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									                                           Consultant Performance Evaluation Tool
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                                                                                                                                            PE          CE
Consultant Name:                                                                            Project phase at time of assessment:
WOC # and Contract #:                                                   Project Name:
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1) Quality / Technical Performance                                                          Comments:

  Met work product standards                                                            0

  Performed and documented quality control according
  to approved plan.                                                                     0
                                                                              0         0

2) Cost Performance                                                        Score:

  Finished within WOC budget.                                                           0

  Invoiced ODOT accurately and timely, according to
  contract                                                                              0
                                                                                    0   0

3) Schedule Performance                                                                     Comments:

  Submitted accurate and timely deliverables.                                           0

  Met milestone due dates.                                                              0
                                                                                    0   0

4) Business Relations Performance                                                           Comments:

  Responded to customer needs.                                                          0

  Conducted business in a professional manner.                                          0

  Provided effective verbal and written communication.                                  0

                                                Grand Total Points:           0         0         3                  2               1              0
                               Calculated Evaluation Score:                 0%          0   PE             CE

Authorized Consultant Representative:                                   Printed Name:                                                       Date:

  Signature confirms only that the ODOT Work Order Contract Manager has discussed and provided a copy of the Consultant Performance Assessment to the
  authorized consultant representative and does not indicate agreement or disagreement with the content of this material. Consultant comments, if any, should be
  attached to the final assessment and returned to ODOT Technical Services.

ODOT Work Order Contract Manager:                                       Printed Name:                                                       Date:

  Signature confirms that the ODOT Work Order Contract Manager has discussed and given a copy of the Consultant Performance Assessment to the authorized
  consultant representative.

Notes / Additional Comments (Attach additional pages if needed):

                                    Please send completed evaluation form and any attachments to:
                                              ODOT Procurement Office, ATTN: Cheri Corder
                                   Room 217 Transportation Building, 355 Capitol St. NE, OR 97301-3871
                           email: / phone: (503) 986-3473 / fax: (503) 986-6592
                                         Definitions and Scoring Information

Performance Ranking:                   PT Value:
Exceeds Expectations                       3
Meets Expectations                         2
Needs Improvement                          1
Does Not Meet Expectations                 0

Definition of Quality and Technical Performance:
Followed applicable policies, procedures and standards. Work required minimal
correction, and provided clear, complete and concise documentation.
Constitutes 40% of total score.

Definition of Cost Performance:

Was on budget. Required minimal correction. Exercised prudent judgment.
Constitutes 10% of total score.

Definition of Schedule Performance:

No significant schedule changes within consultant control. Was on time, early or
late. Constitutes 20% of total score.

Definition of Business Relations:

Responded to questions/requests timely and adequately. Approached issues
proactively and maintained continuity in staff assignments. Approached issues
collaboratively and represented agency positively to others. Coordinated with
ODOT staff effectively, submitted timely progress reports and kept ODOT
apprised of issues early on. Provided clear, concise information. Communicated
timely with ODOT and project stakeholders. Constitutes 30% of total score.

                                          # of
                                       Questions in                                Weighted
Category                                category    Total Points      Weight        Points    Action

Quality / Tech Performance                   2             6           40%           24       X .4
Cost Performance                             2             6           10%            6       X .1
Schedule Performance                         2             6           20%           12       X .2
Business Relations                           3             9           30%           18       X .2

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