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									[name] PROJECT                                                             PROJECT BRIEF

Project Brief - Template


         Brief outline of any background to Project / (business / political)
          context. Include brief outline of rationale, who commissioned by,
          drivers etc. Where does it fit within wider Detc


         Brief description of the Aim or Vision of the Project (where appropriate
          link to Programme strategic vision)


         Brief description of all key Project-level outcomes which will be / are
          required to achieve the aim / vision

         Also statement of key benefits expected?


         What is in the scope of the Project?

         What is not in the scope of the Project?

Objectives, Outputs & Targets:

         What Objectives, Outputs and Targets will this Project deliver – include
          list key Deliverables and products (with date/s)?

Project Success Criteria

         By what / what criteria will allow us to confirm that the Project has
          delivered all of its Objectives, Outputs etc, etc – i.e. link to measures of
          achievement of objectives, outputs & targets?

Key Assumptions

         Include details of any key Project-level assumptions made during


          1. For ease of use, the completed document should ideally be less thanc.7-8 pages,
              but certainly no more than 10 (excluding Annexes).
          2. Template is based upon public sector experience of Department for Education
              and Skills

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[name] PROJECT                                                             PROJECT BRIEF

         planning / on which plans etc are based

        State level of confidence


        Include any know difficulties / constraints (e.g. legislative compliance
         issues etc) that Project may well be liable to.

External Factors

        Brief descriptions as to what external factors (e.g. further Machinery of
         Government (MOG) changes / Government reform, No.10 scrutiny,
         Spending Reviews, Efficiency Review etc) that may impact on Project
         scope etc

        Also assess how and what you are doing may impact on externals?

Work Strands & Priorities:

        What are the key work strands, within the Project and who owns them?

        What are the priorities for each?


        Are there potential overlaps with other Delivery Programmes (or
         constituent Sub-Programmes or Projects) where ownership or issues
         etc needs to be clear?

        Are there any interdependencies with – i.e. what to we need from
         others / what do they want from this Project – again need to identify
         who owns etc:

              o Other organisation Projects and/or Programmes etc

              o NDPBs and/or other Departments / external Programmes or

Key Milestone Dates:

        What are the key Milestone Dates that need to be tracked? (detailed
         Project milestone (and task) plan should be attached as Annex –
         various formats can be used ranging from simple MS Word / Excel
         tables to more complex/pictorial MS Power Point ‘Peas & Pods’ or MS
         Project GANTT chart/s)

Key Risks:

        What are the key risks to the Project? - these should be attached (as
         an Annex) as a register and should include details of identified
         /developed countermeasure/s and any developed contingency plans
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[name] PROJECT                                                             PROJECT BRIEF

         (latter may well be developed as separate detailed contingency plan)

        Include short description of how risks to be managed and any
         escalation (to sub Programme/Programme -level etc) routes / lines

        Include review of assumptions – i.e. what happens if assumptions
         proved wrong?

Key Issues:

        What are the live Project issues? These are problems which are an
         issue now and need fixing. (Detailed issues register should be attached
         as an Annex)

        Again include short description of how to be managed / escalation lines

Structure (i.e. Governance & Accountabilities)

        Detail how Project to be structured / governed – i.e. by Project Board
         (include details (as Annexes) of constitution /membership; Structure;
         Terms of Reference; reporting formats and cycle/s; include details of
         meetings on Project plan as management milestones)

        Attach Project organisation /structure diagram as Annex (include
         contact details of key roles – i.e. SRO, Project (and – appropriate)
         Support) Manager and key Project / partner leads). If Project fits within
         larger Programme then outline fit into wider Programme structure

        Detail / name including where from in DfES / other organisation:

              o Project SRO

              o (if appropriate) Project Director

              o Project and Support Managers (& Deputy/ies)

              o Strand Managers (if any)


        Funding

              o Brief description / outline as to how Project is to be funded over
                its life etc (simple table showing FY allocation/s may suffice)

        Staff

              o I.e. who? what they are doing? are they Full Time Equivalent
                (FTE) or Part Time (P/T) etc?

              o Include skills / use consultants etc
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[name] PROJECT                                                             PROJECT BRIEF

        Other – i.e. ICT or accommodation etc


        Who are the Project’s key stakeholders / delivery partners (and are
         they internal to your organisation or external e.g. other NDPBs,
         Government Departments, Local Authorities, Commercial Partners et
         al)? Also indicate / assess level of interest? Identify key stakeholders.
         (Suggest construct stakeholder map - including key named contacts -
         and attach as Annex.)

        How will they be managed / kept in the loop / consulted (links to
         Communications – see below)


        Brief details of how Project-level communications are to be run /
         operate etc – i.e. who, what, who? (may be complimented as more
         detailed/separate Project Communications Plan / Strategy document (if
         required/not covered by strategic Programme-level plan etc).


        Brief description as to quality management / assurance – i.e.
         importance and how to check etc?

        Evaluation plan

Current Status of Project and Plans:

        How far have you got with setting up your Project arrangements and
         creating plans?

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[name] PROJECT                                                             PROJECT BRIEF


A        Project (Milestone / Task) Plan

B        Project Risk Register

C        Project Issues Register

D        Project Organisation

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