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Launched in 2009, the Information Systems, Project Management and Management Sciences
headed by Dr. Jyoti Choudrie will form part of the Business School, University of Hertfordshire
and provide research work, and consultancy in a wide range of subjects encompassed within
Information Systems, Project Management and Management Science. We will, if provided
with an opportunity, offer as other units, a suite of short courses in Management Science,
Change Management, Web 2.0 applications and Information Systems. These courses could
be open to the general public or provide bespoke training courses to organisations.

Head of the unit

Dr Jyoti Choudrie

Key Unit Members

Dr. M.R. Lebcir
Ms. A. Bond
Mrs. H. Wells
Dr. M. Cubric
Mr. M. Herman
Mr. H. Hayseni
Dr. C. Tofalis
Dr. P. Taylor
Prof. C. Haslam
Dr. N. Tsitsianis
Dr. E. Lee
Dr. S. Grey
Dr. G. Hollinshead
Dr. C. Forson
Mr. U. Emeoji
Mr. N. J. Khan
Mr. N. Greenley
Mr. H. Al-Zaabi
Mr. A. Vyas
Mr. T. Voros

Aims of the unit

The unit aims:

       To carry out Information Systems research focused upon businesses and public
        sector organisations operating in a variety of sectors.
       To develop research that addresses links between Project Management, Information
        Systems and Organisations
       To undertake qualitative and quantitative Information Systems, , and Project
        Management research, which could encompass case studies, interviews,
        ethnography and econometric studies
       To offer process change and simulation modelling research that impacts many
        important and current topics of research
       To undertake research involving applications of Management Science techniques to
        organisations in the private and public sectors.
       To integrate management science and information systems in theoretical and applied
        research projects.
       To carry out statistical research in IS, PM and MS (in a collaborative capacity) and
        consultancy for other Centres/Units/Departments of the University of Hertfordshire.
       To offer statistical training in IS, PM, and MS via short courses to organisations and
        individuals from businesses and public sector organisations operating in a variety of
       To promote research in IS, PM and MS areas to degree and research students in UH
        BS, through seminars, workshops and dissertations.
       To network with similar groups at the national and international level and promote the
        culture of sharing, collaboration and “collective intelligence”
       To work with local SMEs in developing opportunities for research dissemination and
        collaboration with industry

Research themes

The units research themes include:

       Information Systems Development
       Usage-E-Government
       Adoption and Implementation-ICTs
       Case Studies
       Process Modelling
       Qualitative Research
       Quantitative Research
       Human Computer Interaction
       Data Collection
       Data Management
       Survey Design
       Data Analysis
       (ICTs)Information and Communication Technologies
       Culture and gender-Silver Surfer research
       Testing for Randomness Agile Adoption
       Web Science
       Semantic Web
       Optimisation
       Simulation Modelling
       System Dynamics
       Forecasting
       Problem Structuring Methods
       Stochastic Processes
       New Product Development
       Project Management
       Operations Management
       Quality Management
       Supply Chain Management

Indicative Research and Consultancy Projects

Indicative research and consultancy projects, that the unit has been involved in include:

       Using adoption, usage and implementation theories with simulation to determine the
        impact of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for Procare Building
        Services a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)
       Evaluating the Adoption, Implementation and Usage of Information Systems for
        Heales Medical a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise
       Developing and Implementing an Information System within a Third Sector
        Organisation (Southend-on-Sea-YMCA).
       Investigating links between Project Management and Teaching and Learning within
        Higher Education Institutions.
       Organising a BMAF led event on teaching agile business development within
        business schools.
       A consultancy led project in China on Electronic Government
       Developing a proposal focused upon the role of gender upon IS diffusion in
        collaboration with HR colleagues (Dr. S. Grey and Dr. G. Hollinshead)
       Developing a proposal for Leverhulme.
       Using an innovation diffusion theory and technology acceptance models to explore
        tacit and explicit knowledge aspects of the web-based approaches to organisational
        learning. In particular use of semantic web technologies and Web2.0 applications for
        discovering, structuring and managing organisational knowledge. Usage sampling to
        be performed in the context of University of Hertfordshire organisation, as well as
        local SMEs.
       Considering the role of Virtual Communication on new Outsourcing destinations
       Supervising MSc students from Dubai
       Being a member of the external team developing FP7 ICT proposal on new ICT
        technologies for organisational learning addressing the following area from the call:
        “Reinforcement of the links between individual and organisational learning, and
        creativity: innovative solutions embedding learning experiences in organisational
        processes and practices,”
       JISC Innovation projects
       Capacity planning for the health services in the UK.
       Project Management for New Product Development Projects.
       The Modelling of infectious diseases in the Russian Federation

Indicative publications

(2009) Choudrie, J., Ghinea, G. and Wisal, J. Evaluating the Usability of Developing
Countries E-Government Sites: A User Perspective. Electronic Government: An International

(2009) Choudrie, J., Grey, S. and Selamat, M.H. Meta-Abilities and Outsourcing: An Individual
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Computer Simulation Model to Examine HIV and Tuberculosis: The Russian Federation.
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Electronic Government: An International Journal

(2009) Lebcir RM, Atun RA, Coker RJ. “System Dynamic simulation of treatment policies to
address colliding epidemics of tuberculosis, drug resistant tuberculosis, and injecting drug
users driven HIV in Russia”. Journal of the Operational Research Society (Accepted for
Publication, In Press)
(2009) Lebcir RM “Project Complexity in New Product Development (NPD) Projects: A
Conceptual Framework”. International Journal of Product Development (Accepted subject to
minor revision)

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