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					Leathersellers’ Federation
 Prendergast Sixth Form

    right choice, bright future

           Founded in 1890
right choice, bright future

             Leathersellers’ Federation
             Prendergast Sixth Form

               “This sixTh form has provided me wiTh so many posiTive experiences
               which i don’T believe i would have obTained elsewhere. The Teachers
               care abouT The achievemenTs of The sTudenTs and really invesT Their
               Time in us.”

               Jamila Johnson

              You will need to ask yourself
              n   What am I good at?
              n   Which subject most interests me?
              n   What do I want to do when I leave school?

              Before making your decisions
              n   Find out how AS study differs from study at GCSE Level:
                  don’t assume that it will be more of the same
              n   See the wide range of courses that we offer at Advanced Level
              n   Remember that the best way to succeed is to choose subjects
                  you enjoy studying

Right Choice, Bright Future

Leathersellers’ Federation
Prendergast Sixth Form

Prendergast’s co-educational Sixth Form offers a supportive working

environment, excellent teaching from an expert teaching staff, a wide choice

of courses and the opportunity for you to develop the maturity and assurance

needed for success.

We are the right choice if you want to:

n   attain your academic best; in the last three years over 90% of
    Prendergast students have gone on to university, including Oxford and
    Cambridge, Imperial College for sciences and LSE for business and law

n   flourish in art; every Prendergast student who has applied to art college
    has gained a place

n   benefit from the individual help and guidance from staff who will take a
    full interest in your progress and welfare

n   take more responsibility for your own learning and welcome the role
    of leadership

If you join Prendergast Sixth Form you will benefit from:

n   an individualised timetable

n   careers and higher education guidance

n   a well-equipped study room designed specifically
    for sixth formers

n   a comfortable sixth form common room

You will be able to wear your own clothes and not a school uniform, and

will be expected to work with the commitment and maturity needed for

success at this level of study, preparing you for your next stage: higher

education or work.

right choice, bright future

                              Higher Education

                              Whatever you decide to do when you leave Prendergast, we will help you

                              make the right choice.

                              In Year 12 you will receive expert guidance, enabling you to research

                              constructively for your future. Events will include:

                              n   attending a Higher Education Fair and university open days

                              n   talks in school by Admission Tutors from universities and colleges

                              n   a Year 13 induction week with the focus upon higher education and
                                  university application

                              n   access to the Internet and the UCAS website

                              n   talks from former students now attending university or art college

                              n   the opportunity to shadow students at Oxford and Cambridge

                              n   the opportunity to attend conferences and courses on Law and
                                  Medicine for example

                              n   attending courses at Villiers Park to help prepare you for university-
                                  style study

                              n   advice given to one-year vocational students upon appropriate courses
                                  offered at local Colleges of Further Education

                              n	 individual career advice to prepare for progression through work based

                              In Year 13 you will benefit from:

                              n   one-to-one, personal guidance to help you complete your UCAS or art
                                  college application

                              n   an interview afternoon where you will receive two individual mock
                                  interviews from outside people who are expert in your chosen subject

                              n   advice on how to manage your finances when at university

                              n	 advice on work related career routes

“i would praise everyThing abouT This college!

The Teaching is excellenT and if we need help Teachers are
There To supporT us.”

right choice, bright future

              Privileges and Responsibilities

                              As a member of the sixth form you will enjoy specialised resources with your

                              own accommodation, but you will also be a part of the rest of the college.

                              Sixth formers have the opportunity to:

                              n   act as mentors to younger students

                              n   help run the School Council

                              n   organise the Year 13 Summer Ball

                              n   organise and get involved in sporting activities

                              n   take the CSLA sporting leadership award

                              n   learn Italian

                              n   take General Studies at AS Level

                              n   take a First Aid course

                              n   help run the homework club

                     Positions of Responsibility

The Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Prefects and Senior Prefects are elected

each year. Students are nominated by their peers, speak at Hustings and are

elected by staff and the sixth form. Prefects assist with lower school classes

in forms and in lessons. They have duties at break, raise money for charity

and for sixth form events, and help to organise the sixth form. The Head Girl/

Boy makes speeches in public, attends official events and represents the

college on numerous occasions. He/She is the sixth form’s and the college’s


            “i am very pleased wiTh my choice of sixTh form:
            i have received all of The supporT ThaT i have needed and have been
            able To work well knowing ThaT my Teachers are encouraging me”

