INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA addresses Libya s immediate priorities in terms of technological needs for the country s infrastructure renewal and development This is backed by an ambitious multi billion d

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					INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA addresses Libya's immediate priorities in terms of technological
needs for the country's infrastructure renewal and development.

This is backed by an ambitious multi-billion dollar National Development Plan which makes
provision for the modernisation of Libya's vital infrastructure.

Priority sectors include building and construction; transport and communications; water and
environment; and power and electricity.

These sectors are benefiting from huge budget allocations and are providing wide ranging
opportunities to the international export community capable of delivery technology and expertise
to this challenging market.

INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA will run alongside OIL & GAS LIBYA, The Libyan International
Petroleum Exploration, Production, Refining and Petrochemicals Exhibition.

Both these exhibitions have developed out of the former PROJEX LIBYA event and have been
given their own individual identities to emphasise the importance of their themes to Libya's
economic progress.


Prime sector spending

Libya's National Development Plan focuses on:

    o housing - 50,000 units a year are needed to keep pace with the growing population
    o road and bridge building - including 2,000 kms of road improvements
    o power and electricity - the power sector is set to double in terms of output from
        4,700MW to 9,700MW within the next five years at a projected cost of US$7.5 billion
    o water and sewerage projects - US$6 billion has been allocated to waste water systems
        and management.
    o social services sector - the construction and equipping of schools and hospitals
    o seaports renovation - there are ambitious development plans to bring the ports and
        logistics network up to international standards in terms of design, equipment and
    o airports construction - a new terminal at Tripoli International Airport and the construction
        of a new airport in Benghazi are a priority
    o tourism - dramatic growth in hotel construction is forecast to increase the number of
        beds to 10,000 by 2010 as part of a US$7 billion tourist development plan.
Such huge development will put heavy demands on other areas of the economy creating
opportunities for the provision of expertise in the services sector, not least in education and
training; and business and finance.

The Exhibits

INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA addresses Libya's immediate priorities in terms of technological
needs for the country's national planning and future progress.

INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA's all embracing exhibit profile includes equipment, materials,
products, technology, consultancy services, management capability and financial
expertise for the expansion, upgrading and modernisation of Libya's prime sectors, including:

Building and Construction Libya:

      housing
      schools
      hospitals
      municipal projects

Transport and Communications Libya:

      airports
      seaports
      highways
      bridges

Water and Environment Libya:

      desalination
      water treatment
      sewerage
      waste water systems and management

Power and Electricity Libya:

      power generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation

Other exhibit areas include:
Telecommunications: fixed and mobile networks
Agri-industry: irrigation; crop and livestock farming; horticulture; food processing
Healthcare: turnkey hospital projects; hospital equipment and supplies
Education: training; human resources development
Tourism: hotel construction and refurbishment; tourism, heritage and cultural projects
Commerce: business and professional services (legal and financial); information technology

If you are not sure whether your exhibit qualifies for INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA, then please
contact the organisers for clarification.

The Visitors

A targeted visitor promotion campaign aimed at Libya’s infrastructure sector will be launched to
attract the widest qualified attendance possible.

Of particular importance will be public and private sector planners, specifiers, and procurement
officials relevant to Libya’s short and medium term priorities. Also engineers of all disciplines,
specialist contractors, consultancies and trading agencies.

The campaign will include:

    o Liaison with all INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA’s supporting ministries, government agencies
        and private sector organisations to ensure that their relevant specialist staff recognise
        the benefits of the exhibition and are encouraged to attend it
    o Dedicated promotion activity with a personal visit programme and personalised
        invitations to identified, key officials and personnel in ministries, municipalities, state-
        owned corporations, private companies, consultancies and major trading agencies
    o Targeted direct marketing, advertising and PR support
    o Poster and display advertising

Libyan business practices demand a high level of protocol, therefore personal invitations to
public sector officials and also key decision makers in the private sector will be an important part
of the visitor promotion campaign.

The Venue

INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA will take place at the Tripoli International Fairground located in the
heart of the city’s business and commercial district.

It is recognised by the Union of International Fairs (UFI) and provides a comprehensive range of
exhibitor and visitor facilities to international standards.

Services include:

