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					                                   Information Technology
Composition: 2 units for each of Preliminary and Higher School Certificate Board Developed course
Exclusions: Information Technology (120 hours)
Course Description:
This course is for students wishing to achieve competencies leading to entry level employment and/or
further education and training in an industry where information technology is used and supported.
The course is based on units of competency, which have been developed by the information technology
industry to describe the competencies and skills and knowledge needed by workers who use information
Students must attempt all core Units of Competency and a minimum of four elective Units of Competency.
Main Topics Covered:
Preliminary course
• ICAITTW001B Work effectively in an information technology environment
• ICAITU004C Apply Occupational Health and Safety procedures
• ICAITU006C Operate computing packages
• ICAITU005C Operate computer hardware
• ICAITU012C Design organisational documents using commercial computing packages
• ICAITU013C Integrate commercial computing packages

Higher School Certificate course
• ICAITU007B Maintain equipment and consumables
• ICAITTW002B Communicate in the workplace
• ICAITS014C Connect hardware peripherals
• ICAITS015B Install software applications
• ICAITS017C Maintain system integrity
• ICPMM11bA Identify components of multimedia
• ICPMM63bA Access the Internet
• ICAITS022B Determine client computing problems and action
• ICAITS121A Administer network peripherals
Particular Course Requirements:
Students must complete a minimum of 70 hours work placement in an information technology workplace.
Competency Assessment:
This is a competency based course. This means that students work to develop the competencies, skills and
knowledge described in each Unit of Competency. To be assessed as competent a student must
demonstrate to a qualified assessor that they can effectively carry out the various tasks and combinations
of tasks listed to the standard required in the information technology industry. There is no mark awarded
in competency based assessment. Students are assessed as either ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’.
Competency based assessment determines the vocational qualifications that a student receives.
External Assessment: Higher School Certificate Examination
The Higher School Certificate examination for Information Technology (240 indicative hours) involves a
written examination. The examination is independent of the competency-based assessment and has no
impact on the eligibility of a student to receive AQF qualifications.
• Students successfully completing all units of Certificate 1 are eligible for the AQF Certificate 1 in
     Information Technology.
• Students assessed as competent for some or all units of competency in Information Technology are
     eligible for an AQF Statement of Attainment showing partial or full completion of Certificate II.

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