If you are a student who works with determination and self-discipline, and

if you contribute to the life of the College, you might be selected for a

Leathersellers’ Bursary. Every year the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers

awards three students a grant of £500 for each of the three years they attend

university. This generous prize was first donated by the Leathersellers in 2001.

right choice, bright future

                              More Freedom and Fun

                                            “we are encouraged To organise our own sTudy Time. The sixTh
                                            form prefecTs also organise fundraising evenTs for The chrisTmas
                                            parTy and The graduaTion ball. The experience of responsibiliTy has
                                            been excellenT.”

                                            Daniella RobeRtson-Glenn

                              Sixth form journeys tailored to meet the needs of students

                              College journeys alternate between Paris and New York. All students are

                              invited to participate, and the price covers the cost of travel, accommodation,

                              food, entry to museums and art galleries as well as the tourist activities

                              associated with each city:

                              n   Visiting the Statue of Liberty

                              n   Ice skating in Central Park

                              n   A cruise on the River Seine

                              n   Seeing the city from the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building

                              Increasingly students are choosing to take a Gap Year and we hope that our

                              school journeys help to prepare our students for these exciting future


                              A Level languages students have the opportunity to spend two weeks

                              or more during the school holidays studying in one of a range of language

                              centres in France and Spain. You will:

                              n   attend tailored courses taught by native speakers

                              n   live with a host family or in youth accommodation

                              n   experience the real France and/or Spain

                              n   develop and improve language skills ‘in situ’

                              n   become a more confident communicator in the target language

                              n   discover things about yourself you never knew before!

                           More Freedom and Fun continued

A Level Geography students participate in a five-day residential experience

at a Field Studies Centre in south Devon. You will examine a wide variety of

geographical issues, both physical and human, and this study provides the

basis for your personal investigation. In the words of one student: “I didn’t

know getting muddy could be so much fun. And seeing processes in real life

makes them much easier to understand.”

The A Level Biology students’ five day residential field trip is set in the Isle

of Wight where their ecological fieldwork includes conservation strategies and

succession in salt-marshes.

Music School Journey – sixth formers take part and give the leadership

to younger students to help them prepare concerts held in and around

beautiful and exciting European cities. On alternative years the college

orchestra and chamber choir participate in this musical celebration.

            “Teaching sTraTegies are very good and i feel i’m gaining a loT
            from This so i am pleased wiTh choosing The college

            we have a very good sixTh form environmenT. Teachers are good,
            learning is good”

Guaranteed Student Support

Your progress and attainment will be closely monitored by your teachers, and

we will support you to help you achieve your personal best. You will benefit


A Regular Reporting System

Year 12 Interim Report              November

Year 12 Full Report                 February

Year 13 Full Report                 December

Parents’ Meetings when you and your

parents can discuss your progress with teachers

Year 12                             April

Year 13                             February

A Year 12 Reading Week

Held in January to review your predicted grades with your subject teachers

and to set agreed targets

A Year 13 Review Day

Held in October with your form tutor to evaluate your progress and to review

your predicted A Level grades

Financial Support

As a sixth former you may be eligible for an Education Maintenance

Allowance. This is a weekly cash payment of £30 which will be paid directly

by the government into your bank account. The criteria are similar to those for

free school meals.

“i’m happy here: The environmenT is calm and This enables me
To compleTe my sTudies

pleased. righT choice! saTisfied!

The Teachers are knowledgeable and passionaTe abouT Their field.
They also know how To geT Their grades in Their subjecT.”

                  right choice, bright future

Prendergast Sixth Form

                     Leathersellers’ Federation

                       Prendergast Sixth Form

                                      Hilly Fields

                                Adelaide Avenue

                                 London SE4 ILE

                       Telephone: 020 8690 3710

                              Fax: 020 8690 3155

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