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									   Leathersellers’ Federation
Prendergast - Hilly Fields College

             Founded in 1890
Aims of Prendergast - Hilly Fields College

At Prendergast we aim to:

n    Maintain and develop the college’s tradition of
     providing the highest quality of education and support.

n    Create an environment in which girls of all abilities learn to enjoy
     working hard in order to fulfil their potential.

n    Encourage girls to have confidence in themselves and a sense
     of self-worth.

n    Have a college where girls are polite and co-operative so that there is
     an atmosphere where everyone respects the rights and needs of others.

n    Teach girls to understand and value their own heritage and faith while
     at the same time understanding and respecting those from all cultures.

n    Encourage girls to participate in all activities of the college with
     enthusiasm whether they are academic, creative, sporting or musical

n    Develop within the pupil a sense of responsibility and service to the
     college and the community.
Welcome to Prendergast - Hilly Fields College

           Dear Parents,

           I hope that you will enjoy visiting Prendergast and I am confident that the

           pupils and staff will extend a warm welcome to you and be proud to tell

           you about our school. I am very privileged to serve as the Head Teacher of

           Prendergast - Hilly Fields College and I look forward to welcoming the pupils

           who will join us next year. Together we will ensure that Prendergast - Hilly

           Fields College continues to enjoy great success, serves its community and that

           all members of the college work together in an environment which fosters

           the values embedded in our college motto “Truth, honour, freedom and


           Thank you for taking an interest in the college. I hope that your daughter will

           find her secondary education to be an enjoyable, successful and memorable


           Yours sincerely,

           Erica Pienaar BA, MBA, FRSA


                                             Our Year 7 induction programme ensures that the transition from primary

                                             to secondary education is purposeful and enjoyable. Our exciting, challenging

                                             curriculum both meets and goes beyond the demands of the National

                                             Curriculum. At all key stages we offer a wide range of subjects. At the end of

                                             Year 9, students make their GCSE option choices and will study from 8 – 10

                                             GCSEs, choosing from a wide range of subjects including both practical and

                                             academic subjects.

                                             The college has a clear policy for identifying and monitoring the progress of

                                             students with special educational needs. Teachers are fully aware of students’

                                             needs and constructive and supportive strategies are used across the

                                             curriculum. Support may be offered through withdrawal or within the

                                             classroom. Students with a Statement of Special Education Needs are

                                             supported as required in their assessments and parents/guardians are

                                             urged to discuss these prior to application.

                                             School Times
                                             Registration               8.50am

                                             Assembly                   9.00am

                                             Lunch                      12.45pm - 1.40pm

                                             Registration               1.40pm

“Our exciting, challenging curriculum bOth   End of Day                 3.25pm
meets and gOes beyOnd the demands Of the
natiOnal curriculum. at all key stages we
Offer a wide range Of subjects ”             There are six lessons of 45/50 minutes every day.

QuOtes – Ofsted inspectiOn 2007

  “prendergast is an exceptiOnal specialist     “teaching and learning have develOped        “a real strength Of the schOOl is the very
  language and music cOllege that prOvides      well since the last inspectiOn and are nOw   gOOd teamwOrk that pervades all aspects Of
  its students with an Outstanding Quality Of   cOnsistently at least gOOd and Often         schOOl life   ”
  educatiOn”                                    Outstanding”

Partnership with Parents

We recognise that our pupils’ progress and              Uniform/Homework
achievement are closely related to the level of         Parental support for the College’s Uniform and
support they receive from their parents and carers.     Homework Policy is valued. The smart appearance
The College strives to maintain a close and honest      of our pupils both in college and whilst travel-
working relationship with parents. This ensures         ling to and from school reinforces the College’s
that the pupils in our care receive very clear          identity and the pupils’ acceptance and support
guidance on the shared expectations of the home         for that identity. All pupils are set homework.
and the College and allows us to celebrate success      Indeed the high level of achievement enjoyed by
together.                                               Prendergast pupils is in no small measure due to
                                                        the pupils’ work ethic which extends beyond the
Parents who have accepted a place for their child       hours of the school working day.
are asked to read and sign a Home-School
Agreement. This document summarises the values
and principles of the College and signals to all our    Attendance
pupils that these are consistent with the values        Regular College attendance contributes to
and principles of the home.                             success. We are very proud of those pupils who
                                                        achieve 100% attendance and punctuality and we
                                                        present these pupils with certificates, recognising
Contact with Home                                       this achievement, at the College’s Annual
We communicate with parents on a regular basis          Prizegiving. Indeed there are several past students
and value this contact. The pupils’ academic            who have achieved 100% attendance over the
report is seen as an important way to chart             total period of their seven years of schooling.
progress and to be in contact with families. We         Parents play a vital role in ensuring that their child
know that pupil progress is supported by detailed       attends school regularly.*
communication and we encourage parents to be
active co-educators by sharing information on the
curriculum, pupil assessment and targets. We set        FOPSA
parental targets on the annual academic report          All parents are automatically members of
in recognition of the vital role that parents play in   the Friends of Prendergast School Association
their children’s education.                             (FOPSA). A committee meets half termly to
                                                        produce a calendar of events for parents
                                                        and pupils. Parents are encouraged to serve on
                                                        the committee or put their names forward
                                                        as helpers for specific social events. Attendance
                                                        at social events is an enjoyable way of
                                                        contributing to the life of the college and of
                                                        getting to know other members of the
                                                        Prendergast - Hilly Fields College Community.

