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									Of all the things in the technological nature used for personal needs, nothing has seen
a sharper progress graph than iPhone. Mobile phones have made a lot of ground from
being a difficult and rare device not more than ten years back to a luxurious necessity
that is capable of doing almost anything for you. Be it business, entertainment, sports,
weather, games, music, videos, news etc iPhone application development now renders
solutions to everything. And this very capability has given rise to the possibilities of
earning money by developing apps for things that are in demand.
  A lot of people have made a fortune by developing just one application that suited
best for its target audience and you can be one of them too. All you need to do is to
strike the right note and you can earn sitting in the comfort of your home. So what are
those requirements you need to fulfill to create an app that will sell? Here are some
points that will help you in your endeavor.
  Before you start out with iPhone application development, research the market
thoroughly. You need to know what people are looking for, what their needs are and
what kinds of apps are being considered useful. Only if you know their needs can you
design a useful and sellable application. If not, then your app will be just another
addition to the Apple apps store with your iPhone application rendering no possible
solutions to the customer’s need.
  Create a thorough plan of how you will go about developing your iPhone application
and make sure you stick to the plan. Without proper planning you might end up
delaying the development process and your app might just get out of demand by the
time it gets into the market. Time is money. Further in the process, plan a good
marketing strategy. Keeping your target audience in mind, plan a marketing plan that
will target the people who are most likely to use your Apple iPhone application.
  Post advertisements on various useful websites where your target audience is most
likely to visit, keep the updated versions coming so that there is something new in the
offering all the time that will keep your customers interested. You can start with
sending free trial versions of the application so that people get a hang of it and then
buy the moment its out in the full version.
  These are few of very simple and basic steps to follow for earning money from
Apple iPhone applications development. If you are clear in your idea then you can hit
the right note and make good money.
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