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									Ravi Srinivasan
2055 Lac Du Mont Dr., Haslett, MI, 48840                                      Office : 517-432-6446
Mobile: 507-358-8645                                                          Email:

2010 (est.)     PhD, Operations management
Eli Broad graduate school of management, Michigan state university, East Lansing, MI

1998             Master of science, Industrial and manufacturing systems engineering
Kansas state university, Manhattan, KS

1995           Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical engineering
Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

Operations management, Supply management practices, operations strategy, supply chain view of mergers
and acquisitions

Intro to supply chain, quantitative research methods, project management

Ben-Arieh, D. and Ravi Srinivasan, Information Analysis in a Distributed, Dynamic Group Technology
Method, International Journal of Production Economics, 1-3 (60-61) (1999) pp. 427-432

Narasimhan R., Narayanan S. and Srinivasan R., “Explicating the mediating role of integrative supply
management practices in strategic outsourcing: A grounded theory approach”, International journal of
production research, May 2008

Swink M., & Srinivasan R., Linking SCOR performance with firm financial performance, intended for
Production Operations Management Journal
Prahinski C., Lee J. and Srinivasan R., An assessment of non-response bias in OM survey research, intended
for Journal of operations management

Narasimhan R., Narayanan S. and Srinivasan R, Achieving strategic agility through integrative supply
management practices: A study of outsourcing, Production Operations Management Annual Conference, La
Jolla, 2008
Ben-Arieh, D., and Srinivasan, R., "Distributed AI Methodology to Part Classification" Proc. of the 6th
Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Miami Beach, Florida, 1997

Michigan state university
PhD student instructor - MSC 303 – Introduction to supply chain (2 sections)                2008
Teaching assistant – MSC 479 – Project management (lab sessions)                            2007
PhD student instructor – MSC 303 – Introduction to supply chain (2 sections)                2007
Teaching assistant – MSC 317 – Quantitative business research methods (4 sections)          2006

Advanced planning process - training manager                                                2005

Supply chain planning process instructor                                                    2003

Kansas state university
Teaching assistant – Industrial simulation using Arena (lab sessions)                       1997
Teaching assistant – Industrial simulation using Arena (lab sessions)                       1996

Eli Broad graduate school of management, 2008 summer research fellowship
Patent for “Method and apparatus for Zoom Control” at IBM
Outstanding consultant for achieving high customer satisfaction at IBM, 1999-2000
Outstanding employee of the year 1999 at Keane Inc, for achievements at IBM

Ad-Hoc reviewer for Production Operations Management annual conference
Ad-Hoc reviewer for Decision sciences institute annual conference

MANAGER, ACCENTURE                                                                    11/2004 – 08/2006
Team Lead, Texas instruments, Plano, TX
Lead a multi-location team of 15 situated in India and US in delivering advanced planning solution for
Texas instruments. The team reported to Director of supply chain responsible for worldwide operations at
TI. The team delivered planning and data management processes and solutions to worldwide factories
located in Malaysia, Taiwan and US.

Team Lead and Solution architect, Sprint, Overland Park, KS
Accenture identified several areas of opportunity as part of an overall Sprint Cost Improvement Program
(SCIP) driven by the office of the CFO. Gross inventory days (GID) were reduced from 52 days to 26 days
of inventory. One-time inventory and carrying cost reduction is estimated at $122 Million and the estimated
annual savings is $30 Million. Architected solution for demand management and master data management
processes. Lead a team of 2 Accenture analysts, 4 i2 consultants and 4 Sprint users.

SR. CONSULTANT, KEANE INC.                                                           10/2002 – 11/2004
Lead supply chain analyst - Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, MI
Lead a team of consultants to manage the advanced planning system (APS) at Whirlpool Corporation. The
team was 30% on-site and 70% offshore in India. Whirlpool realized a reduction in distribution costs up to
$10 million/year. The inventory was reduced from 32 to 25 days of supply. The customer service level for
preferred trade partners increased from 85% to 92%

SR. APPLICATION ENGINEER, I2 TECHNOLOGIES INC.                                       08/2000-10/2002
Integration specialist - Freightliner LLC, Portland, OR
Implemented a vendor managed inventory (VMI) process for spare parts division at Freightliner LLC, using
i2 Demand planner and i2 Service parts planner. Inventory reduction of $8 Million/year was estimated due
to improved forecasting models, inventory management and replenishment plans
Solution Architect – Online configuration and pricing module - Caterpillar Inc, Peoria, IL
Lead a team to implement i2 Marketplace storefront, an online configuration and pricing engine, at
Caterpillar Inc. New sales of up to $41 Million were estimated across all North American dealers with 5%
increase in sales due to new markets.

SR. CONSULTANT, KEANE INC.                                                           05/1998-08/2000
Programmer/Analyst - IBM, Rochester, MN
Developed client/server, web and wireless applications at IBM. A data representation methodology was
developed as part of the work at IBM. This technology was patented in Canada.

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