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Unity Tidings



                                    Unity Tidings
                                    Unity Church of Edmonton, A Spiritual Community

                                    Leadership Report by Bill Trainor

                                     O      ur church experience is
                                            unfolding remarkably well.
                                                                          sciousness more and more to
                                                                          the Christ Consciousness, which
                                                                                                                these activities are really the
                                                                                                                actions of the Christ Spirit within
                                     The Sunday services are inspiring    is the Presence of God within us.     everyone, whether or not we
                                     and the changes in format seem       We are always one with God,           are aware of that.
                                     to be appreciated by the congre-     but we are often unaware of this
                                     gation. Our speakers and facili-     Truth.                                We, on our spiritual paths, know
                                     tators are becoming more com-                                              of this Christ Light within every-
                                     fortable in their roles. This adds   Our Christmas Candlelight Ser-        one. We embrace it as a bless-
                                     a certain “oomph” which no           vice is ready for December 21.        ing as we approach the end of
                                     doubt is Spirit in action.           By the time you read this news-       another year, 2010. The gift of
                                                                          letter, you will probably have        the kingdom of God within is the
                                     Ten new members have been            attended it. It will be different     greatest gift ever given. As we
                                     approved since Unity of Edmon-       this year, consisting of “miracle     meditate on this gift within us,
                                     ton began operating under the        stories” and a lot of singing.        we will be able to embrace the
                                     direction of the Worship Com-                                              New Year of 2011 with enthusi-
                                     mittee in mid-September.             A fundamental reason for the          asm. Eric Butterworth said,
                                                                          existence of a church like Unity      “There is a new world awaiting
                                     The beautiful singing of the choir   of Edmonton is the teaching of        you; a new level of life is open to
                                     during the Advent season also        truth. With that in mind, I am        you, and a new experience of the
                                     contributed to the boost in vital-   exploring the possibility of teach-   dynamism of truth”. What a
     Spiritual focus for             ity. It seems so appropriate for     ing some truth classes in the         wonderful way to enter the New
                                     the church to have choir partici-    New Year. I would appreciate          Year!
                                     pation in the services. I think it   any suggestions as to areas of
            Faith                    would be great if the choir could    interest that you may have.
Faith blesses my day and paves my    extend its participation beyond
               way.                  the Advent season.                   Christmas is a time when we see
                                                                          many more expressions of love
                                     During Advent, the four Sundays      than we usually do. We see
     Spiritual focus for             immediately preceding Christ-        people exchanging gifts. We see
          February                   mas, we remind ourselves to          people preparing and delivering
          Strength                   prepare for the blessings of         Christmas hampers to the needy.
                                     Christmas by lighting a new can-     We see family reunions and
I have the strength to accomplish
      all that is mine to do.        dle on the Advent wreath each        friendship visits. We see the joy,
                                     Sunday. On Christmas, we light       the excitement, the sparkle, the
                                     the Christ candle, all symbolizing   vitality, the expectancy and the
                                     the opening up of our own con-       enthusiasm of children. All of
Page 2
                                 Unity Tidings
                                 Fun-raising! Events at Unity by Diane Cherwonka
                                                                        and delightful play with a meaning-        Feature film for Friday, January
                                                                        ful message. For those who missed              28th: Play the Game
                                                                        it, we will be bringing it back again     In this romantic comedy, a self-
                                                                        next year.                                described ladies man shares his
                                                                        Upcoming Events: On Friday, Janu-
                                                                                                                  dating tricks with Joe his heart-
                                                                        ary 28th, 2011, we will have a pot-       broken widowed grandfather.
So many people contrib-                                                 luck and movie night.                     Joe gets mixed up in a love
uted to Unity’s success                                                                                           triangle while David strikes out
