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					                                                                                                                     LEX 100 WINNER

Kendall Freeman
43 Fetter Lane
                                                                                                                                 see page 9
London EC4A 1JU

The trainee verdict (marks out of ten...)

Satisfied in your job?                                  Stress free?                                          Confident you’ll be kept on?
                             8.5                                                 7.0                                        6.0
1                                   10                  1                                     10              1                                 10

Good quality of work?                                   Reasonable hours?                                     Still there in five years’ time?
                    8.0                                                                8.3                                      6.3
1                                   10                  1                                     10              1                                 10

Good client contact?                                    Great social life?
                   7.8                                                            7.5                             If the firm were a car
1                                   10                  1                                     10                  it would be... BMW
                                                                                                                  Mini Cooper ‘a new
Helpful colleagues?                                     Friendly firm?                                            version of a classic with
                            8.3                                                         8.5                       one hell of a punch’
1                                   10                  1                                     10

The lowdown (in their own words...)

• Why did you choose this firm over any others? ‘I had a great                    • Best moment ‘Being selected to go on secondment’, ‘job satisfaction
  experience whilst on my summer vacation placement’, ‘quality of                   on completion of large transactions’, ‘attending a two-day murder
  training’, ‘I liked the size and atmosphere of the firm’, ‘its personality’,      trial with counsel, when there were no other solicitors from the firm
  ‘good quality of work for a medium-sized firm’, ‘the range of work                present’
                                                                                  • Worst moment ‘Sitting in court on a trial. The opposing QC was
• Best thing about the firm ‘The people’, ‘the supportive fee-earners’,             focusing on the “patent incompetence” of the person (ie me) who had
  ‘the feel of the place – it has a good atmosphere’, ‘its diversity’, ‘the         prepared a trial bundle – I had cut off half the page numbers in the
  range of work’                                                                    photocopying process’, ‘occasionally not having enough work’

• Worst thing about the firm ‘Limited choice of seats on offer at                 • NQ verdict: Our NQ respondents were content that the firm and its
  present’, ‘the office premises’, ‘not always enough work to do’                   training had lived up to their expectations. They were slightly less
                                                                                    happy with their qualification salaries than with their salaries as

152 • The Lex 100                                                                             Survey Methodology p25/average firm scores pp12-21
     The firm
     Kendall Freeman focuses on the core practice areas of insurance, litigation and corporate; clients are impressed by the firm’s
     approach of making a real effort to understand their businesses and strategy. The firm’s strong construction practice has made good
     progress recently and there is also an outstanding public international law capability.

     The star performers
     Top-ranking departments according to The Legal 500*
               Insurance and reinsurance litigation
               Local government
               Public international law

     The deals
     Advised on a portfolio of reinsurance policies, purchased by Lloyd’s syndicates and reinsured for $547m
     Acting for the Government of Nigeria on its recent boundary dispute with Cameroon before the International Court of Justice
     Acted for Lumbermens Mutual in relation to a £19m claim brought by Bovis under a contractor’s liability policy
     Completed in excess of $800m worth of innovative risk transfers in 2004

     The clients
     AXA Re
££   Government of Nigeria
     Governments in Asia and Africa
     Lloyd’s insurers and insurance companies

     The money
     Turnover: £18.9m*               Net income: £5.3m               Profit margin: 28%              Profits per equity partner: £267,000

     The Lex 100 verdict
     There seems to be a good atmosphere at Kendall Freeman and a real sense of teamwork amongst staff. The partners are supportive
     and encouraging towards trainees, and there is a good variety of work undertaken in a reasonably relaxed and stress-free
     environment. The firm is a Lex 100 Winner in two categories; in addition to commending the firm for managing their stress levels,
     current trainees have high levels of overall job satisfaction. There is also the opportunity to learn more about the firm’s key clients
     through industry secondments. The firm is small enough for trainees to feel that they can make a contribution, yet large enough to
     handle some important international work, especially for foreign governments. Some of its practice areas, like construction and
     property are also on the up – we recommend you keep an eye on Kendall Freeman, as chances are it will be making bigger waves
     in the future.