                                                        * School attendance regulations allow children to have
                                                        leave of absence only if a parent is obliged to take annual
                                                        holiday in term time. Permission for authorised absence (of
                                                        any kind) may only be granted by the Head Teacher and
                                                        must be requested in writing.

Pupil Support

Pastoral System
The College’s organisation is that of a single community with emphasis on
academic and pastoral oversight by the Form Tutor who is the key liaison
teacher with parents/guardians.

Although examination results are very important, pastoral care is an integral
part of the everyday life of the College and provides support and counselling
from settling in at year 7 to career and higher education advice in the sixth

The overall aim is to encourage students to reach their highest potential and
to enable individuals to develop into confident, skilled young women with the
ability to make appropriate, informed decisions and to take a leading role in
society as responsible citizens.

As a multi-ethnic community, Prendergast - Hilly Fields College fosters mutual
respect and care and aims to facilitate progress and achievement at every

Discipline is firm and the development of moral values underpins the ethos of
the college. There is a code of conduct displayed in every classroom.

Our students are able to work in a caring environment which promotes
self-discipline, provides excellent teaching with effective learning and which
sets high expectations in terms of work, behaviour and appearance.

An impressive range of opportunities and challenges, both within and beyond
the classroom, is provided to enhance the growth of personality and
character so that students can become self-reliant and self-confident.

Parental support for the standard we set is sought, and early intervention and
discussion on any difficulties is strongly encouraged. When sanctions are
necessary they are chosen to suit the individual student’s misbehaviour and
may range from detentions to exclusion.

Each student from year 7 to the sixth form is given a diary/college planner to
assist in their organisation and to keep records of their achievement. The diary
also acts as an important link between home and college.

Enjoying and Achieving

        We have high expectations of our students in every area of life at the College

        and they are encouraged to pursue excellence by taking responsibility for

        their own learning. Not only do target setting and the development of

        study skills support this, but we regularly award praise stickers for effort

        and high achievement. Students who produce outstanding work have their

        name placed in the ‘Good Work Book’. Daily assemblies are used as an

        opportunity to celebrate success. Weekly music assemblies showcase our

        musical talent. The annual Prizegiving Ceremony, held in Lewisham Theatre,

        is an acknowledgement and a celebration by the whole school community

        of individual students’ efforts and achievements. Prendergast - Hilly Fields

        College students acquire subject knowledge, develop a vast range of skills and

        demonstrate a positive attitude to all aspects of school life.

Enjoying and Achieving continued

                Extra-curricular Activities
                The College strongly believes that activities beyond the classroom support
                achievement and personal development. For this reason we offer a wide range
                of residential and day trips:

                n   In Key stage 3 students participate in residential school journeys.

                n   There is an annual year 12 /13 school journey with the destination
                    alternating between Paris and New York.

                n   We have bi-annual music tours of European cities.

                n   We send students each year on a residential course usually held at the
                    University of East Anglia giving year 10 students an overview of higher

                n   We arrange fieldwork in Geography and Biology at specialist centres for
                    advanced level students.

                n   Some of our year 12 and 13 students go on residential courses held at
                    Villiers Park, Cambridge, where small groups receive a taste of university
                    life and teaching styles.

                n   Our students are encouraged to attend summer schools offered by both
                    Oxford and Cambridge universities.

                n   We have an active college Council, a forum that allows students to discuss
                    important school issues.

                n   We participate in the UK Mathematical Challenge which encourages the
                    country’s young and able mathematicians.

                n   We participate in the Community Sports Leadership Award. Staff run a
                    range of sports clubs and arrange regular team fixtures.

                n   During the annual Book Week students are encouraged to develop their
                    own skills through exposure to a wealth of literary achievement which
                    includes the works of visiting poets as well as attendance at dramatic

                n   Year 7 visits the Leathersellers’ Hall.

                There is also a wide range of clubs and activities that take place after school or
                at lunchtime. These include a wide variety of sports and musical groups,
                subject-specific clubs such as science and technology, computer and general
                interests such as board games, film and Scripture Union.

