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									HPYC                   e-BEACON                 July 2010




 Page 2       From the Editor                     Page 2      ‘Welcome New Members

 Page 3       ‘Gentlemen off to Ramsgate!’        Page 3      Forthcoming Events

 Page 4-6     From the Bridge                     Page 7      From the Mess Deck

 Page 8       Racing                              Page 9-10   Cruising

 Page 11-12   Power Festival details

 HPYC                    e-BEACON                 July 2010

                                 FROM THE EDITOR

If you are thinking of cruising over the weekend 30th July to 1st August, please be aware of
the Power Boat festival taking place at Harwich, details are at the back of this e-Beacon.

Loads of Regattas taking place up and down the east coast, posted on the notice board in
the Club, one in particular is mentioned in this Beacon, which is Ramsgate week 16-21

Copy Date for August edition – 5th August 2010

Martine Clayton
Club Secretary & Administrator

Front Page: Rowing races at the Fun Day

Welcome to New Members:-

           Terence & Carole Marner
           Peter Hart & Karin Ross-Hart, Emily & Lucy
           Michael & Lynda McKenna
           Stephen Griffiths
           David Armitage

It is with sadness that we have to report the passing of Ian Palgrave-Brown, ‘Ilmator II’,
who was an honorary and long standing member of HPYC. His funeral is taking place on
Monday at Marham, Norfolk; exact details are unknown at this time.

Des Cowan
Vice Commodore

 HPYC                      e-BEACON                   July 2010

Gentlemen off to Ramsgate!
A revolution is taking place in Yacht racing and it is the resurgence of ‘Gentleman's Cruising
Yachts’ - Classes 5 and 6 call it what you will. It is what it says on the tin, it’s sailing, racing
to a degree and having fun with spinnakers or not. We have our own Wednesday Evening
Lightship Series there are the Club Handicap starts for Autumn and Spring Series and many
HPYC boats enjoyed class 5/6 at the recent Felixstowe Regatta.
The hum-dinger of them all is Ramsgate Week and its seems that at least three club boats
will going. David Howes has gone for the last three years and thinks it the best thing since
sliced bread. "It is not so much the winning but absorbing the whole experience!" says
David who will be there for a fourth year along with possibly fifty (yes fifty) others. Why not
join him?
Ramsgate Week 16th to 21st August 2010 (there is even a class 7 for slower boats without
spinnakers) www.rtyc.com/ramsgateweek.htm

                                FORTH COMING EVENTS

          9th/10th/11th July           Squibs – Spears Perpetual Pot

          10th-11th July               Cruise to Titchmarsh

          24th-25th July               Cruise to Osea (see separate sheet attached to e-mail)

          30th July – 1st August       Power Festival at Harwich

          7th – 8th August             Cruise to Lowestoft

          14th – 22nd August           Cruise to London

          28th/29th/30th August        Cruise to Tollesbury & Brightlingsea

          16-21st August               Ramsgate Week

HPYC                    e-BEACON                 July 2010

                                 FROM THE BRIDGE

So far so good on the weather front then, but perhaps I shouldn’t mention it as it will now
change. But we have been blessed with very good weather for all the major events that
have taken place over the last month. The Suffolk Yacht Harbour classic regatta started
the festivities in June and the weather gave us just enough wind and some sun without it
being too hot. This most enjoyable event now in its ninth year was again a great success,
mostly thanks to the efforts of Jonathan Dyke. It was however a little regrettable that it
was England’s first match in the world cup, and this meant that the evening’s
entertainment was a little quieter then we had hoped for, however a few small changes
are being planned for next year’s tenth anniversary regatta.

June is also a busy month for Club Racing, and again this year the Wednesday evening
Lightship Series was well supported. As there were five Wednesday’s in June this year the
last week meant we were able to hold a pursuit race, this was a new innovation for the
club, and going by the comments in the club after the racing, everyone seemed to have
had a good time. Also as part of the Family Fun Weekend we held the David Lewis and
Elusive Trophy early on the Saturday morning and the Lady Helm and Junior Helm on the
Sunday, with the team on Fatjax winning most of the prizes, but using various helms

In June we also held our Family Fun Day, and I do believe this was even better than last
year, with more people taking part in a wider variety of events. A particular favourite with
the younger members was the bottle boat competition, led by the Vice Commodore’s
mammoth ship, which we must add, capsized on its first launching. Never mind Des
there’s always next year. Other events that did much better this year were the water
skiing, which kept Stuart busy until nearly dusk, and the clay pigeon shooting which
entertained almost fifty of us during the afternoon. The evening’s entertainment was again
provided by Ed and Will Harvey and their friend Tom. Although some members thought
the party went on until the small hours, I can assure you that everything was packed up
and quiet by quarter past eleven. My thanks to all those who made the day such a
success, and we are eagerly looking forward to next year’s Family Fun Day.

