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					Enhancing Research and Education Networking to and within South Asia

Speaker Tracking List

Day       Time Topic                                                Speaker Name
Wed        1300 Welcome                                             Doug Van Houweling
Wed        1315 Keynote                                             Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rahman
                An Overview of Research and Education
Wed        1345 Networking Initiatives Internationally              George McLaughlin
                Quantifying the need for R&E networks: a
                study of current network performance for
WEd        1405 South Asian researchers                             Les Cotrell
                Driving the demand for R&E networks - HEP
Wed        1420 or grid example                                     someone from in region?

                                                                    Hafeez Hoorani
                Driving the demand for R&E networks -
Wed        1420 health sci example                                  Bob Bollinger
                Science and engineering collaborations
                between the US and countries in the region:
                the need for R&E network capabilities to            Marjorie Lueck, Osman
Wed        1530 support funded efforts                              Shinaishin or Libby Lyons
                Medical research collaboration between the
                US and countries in the region: the need for
                R&E network capabilities to support funded
Wed        1550 efforts                                             someone from NIH?

                                                                    Thomas Mampilly

                Challenges to obtaining underlying
                communications infrastructure within                someone from within the
Wed        1610 countries in the region                             region?
                Challenges to obtaining underlying
                communications infrastructure to and from           VSNL or Reliance/FLAG or
Wed        1630 the region                                          other?

                                                                    Punit Garg

                                                                    Rajendra Singh

                  Organizational challenges to regional R&E
                  network interconnectivity: the TEIN2
                  experience in Southeast Asia: possibilities for
Wed        1650   South Asia                                        David West
Wed        1710   Wrap-UP                                           a good rapporteur
Thurs       830   Welcome Back                                      Warren Matthews
Thurs       845   Country Report: Sri Lanka                         Nimal Ratnayake
Thurs    905 Country Report: Bhutan                      ?
Thurs    925 Country Report: Maldives                    ?
Thurs    945 Country Report: Nepal                       Prashant Mandahar

Thurs   1045 Country Report: India                       Gulshan Rai, R. Ramakrishnan
Thurs   1105 Country Report: Afghanistan                 ?

Thurs   1125 Country Report: Bangladesh                  Javed Khan
Thurs   1145 Country Report: Pakistan                    Anwar Amjad
             South Asia Association for Regional
Thurs   1300 Cooperation                                 ?
             South Asia Research and Education Network
Thurs   1320 Assocation (SARENA)                         Dr. Salman Ansari
Thurs   1340 World Bank South Asia activities            Michael Foley, Mark Dutz?
Thurs   1400 Regional activities - grid? APAN?
                                                         Shigeki Goto
Thurs   1420 USAID activities in South Asia              ?

Thurs   1520 NSF IRNC activities in South Asia           Kevin Thompson

                                                         Jim Williams
Affiliation           Email Address        Presentation Title   Contactor
Internet2       Welcome Comments     H. Boyles
HEC, Pakistan                                                   H. Boyles

                                                                G. McLaughlin

SLAC                                                            L. Cotrell

National Center for
Physics, Quaid-i-
Azam University
Campus, Pakistan                                                W. Matthews

JHU                                                             H. Boyles

NSF OISE                                                        H. Boyles

                                                                W. Matthews

Fogarty, NIH                                                    G. Thoma, A. Srivastava

                                                                D. Riley

                                                                D. Riley

Reliance                    H. Boyles

GICT, World Bank                                                M. Foley

DANTE                                                           D. West

SIG chair
Prime College 

ERNET, C-DAC                                    H. Boyles

Kent State University                           W. Matthews
PERN                                            H. Boyles

SAARC                                           A. Srivastava

?                                               A. Srivastava
World Bank                                      H. Boyles
                                                J. Williams
APAN                                            J. Williams

NSF                   H. Boyles
Indiana University,
TransPAC2                                       J. Williams
Status                Notes



not identified        Investigate NSF OISE ideas on major users

willing, but needs
visa and travel
contacted, not

contacted, pending

                      Warren contacting P. Dev, A., Srivastava, G. Thoma for
not identified        ideas
                      Anil discussed presentation with Thomas Mamphilly?
?                     Need to extend invitation to speak and get confirmation.

not identified

not identified

willing to send
someone, need to
confirm willingness
to speak
confirmation          asked to suggest others if not available

not identified
not confirmed
not identified
not identified
not confirmed

not confirmed
not identified
                     Javed agreed to be backup presenter if no one from
confirmed            country attends
not confirmed

not identified       Anil indicated he had a contact at SAARC he could invite

not confirmed        this is a concept Anil mentioned, but no organization
not confirmed

confirmed(?)         to talk about APAN outreach activities re: South Asia
                     need to identify possible contacts

contacted, pending


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