and stability in the past                                               In February, I would like to have a       with the girl of his dreams.
four months. There are           Agnnes Krawecks’ presentation          ‘Funraising’ fundraiser and am            Will the would-be Don Juans
many to thank, many to           was fascinating and exciting.          looking for volunteers to work at         discover the real secret about
whom we owe a debt of            Around 22 people attended the          developing a dinner/theatre and           romance?
gratitude. If I listed all of    talk. Agnnes is a dynamic speaker      music festival: a talent night.
you who have given so            with lots of information to share.
                                 The discussion afterwards was          Watch for the sign up sheet. Date
much time and effort, I’d
                                 lively and people left with a          to be determined by committee.
be afraid of leaving             greater sense of how our brains
someone out, and I               work and how thoughts affect our       A few people have suggested a
really wouldn’t want to          lives. We hope to have Agnnes          social night or a social club be
do that.                         back again.                            started. Look for a sign up if you
Still, there are people                                                 are interested in either. May all be
whose efforts have pro-          Niles Journey was delightful. Four-    blessed with a fun-filled holiday
vided such a strong              teen adults and fourteen children      season and may laughter and joy
foundation for Unity—            attended. Thanks and heartfelt         follow everyone in the New Year!
                                 appreciation to Cindy and Lynette
we are grateful.
                                 for sharing their wonderful talents
The Welcome Team
headed by Anne Makarus
The Hospitality Team
headed by Jane Chese-
                                Three Radically Simple Zen Lessons by Marc Lesser
Unity Advent Choir
Lorraine Kempton
                                There is a story from 13th cen-        lectually challenging, or at least        ments, act decisively, plan, strive
Kelly Murphy
                                tury Japan about Dogen, the foun-      stimulating. Instead, what we get         — all with a sense of letting go?
Ann Campbell                    der of Zen in Japan. As a young        is:                                       Gentle-heartedness. “I can’t help
Vello Reili                     man he had a variety of burning        1) He came back empty handed;             but think of the Dalai Lama quote
Bill Trainor                    questions about life and death and     2) gentle-heartedness; and                “My true religion is kind-
Pam Muirhead                    how to live a profoundly meaning-      3) eyes are horizontal, nose is           ness.” He could have also said,
Laura Hannett                   ful and beneficial life. He couldn’t   vertical.                                 “My true religion is gentle-
Dale Ladouceur                  find anyone in all of Japan who        Perhaps, there are some lessons           heartedness.” How can we prac-
John Wichuk                     could adequately answer his ques-      here, for us, in this place and this      tice gentle-heartedness in the
George Sellmer                  tions, so he ventured across the       time that we can apply to our             midst of a world filled with diffi-
                                ocean and traveled to China,           lives, eight centuries later:             culty, and violence, poverty, and
Linda Windel
                                where Zen was flourishing at the       Empty handed. We are born empty           great disparity? Or perhaps asked
Terry Syvenky                   time. Upon his return from China       -handed, and we will die empty-           differently, how can we not prac-
Lillian Upright                 he was asked:                          handed. How simple and freeing,           tice gentle-heartedness?
Diane Cherwonka                 “What did you bring back from          the practice of emptying, the prac-       Eyes are horizontal, nose is vertical.
Jean Wiley                      China to Japan?”                       tice of letting go: of what we ex-        Such a simple, obvious observa-
Delia Vaughan                   He said, “I came back empty-           pect and of the things we think we        tion. So obvious, we often miss it,
                                handed.”                               need. Our minds want some kind            don’t notice our own eyes and
We thank you and we             “What did you learn?”                  of map, some assurance. We want           nose, our own breath and body.
bless you for all you do.       “Not much, except gentle-              something solid, some protection.         The smile of a child. We are too
                                heartedness,” he responded.            Letting go, to me, is the opposite        busy; have much more important
                                “And,” he added, “I learned that       of avoiding. So often we avoid            things to do. What if we pause,
                                eyes are horizontal, nose is verti-    what is difficult in our lives. Letting   and notice, with everyone we see,
                                cal.”                                  go means to face and experience           everyone we meet — each per-
                                We expect that this great Zen          the difficulties, and the joys of our     son is just like us — eyes hori-
                                teacher, the founder of Zen in         lives fully and directly, without         zontal, nose vertical. What if we
                                Japan would have some profound         getting all worked up about out-          just appreciate these eyes, this
                                teaching, insights, something intel-   comes. How do we make commit-             nose, this amazing life?
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       Worship Committee Report by Bill Trainor                                                                                  Regular Events
                                                                                                                                       at Unity