     *See for all firm rankings
     *See for full financial information                                                           The Lex 100 • 153
A day in the life of…
              Louisa Seddiki, trainee, Kendall Freeman

09.00am Arrive at office early to ensure          quick look at the Companies Act and               (the barrister’s) clerk to check his availability
that there are enough spare copies of the         manage to find the relevant provision             for our proposed directions hearing date and a
agenda for the corporate group’s bi-              quickly (research isn’t always this               conference (meeting) with Counsel prior to
monthly meeting. Everyone comments on             straightforward!). I ask my supervisor if he      this hearing. I phone the Companies Court to
transactions they are working on. It gives        wants a file note, but he asks me to print        ensure that they also have availability to hold
us all an insight into what the group as a        out the relevant provision instead.               the hearing on the same date.
whole is doing.
                                                  12.30pm Lunch with a couple of other
10.20am Start drafting letter to the              trainees. Decide we want a treat and go to          ‘I have had to draft the Terms of
Financial Services Authority (FSA) regarding      Konditor & Cook (they make the most                 Business Agreement without a
an insurance business transfer. The client is     delicious chocolate brownies!).                     standard precedent... it has
transferring all its insurance policies written
                                                                                                      made me think about the kinds
through its UK branch into a newly formed         1.30pm I’ve received an e-mail from another
UK subsidiary. The policyholders are              assistant, currently on secondment to a             of provisions needed.’
throughout the EEA and may need to be             reinsurance company in Paris, who wants me
notified of the transfer. I’ve been involved in   to find information concerning Trademark
the analysis of the portfolio and am now          Licence Agreements. I’m supposed to be            4.20pm Begin working on a Terms of
dealing with the FSA’s queries and providing      preparing documents for a completion              Business Agreement which I started last
details on the number of risks written and        meeting the following day, but have a quick       week. This is a document I have had to
the basis on which the client was permitted       look on PLC and our own precedents system. I      draft without using a standard precedent
to write the policies in each EEA jurisdiction.   find a couple of things that look useful and      and it has made me think about the kinds
                                                  send them to her. Back to preparing               of provisions that need to be included.
11.20am Trying to answer the FSA’s                completion file and ensuring all original
question regarding the definition of              documents are scanned onto our system so          6.10pm Stop work on the agreement. Pick
‘incidental risks’. This was discussed in our     we have copies for the transaction bible that I   up completion file for meeting tomorrow
conference call with the client the previous      will be compiling on completion.                  and check again that all documents are
week but I’m not sure if my definition is                                                           there. My supervisor runs through
accurate. I ask the assistant on the case,        3.30pm Completion file prepared! My               everything again and asks me to make sure
who helps me amend it slightly.                   supervisor runs through what will happen          I get to work early tomorrow to make sure
                                                  at the completion meeting, which I will be        I’m fully prepared in case any changes are
11.30am My supervisor asks me if I can do         attending tomorrow.                               made to the documents at the last minute.
some quick research. This is about the
circumstances in which a company Director         4.00pm Now that the letter has been               6.30pm Leave the office.
is exempted from the requirement of               drafted and we are getting a better idea of
publishing his residential address. I have a      timing on the transaction, I phone Counsel’s

154 • The Lex 100
About the firm
Address: 43 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1JU                      APPLICATION PROCESS
Telephone: 020 7556 4414
Fax: 020 7716 3683                                            Apply to: Marisa Barber/Ann Robson.

Website:                               How: Online application form.
                                                              When: By 31 July 2006.
Total partners: 21
Other fee-earners: 37                                         What’s involved: Brief assessment followed by interview
Total trainees: 17                                            with partners.

Who we are: London-based firm handling high-value and
complex transactions and disputes for clients in the          FACTS AND FIGURES
insurance and reinsurance markets, banks, corporates
and the public sector.                                        Trainee places available for 2008: 8

What we do: Our eight main practice areas are commercial      Applications received pa: 500 approx
litigation, construction, corporate, employment, energy
and offshore engineering, insolvency,                         Percentage interviewed: 15%
insurance/reinsurance, international law.

What we’re looking for: Bright, energetic individuals         SALARY
with strong interpersonal skills who want to excel in their
careers. We are also looking for our future partners.         First year: £29,000 (September 2005)

What you’ll do: The training contract is divided into four    Second year: £32,500 (September 2005)
seats in different practice areas. Trainees are involved
with clients form the outset. PSCs provided.                  NQ: £50,000 (September 2005)

Perks: 25 days’ holiday; private medical scheme; season
ticket loan; gym membership.                                  VACATION SCHEMES

                                                              Summer: July 2006
                                                                      (apply by 28 February 2006)

                                                              Open days: June 2006
                                                                         (apply by 12 May 2006)

                                                                                                     The Lex 100 • 155