Then it was the turn of the Felixstowe Regatta, and once again the weather was almost
perfect, with just the light winds on the Saturday morning making life a little difficult for
the race officer. The evening entertainment which was organised by Pete Martin included
a Jazz band playing on the top deck of the Lightship and Pete’s own version of the adult
bouncy castle. Later a rock band played until midnight, and a few sore heads took to the
water on Sunday for the final day’s racing. Well done to the HPYC ‘A’ team for winning the
regatta team prize, and a special well done to Fatjax for winning the regatta. I must also
mention Will Harvey, who entered his tiny Pandora in class six, and won the spirit of the
event trophy, well done Will.

HPYC                  e-BEACON            July 2010

The Start of race 4

Fatjax above, and Will Harvey and his Pandora below.

HPYC                    e-BEACON                 July 2010
The weekend just past saw quite a large mixed fleet of cruising boats head for Titchmarsh
Marina and enjoy a barbeque in the well kept ground of the marina, once again the
weather was just perfect and apart from Cajola’s gear box the week end was a great
success. Our thanks to Haley Dosser, for taking the time to organise things, this is never
an easy job, especially when some people don’t put their names down and just turn up, or
do put their names on the list and don’t turn up. Now I know the weather can play a big
part in your decision to sail or stay at home, but can I please ask members to have a little
consideration for the event organisers, who work under very difficult circumstances.

                                                        Who had the biggest sausage?

                                                        Did I tell you the one about
                                                        the vicar and the sausage?

You can make up your own caption
to this one.
Enjoy the rest of this wonderful

Bob Browne

HPYC                   e-BEACON                 July 2010
                              FROM THE MESS DECK

The event in June, in which the Social Section was much involved, was of course the
Family Fun Day. For the second year running we were blessed with absolutely splendid
weather. The shore events commenced at 11 o’clock with a favourite of the children - the
Crabbing Competition. This year I understand that fourteen families took part compared
with half that number last year. At the same time as the Crabbing and continuing into the
afternoon, a new event for the children took place - Bottle Boat Building. This proved very
popular with the youngsters and led to much excitement later in the afternoon when the
boats were launched and raced. The Side-Shows commenced at lunchtime and continued
into the afternoon with players showing their skill by knocking down the Cans, displaying
their knowledge in the Photo-Fit competition or trying their luck with the Treasure Hunt.
The eventual winner of the Photo-Fit Competition was the Carter-Jonas family and Alex
Lathwell won the Treasure Hunt. The Water Activities during the afternoon were not only
popular with the youngsters taking part but were also a great spectator event. The
extremely hot weather late in the afternoon unfortunately deterred those who would
otherwise have taken part in the Boules Competition. People were happy to sit in the
shade and take advantage of the refreshments, provided by the lady club members, or to
watch the amusing Kiddies Fancy Dress Competition. Finally, we were splendidly fed and
entertained during the evening by Ivan’s Barbeque and the music of Will and Ed.

                                                 Bottle Boat Construction

                                                   Winner of the Fancy Dress Competition

Members of the Social Committee will now be enjoying a break for July and August,
recharging their batteries by cruising locally or to more distant coasts. A varied
programme of social events is then planned from September to the end of the year.
Dave Taylor
Rear Commodore (Social)
(01394 448218)
email:- dwtaylor@rya-online.net
HPYC                   e-BEACON                 July 2010


Update to last months Update!

