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									            Intro to BPG

                 Overview of simulation
          Briefing on company organization task

BA 490C                   Intro to BPG             1
The BPG simulation: An opportunity
 To bring together the knowledge & skills from
    each CBA discipline to
         Apply strategic management concepts
         Integrate the decisions of each area to
          achieve organizational effectiveness
         See how the decisions of one function affect
          the performance of others and the entire firm
         Appreciate the importance of each function to
          successful operation of the business

BA 490C                     Intro to BPG                  2
Simulation overview
 A business competition among teams in your
  World (section)
 Each company manufactures and sells a
  consumer durable product in 4 market areas,
  e.g., toaster, inside/outside thermometer, etc.
 Your product directly competes with the
  products of other companies for consumer $
 Each firm makes quarterly decisions on
  marketing, production, and finance

BA 490C               Intro to BPG                  3
Simulation overview--continued
 The BPG then simulates the competitive
  results based on the decision input, and
 Produces quarterly reports for the industry
  and your company
 Your access to the BPG program is through
  CITRIX on the CBA site
         Need your CBA password (See BA11 if you
          don’t recall it.)
         Off-site access requires that you download the
          CITRIX client—an easy task

BA 490C                     Intro to BPG               4
Decision form

BA 490C         Intro to BPG   5
Tools to know how you are doing
 Financial statements
    Summary industry and competitor data
    Your company’s financial statements
       Income

       Balance sheet

       Cash Flow

 Operating reports for industry and company
 ProScore
    Shows performance relative to other teams
    Is basis for team grades at the end of the competition

BA 490C                    Intro to BPG                       6
Industry report
A summary of the operating reports of each
  company in the Industry
 Financial market data
 Real GDP data
 Exchange rate forecast
 Financial performance & condition of each
 Sales, market share, pricing, & product
BA 490C              Intro to BPG             7
Company operating reports
   A detailed report of financial, marketing, and production results for
      your company--available only to you
    Income statement
    Cash flow analysis
    Balance sheet
    Production cost analysis
    Output, inventory, & sales analysis
    Standard cost per unit
    Sales force analysis
    Latest decision inputs

BA 490C                          Intro to BPG                         8
ProScore report

 Click for Sample ProScore report

BA 490C              Intro to BPG    9
Your challenge
 Organize your team to be successful
 Develop mission, objectives, strategies, policies and plans for
    your company
   Do individual tasks
   Coordinate your work
   Manage (control) your performance
      Estimate results
      Measure actual results vs. your estimate & react
   Monitor competitive position & performance
      Understand why others do things better
      Identify how you can do better
      Reassess/confirm strategy

BA 490C                        Intro to BPG                         10
Performance evaluation
     Competency tasks—Team tasks for from 10-40 points
             Sales order forecast
             Product cost
             Capacity evaluation
             Justification for investments in capital
             Cash planning
             Operational statement analysis
             Financial statement analysis
             Competitive analysis
     Management tasks—Team tasks for from 40 to 100 points
             Strategic planning: mission, overall objectives, business strategy
             Strategic management: hierarchy of objectives, strategies, and policies
             Control: analysis of financial and operating results, determine need for
              operational and/or strategic change; then, implement the changes
     Competitive results
             Multiple dimensions of financial results, many of which are driven by net income
             Cash management: investing cash wisely and avoiding emergency loans

BA 490C                                       Intro to BPG                                  11
Peer evaluations
 Individual grades for team assignments may differ greatly from
  the team’s grade depending on peer inputs.
 Peer evaluations are confidential; they become the property of
  the instructor and will not be divulged to team members.
 Additionally, the following factors may affect individual grades
  for team work.
         Non-participating team members, i.e., those whose names are
          not listed by a team on the submitted copy of an assignment,
          receive no credit.
         Teams may terminate their association with members whose
          contribution is unsatisfactory; however, they must do so
          professionally and obtain the instructor’s prior approval.
         Students terminated from a team will be dealt with on an
          individual basis, with at least a one-letter grade penalty.

BA 490C                           Intro to BPG                           12
BPG resources—from web site
 BPG manual. View the pdf version of the Players'
  Manual or additional sources.
 BPG simulation
         Instructions to access your company's work folder and
          templates through Citrix or the I drive
         BPG Tutorial from the author of the simulation
         Introduction to BPG initial decisions
         Instructions for Saving history reports
         Items affected by exchange rate fluctuations
         Key to history report file names
         Sales forecast blank form
BA 490C                        Intro to BPG                       13
        Team organization & decision
        responsibilities        Due Wednesday
                                                                         •Team roles
                                                                         •Operational decision

                                                  VP Marketing & Sales
                               CFO                                                VP Production

Position               CEO                 CFO                   VP Marketing &       VP Production
                             Wednesday: Team roles due by email
decisions         Wednesday: Indicate responsible person in cells on decision form

                             Next week: Strategic decisions for each role
BPG manual
expertise         Next week: Specify general and expert manual knowledge expectations by role.

        BA 490C                                   Intro to BPG                                    14

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