income without risking large sums of
time or money and without risking their jobs or reputations (a welcomed change).
eCosway wins because of the long-term stability provided by happy suppliers,
satisfied shoppers and prosperous Business Owners!
  eCosway is opening Shop in US in September 2010.I like you to understand better
about this great business opportunity. The first month we opened in USA which is
September 2010, our sale volume is 4.2 million USD. Three shops are approved for
opening and another dozen or so will be open in the month of October. Japan will be
officially opened on 17 October.New Zealand will launched the first free store before
15 November 2010. Think of this great opportunity. Welcome to our training room.

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