It is such a busy time of year that we need to add to the recent update (e-beacon June).
The Classic Regatta at SYH was another resounding success. Although organised by SYH
we as a club provide the race management (thanks Mr Commodore and team) and the
On the same weekend the Beneteau Cup was held in the Harwich Harbour area and on
the River Orwell and the fleet ended up at Fox's who hosted the event. It was a great
success for our members who took part with Bill and Marion Southgate (Mazza - First
31.7) winning with John and Lynne Woodhouse on board and Gerald Unwin (Janine -
Beneteau 350) coming second with Penny and Michael on board - well done as some 40
boats took part. We have had members all over the show and I apologise for those I
miss. For example, Kiss has been to Medemblik in Holland for the X35 Europeans and
finished mid-fleet. Silver Gull, Hysterix and Bule Gila travelled south for the "Round the
Island" race along with over 1500 others and I am sure they had a good time but will
struggle to get in top prizes due to the nature of the event.
Paul Brant and Jan have been racing to Devon, France and Ireland whilst coming fourth in
the Royal Torquay Yachting Monthly Triangle Race, a great result.
We have now had Family fun day so our Junior Helm is Sophia, our Lady Hem is
Jacqueline and the winner of the David Lewis Trophy was Iain, all with the surname
Kirkpatrick and sailing Fatjax. The winner of the Elusive Trophy was Gerald Unwin sailing
The five weeks of June have given great racing on Wednesday evenings. The four race
series has been won by Monkey Business and the fun packed pursuit race on the final
evening provided a headache for the mathematicians but a win for Cloud Nine. Roger
Harvey is kindly giving a trophy for this race and the Commodore’s sanction of £100 to be
donated to a charity of the winner’s choice - the RNLI.
The Felixstowe Regatta has just taken place, you may have heard it! It was a sun kissed
event. The Club faired well with Fatjax, Double Jeopardy, Bonne Affair and Juniper of Ore
winning their classes but the star of the event was Will Harvey who organised his Pandora
Pandemonium, his crew and himself to walk away with an armful of prizes - well done
Away form Levington again in the East Anglian Offshore, Spirit faired well in the week in
Holland and over half the fleet were HPYC boats. The fantastic news is that after that the
current standing of the season long series have our very own Cosmic Dancer III on the
very top!!!! It has been a while since an HPYC has led EAORA. Russell and his team also
won the recent Haven Series Britannia Race to Lowestoft and Rodney Mower with Stolen
Kiss came a credible second.
I think that is all for a while.

Peter Martin
Sailing Secretary

HPYC                   e-BEACON                 July 2010


The weather forecast for the Club’s annual cruise to Burnham on Crouch was unsettled.
This discouraged most of those planning to join us. In the event, the five boats who went
found the conditions quite fun. The beat down the Wallet fetched the Spitway buoy. One
tack took us across to Whitaker and back again to make the Crouch. Drinks on board,
followed by a meal in the Swallowtail rounded off a very satisfactory day. Sunday saw 34
knots of wind in the Crouch as we motored down to Fambridge for Sunday lunch at the
Ferryboat. Conditions were so bumpy we picked up buoys and were ferried ashore by the
boatman. £5 return per boat seemed like a bargain. Conditions had settled down for
return home on the bank holiday Monday. A reach and beat took us to Walton before we
were headed off Walton and resorted to the ‘iron topsail’. Our thanks are due to Chris and
Pam on Free Spirit of Orwell for organising the trip. Deciding to go rather than reverting
to ‘plan B’ was a difficult decision but sometimes, more challenging weather forecasts can
result in the most memorable outings as proved to be the case.

The planned cruise to West Mersea had to be cancelled as the ferry was not available.
Never-the-less, four boats sailed to Bradwell meeting up for the usual, and always
enjoyable, drinks on board. The Rear Commodore distinguished himself by splashing red
wine over his guests, but everyone else was well behaved.

Looking ahead, Bill and Marion’s cruise to Osea is now booking. This should be good fun
as we anchor off the island and are ferried ashore for our barbecue. John Hall is
emerging in his day boat from Tollesbury to do the honours. A flyer for this event is on
the cruising section of the Lightship notice board but if you would like a copy just send a
quick e-mail to halcyonxiv@gmail.com

Mike Perkins
Rear Commodore Sailing

HPYC                    e-BEACON                   July 2010

                                 HPYC Cruise to London
                               14 August - 22nd August 2010

Chris and Pam on Free Spirit of Orwell invite you to join us on a cruise to London. The
plan will be to leave HPYC on the morning of the 14th, taking the tide down to
Queenborough on the Medway, stay overnight on the available moorings, those who have
a dinghy can go ashore to the local pub, and then take the flood tide next day to cruise up
the Thames to Limehouse Basin.
For those of you haven’t been into Limehouse Basin before, having a small lock with less
traffic, it is much easier to get into (and cheaper) than St Katherine’s dock and the
friendly staff are there waiting to take your lines. It also has a waiting pontoon outside the
lock gate on the starboard side of the river. It is situated three minutes walk from
Limehouse station on the Docklands Light railway, bus stops just around the corner for
central London and within walking distance of Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf offers a range
of entertainments, bars, restaurants and M & S and Waitrose. The Regents Canal flows
into the basin and it is possible to walk, via the canal, to Little Venice and on to Camden

We intend to return on the 22nd August, should you wish to stay for a shorter or longer
period you are welcome to do so, but please let us know as we have to book berths. As
the Basin has limited visitor’s space, we have provisionally booked 12 berths. We need to
have definite numbers by the 31st July. We regret that we cannot take any bookings
after that date. Cruise detail will be sent out after this date, or for any further information
contact Chris Field 01473 327962 or email chris.field@fsmail.net

HPYC   e-BEACON        July 2010

HPYC   e-BEACON        July 2010


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