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					Future technologies are usually associated with lasers in this case. You will be able to
find a lot of uses for lasers nowadays including those for the military and for scientific
fields as well as those used for industrial and commercial means. In the fields of
medicine and health, an example for laser usage is laser dentistry. Go to this site for
further information on laser dentist sydney.
  A special laser that is capable of performing surgical and dental procedures is used in
laser dentistry. Early practice of laser dentistry can be traced back to 1960s when it
was found effective for soft tissue procedures. It was only in 1997 when the procedure
was cleared for use on hard tissue like teeth by the US Food and Drug Administration.
  It is possible to make use of different wavelengths as the lasers deliver light energy.
For example, diode lasers are best applied in electrosurgery because it is absorbed
well by red color tissues such as the gingivae. When it comes to electrosurgery, the
lasers allow dentists to make precise cuts with minimal blood loss.
  Laser dentistry can also be applied in oral cavity surgery and treatment of gum
disease using the yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG) laser. For a carbon dioxide
laser, it works best when used for biopsies, the removal of tumors of the mouth, and in
frenectomy or the surgical removal of the fold of tissue under the tongue. An argon
laser, on the other hand, is best used in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as
repairing chipped teeth, filling cavities or sealing teeth to prevent decay. Go to this
site for further information on laser tooth whitening.
  For laser dentistry, it can be rather expensive both for the dentist and the patient.
Amounting to between $8,000 to $50,000 are dental lasers while you can buy
pneumatic dental drills for $200 to $500 only. The sound being made by dental drills
can cause a lot of anxiety on the part of the patient.
  With regard to the possible uses for a dental laser, these are rather limited today
although it minimizes pain and damage on surrounding tissues by providing precise
results. In this case, dental procedures are also made more comfortable and bearable
since the tool can be operated silently. When it comes to the use of lasers, the price tag
can be hefty but in the long run, you will surely see how the benefits are worth the
  One common procedure when it comes to laser dentistry is teeth whitening. The
lightening process happens when the laser activates the special gel that is applied to
yellow or discolored teeth. You probably want whiter teeth and this is where you only
need a session to get them.
  For the bleaching process, there is a different approach and this involves the use of a
custom fit tray filled with whitening gel on a patient's teeth. In this case, the patient
takes the tray home since it has to be worn for several hours a day. Here, no lasers are
used unlike with laser whitening but it can be very effective as well and the price is
more affordable.
  Your dentist should have some form of training when it comes to the equipment that
will be used when you undergo a laser dental procedure. It is possible to get
educational courses on performing laser dentistry from laser manufacturers, dental
associations, and dental schools. Some procedures actually work better when
traditional methods are used and this is why the opinion of your dentist is very
important in this case.
 Today, as more studies are being conducted when it comes to laser dentistry, more
discoveries of applications of lasers in dentistry await. For the familiar dental drill and
scalpel, these may end up being things of the past after some time. What this can do is
eliminate the fear usually associated with a trip to the dentist.

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