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									                                  Project Communications Plan

Project Name:            Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Software Project – Phase 2
Date:                    September 30, 2009
Department/Unit:         PMO
Contact Names:           Role                          Email                         Phone
Kathy Wilmot             Project Manager             4486
Marcus Gilliam           CIO Communications        3230
Susan Duciaume           ICS Communications        5210
Version Control #:       Date            Comments
1.0                      April 3, 2009   1st Draft
1.1                      June 29, 2009 Refined communication methods and end-user
2.0                      Sept 30, 2009   Final version

1 Introduction
      Project Managers (PMs) require effective processes and software to plan, collaborate, monitor, and
      report on the projects they are responsible for. Directors need a common method for overseeing the
      projects in their units. Various levels of training on PPM methodology and software will be required.

      This communication plan outlines the requirements and methods needed to communicate project
      objectives to stakeholders in the central IT units.

2 Communication Methods and Responsibilities
*Arranged in alphabetical order
     Audience              Type of Information                     Method            Frequency    Responsible
                                                                                       / Date
Executive               Status Reports                       Sponsor meetings       Monthly       Kathy Wilmot
Committee               Issues – items unresolved at         Meetings               As required   Kathy Wilmot
                        Steering Committee level             short term:
                                                             long term: PPM
McGill Community        High-level plan (objectives,         Website (including     As required   Kathy Wilmot
                        structure, timeline)                 IT Project Registry)
Project Team            Roles and Responsibilities           Kick-off meeting       Once          Kathy Wilmot
                                                                                    July 2009
                        Project Plan (status, timelines)     Team meetings          Weekly        Kathy Wilmot
                        New tasks                            Email                  As required   Kathy Wilmot
Steering Committee      Project Documents – plans,           SharePoint             As required   Kathy Wilmot
                        requirements, status reports
                        Issues - workflow, processes,        Meetings               As required   Project team
                        procedures, policies                 short term:
                                                             long term: PPM
                        Changes                              short term:            As required   Project team
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                                                          long term: PPM

3 End User Communications
    Early adoption by end users is important for the success of the project. Information Sessions will be
    delivered to the IT units. These sessions will outline PPM methodology, update staff on PPM
    software implementation, and provide information on a variety of training opportunities.

    3.1    Communication Channels

      Channel                   Type of Information                    When             Responsible

Website                 Project news, timeline, training        ongoing                PMO & ICS
                        schedules, pilot groups,
                        documentation, videos
Email lists             Announcements                           Monthly; as needed     PMO & CIO
Information Sessions    Application demonstration,              Summer/Fall 2009       PMO & ICS
                        questions/answer period
Documentation           How-to documents, FAQs, tips &          July – Sep 2009        PMO & ICS
Pilot Group             Feedback from application trials        Aug – Oct 2009         PMO & ICS
                        and testing
Training                Feedback from hands-on training,        Ongoing starting       ICS
                        videos, see training plan               Dec 2009

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