    o 40,000sqm of exhibition halls
    o fully customs bonded
    o catering
    o travel and accommodation services
    o show management, stand contractors, customs, shipping and security offices on site
    o ample visitor parking
   o   The Forum
   o   A high profile forum programme will support INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA, drawing on
       expertise from around the world, to present and discuss topics linked to the
       modernisation of Libya’s infrastructure.
   o   The programme will be drawn up in close consultation with the infrastructure, transport
       and environment authorities and other relevant bodies and will provide a structured
       dialogue between purchasing authorities and international suppliers.
   o   Sponsorship Opportunities
   o   A limited number of Sponsorship Opportunities exist for those companies seeking to
       widen and enhance their profiles at INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA and to promote their
       companies' corporate messages or products/services to the 3,000+ key attendees to the
       exhibition and forum; and to a much wider audience via the website and through printed
       material promoting the event.
   o   Full details will be posted here shortly. To register your interest in sponsorship
       opportunities, please complete the enquiry form and submit it to us.
   o   2007 Show Report
   o   PROJEX LIBYA (now re-titled INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA) ran from 10 to 13 December
       2007 at the Tripoli International Playground.
   o   More than 150 companies from around the world participated in the exhibition, including
       national groups from the UK, Italy, Poland, Greece, China, Japan, Canada and the USA.
       Among the Libyan exhibitors, a number of Libya's leading public sector organisations
       demonstrated their pivotal roles within the country's strategic plans and highlighted the
       opportunities open to companies from the world's leading technology export nations.
   o   These included the Organisation for the Development of Administrative Centres (ODAC),
       which is central to the planning, implementation and management of Libya's major
       infrastructure projects.
   o   Over 3,000 government and private sector planners, specifiers and procurement officials
       involved in Libya's infrastructure development projects; as well as engineers of all
       disciplines, specialist contractors, consultants and trading agents visited the show.

The Organisers


DAR ALARAB is a member of the Dar Alarab Media Group (AMG), one of Libya's leading media
and communications companies. The AMG flagship publication is Al-Arab, which has an
international profile and is one of Libya's leading independent newspapers. AMG has
established a number of international companies specialising in media and communications,
including International Publicity Services Ltd, a London-based advertising agency for the Middle
East & Africa, and Arab International Publicity Services, its sister agency based in Tripoli for
Libya and the Maghreb.

DAR ALARAB has appointed MONTGOMERY LIBYA LTD as its worldwide managing agent.
MONTGOMERY LIBYA LTD is a company within the Andry Montgomery Group of organisers,
managers and consultants in exhibitions.
Established in 1895, Montgomery companies have created exhibition initiatives and
opportunities across a diverse range of industries and disciplines in Europe, USA, Africa and
Asia. Montgomery has unique experience and expertise and an innovative approach to
developing exhibitions in new and challenging markets.

INFRASTRUCTURE LIBYA takes place in conjunction with OIL & GAS LIBYA - the Libyan
international petroleum exploration, production, refining and petrochemicals exhibition - please
click here for further information.

For further information on Infrastructure Libya 2009, or to discuss your participation, or
to book your space/stand, please contact the organisers…

WORLDWIDE                                         LIBYA

Montgomery Libya Ltd                              Dar Alarab
Contact: Jennifer Shelley                         Contact Walid Nasuf
Tel: +44 20 7886 3082                             Tel: +218 21 333 9141
Fax: +44 20 7886 3081                             Fax: +218 21 333
Email:                         Email:

…or your national contact…

AUSTRIA                                           KOREA

Interfair Messemarketing GmbH                     Nexstar Co Ltd
Contact: Christine Goeschel                       Contact: Alex Lee
Tel: +43 1 330 9238                               Tel: +82 70 7016 9297
Fax: +43 1 330 4044                               Fax: +82 70 7016 2117
Email:                        Email:

CANADA                                            MALTA

Unilink International Media                       Casapinta Design Group Ltd
Contact: Derek Complin                            Contact: Tonio Casapinta
Tel: +1 613 549 0404                              Tel: +356 2141 2807
Fax: +1 613 549 2528                              Fax: +356 2141 4120
Email:                        Email:

CHINA                                             RUSSIA

Beijing Dongfang Ruiji International Exhibition   Expotech-Tour Ltd
Services Co Ltd                                   Contact: Olga Khlybova
Contact: Kevin Chen                               Tel: +7 495 777 1826
Tel: + 86 10 5861 4233                            Fax: +7 495 207 8882
Fax: + 86 10 5861 4251                            Email:
EGYPT                                              SOUTH AFRICA

AGD - Arabian Group for Development sae Contact:   Specialised Exhibitions Pvt
Kamal Hussain                                      Contact: Dawn Niemack
Tel: +202 3046049 / +202 3037257                   Tel: +27 11 835 1565
Fax: +202 3046007                                  Fax: +27 11 496 1161
Email:                   Email:

FRANCE                                             SLOVAK REPUBLIC

B2P Expo                                           Business Linx International sro
Contact: Emmanuelle Picot                          Contact: Lubica Sobeih
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Fax: +33 2 3731 0131                               Fax: +421 32 652 1069
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GERMANY                                            TURKEY

Balland Messe-Vertrich Gmbh                        Exporium International
Contact: Andre Meiners                             Contact: Engin Ertekin
Tel: +49 221 948 6450                              Tel: +90 216 478 1033
Fax: +49 221 948 6459                              Fax: +90 216 478 6303
Email:                  Email:

INDIA                                              USA

Worldwide Exhibitions Pvt Ltd                      Kallman Worldwide Inc
Contact: Dinesh Taneja                             Contact: Joan Williams
Tel: +91 11 2981 8822                              Tel: +1 201 251 2600 x 115
Fax: +91 98 2981 0281                              Fax: +1 201 251 2760
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Organizzazione Vittorio Caselli SRL
Contact: Quirino Caselli
Tel: +39 055 284 292
Fax: +39 055 283 364

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