Key stage 5 – 6th form

Student Counselling
Every year 11 student is given a personal interview

with a member of the Senior Management Team.

The student’s personal goals are discussed and        Enrichment Activities
advice is given to help her select an appropriate     Students follow a detailed enrichment programme.
course. Parents/guardians are welcome to share        This is designed to support academic work and
in these discussions.                                 provides additional opportunities to develop wider

                                                      key skills:
External Applicants                                   n    ICT
External applicants are welcome. Sixth form           n    AS General Studies
courses will be discussed with applicants
                                                      n    Italian
and places will be offered on agreement of
                                                      n    PE/CLSA
an appropriate course and on receipt of a
                                                      n    Training in interviewing procedures
satisfactory reference from the applicant’s
                                                      n    Preparation for university application.

                                                      Sixth form students have their own study centre,

                                                      a resource designed solely for their needs.

                                                      It contains a sixth form library as well as the latest

                                                      ICT equipment and provides a quiet study area.

Key stage 5 – 6th form continued

                 Course Provision                    n   Philosophy

                 n   Art                             n   Physics

                 n	 Art History                      n   Religious Studies

                 n   Biology                         n   Sociology

                 n   Business Studies                n   Spanish

                 n   Chemistry                       n   Levell ll Intermediate Health
                                                         & Social Care
                 n   Design Technology/Textiles or
                     Resistant Materials

                 n   English Language & Literature   Key stage 5 course provision is reviewed
                                                     regularly to ensure that it meets our
                 n   English Literature              students’ needs.

                 n   French

                 n   Further Mathematics

                 n   Geography

                 n   Government & Politics

                 n   Health & Social Care course

                 n   History

                 n   Mathematics

                 n   Music

                 n   Music Technology

                 n   Photography

                 n   Psychology

                 n   Performing Arts

                 Specialist Languages and Music Status

                                              Our designation as a Language and Music Specialist College allows us to

                                              present broad new horizons for all, through a commitment to international

                                              communication and performance. We believe that this gives our College a

                                              unique perspective which is quite different from other schools in the Borough,

                                              whilst not diluting in any way the range and excellence of teaching across the

                                              curriculum. Learning languages and developing musical talents are central

                                              skills which play a vital role in enhancing communication and achievement.

                                              Language and Music Specialist status strengthens the College by offering

                                              students opportunities for international study and multi-cultural

                                              understanding in all their subjects.

                                              In June 2008, the College was designated a “Highly Performing Specialist

                                              School” by the Specialist School and Academies Trust.

“ language and music specialist status
strengthens the schOOl by Offering students
OppOrtunities fOr internatiOnal study
and multi-cultural understanding in
all their subjects.”

     “since i’ve been at prendergast i have learnt sO
     much and really enjOyed all Of my lessOns.”

     Year 7

Message from the Executive Head Teacher

            The College is both happy and highly successful. It offers a broad and
            balanced curriculum to our pupils. The College has a very positive learning
            environment based upon our pupils’ commitment to work, good behaviour
            and our high expectations of pupils both socially and academically.
            We value the strong and positive relationships, which exist between all
            members of the College community and the spirit of true partnership, which
            is evident between staff, pupils and parents.

            Our pupils are the most important members of our community; we have
            deliberately retained the opportunity for them to serve their College
            community. Our pupils recognise and enjoy both the privileges and the
            responsibilities associated with such traditional roles as Form Captain and
            Prefect. Our pupil community is led by a Head Girl or Boy supported by
            Deputies and Senior Prefects. We also look to the future; the College Council
            provides a forum for students to express their views and work towards making
            Prendergast - Hilly Fields College the optimum learning environment for all.

            The College is proud of its history and heritage. Founded in 1890 under
            the will of the late Dr Joseph Prendergast, our mission was expressed as a
            determination to provide excellent education for girls in Lewisham. We adhere
            to that mission to this day. Dr Prendergast was a member of the Worshipful
            Company of Leathersellers. Our pupils are very proud of our link to the City
            Livery Company and the school is grateful for the interest shown by the
            Company in the continuing success of our pupils. Indeed four members
            of the company are Foundation Governors.

            The pupils of Prendergast - Hilly Fields College benefit from working with
            excellent staff in an attractive and well-resourced school. The College is
            proud of its history but also looks to the future in aiming to provide the
            best education today for the citizens of tomorrow. High expectations and a
            drive for excellence underpin the life of the College both in and out of the

Prendergast - Hilly Fields College

                       Prendergast - Hilly Fields College

                                               Hilly Fields

                                          Adelaide Avenue

                                           London SE4 ILE

                                 Telephone: 020 8690 3710

                                       Fax: 020 8690 3155

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