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Infrastructure Assessment Template - DOC by ldo18572


Infrastructure Assessment Template document sample

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									[RTO Logo]
                                Training and Assessment Strategy

 Name of RTO

Delivery period     [Date details]
Code and title of   [Full & correct training product details]

    Units of             Code                                     Title     Core/Elective
  competency                                                                  (C or E)

    Client(s)       The key clients for this qualification are:
                    1. [Client group and associated needs]

  Delivery and      Duration
 arrangements       The program is delivered over a period of

                    Alignment with units of competency

                    Program area Name               Unit(s) of competency
                    (name given to each
                    cluster of units)


   Name of RTO

    Delivery and     Learning Pathways and Delivery Methods
    assessment           [Broad outline of the major approaches to skill development eg. traineeship/workplace-based
arrangements con’t        delivery, institution-based delivery, etc]
                         [Details of the specific training and learning activities and methods used to develop the
                          knowledge and skills that underpin the units of competency]
                         [Details regarding the way in which the training may be customised to suit the various client
                          groups identified above, examples of typical scenarios, etc]
                     Organisational Responsibilities
                         [Details of those organisations involved and the roles each will play (ie. ‘partnership

                     Evidence-gathering techniques
                     Program area                                                A     B     C     D     E     F    G     H

                     KEY: A-Demonstration, B-Questioning, C-Interview, D-Scenario—problem solving, E-Role play, F-
                          Case study — fault finding, G-Written test, H-Critical incident report

   Delivery and      Staff member                 Program Area(s)               Involvement               Competencies
 assessment staff
                                                                               (T = Teach A =             (V=Vocational
                                                                                  Assess)                   A=Assess)

Assessment           [Details of how assessment strategies are/have been validated by industry stakeholders]
validation process
                     The processes used to validate assessment activity in this program are:

   Infrastructure         Resource
(A tick indicates         Equipment
that the RTO has
the required
                          venue details, etc
infrastructure.)     

Program manager’s    [signature]


Adapted from: Learning and Assessment Strategy Outline Template, Learning and Assessment Strategies –
Part 2: Resource Guide (ANTA, 2002).

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