T    he Worship Committee is a thoughtful, dedicated and enthusiastic group and it is a pleasure to be part
     of it.
Music is an important part of our services and under Dale’s direction the variety, blending and coordination
                                                                                                                            Conversation Café

                                                                                                                       Join us every Tuesday from
has been great. Since this is a work in progress, we can expect to see more developments.                          1:00 to 2:30 pm for coffee, tea,
                                                                                                                      goodies and great conversa-
Perhaps our biggest achievement recently has been the planning of the December 21 Christmas Candlelight                       tion around spiritual
Service program at our December 6 meeting. Briefly, the service will consist of seven short inspirational sto-                              topics.
ries, delivered by seven different individuals and followed by eight songs, one following each story. Candle                 Everyone is welcome!
lighting will accompany each story and the service will end with the entire congregation participating in candle
lighting and singing. The service will be followed by a lunch of baked goods, appetizers and beverages.                 Silent Unity Prayer &
The committee has developed the following schedule of speakers and facilitators until March 6, 2011:                             November 2nd
                                                                                                                            and December 7th
Date                Topic                                   Facilitator                   Speaker                      The first Tuesday of every
                                                                                                                           month from 12:10 to
December 26         Christmas Message                       Paula                         Bill                                           12:50pm.
January 2           Personal Powerlessness                  Laura                         Pam                      A time of centering prayer and
January 9           Surrender                               Pam                           Terry                                  silence together.
January 16          Inner Change                            Terry                         Bill
January 23          God As Mind                             Pam                           Laura
January 30          Law of Mind Action                      Lillian                       Pam
February 6          Power of the Spoken Word                Terry                         Bill
February 13         I Am                                    Pam                           Laura
February 20         Release and Affirmation                 Laura                         Terry
February 27         Moving into Action                      Pam                           Bill
March 6             Faith                                   Terry                         Faith

The committee also did an informal feedback evaluation of the performance of the speakers and facilitators
with a view to improving performance.

Treasurer’s Corner by Vello Reili

                                                                          October           November

                                   Ministry Income                        5,705.68          3,210.40
                                   Other Income                           3,055.83          1,029.35
                                   Total Expenses                         5,292.08          4,116.48
                                   Monthly Net Income                     3,469.43            123.27
                                   Year-to-Date Net Income                -4,175.55         -4,052.28

                      As you can see from the above numbers, our Sunday donations (Ministry Income) are
                      nearly, but not quite, covering our expenses. What is helping us move towards positive
territory is Other Income.

In October, the AUCC repaid some of our convention expenses, Non-Ministry classes and a workshop added
some more and book sales provided the balance for a total of $3,055.

In November, Non-Ministry classes and book sales helped by $1,029.

As of the end of November, we still have $4,052 to go before we can break even for the year. Can we do it,
or will we have to rely on our Operating Reserve for help? Miracle are possible, especially at this time of the

Our regular tithe went to the AUCC and the International Association and the varying component to the
Youth Emergency Shelter Society.

I send you my Love, Gratitude and Blessings for the Holy Days and New Year.
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                                           Why Random Acts of Kindness Are So Important
                                           By Ed and Deb Shapiro

                                                              Perhaps it is the use of the world random that     that he had created a chain of giving that had
                                                              is misleading, and that it would be easier if we   not only continued all that day but had been
                                                              used the word spontaneous or impulsive in-         highlighted on NBC News and within twenty-
                                                              stead. Spontaneity means we are acting on an       four hours had spread around the world on
                                                              impulse, in the moment, freely; particularly,      the Internet.
                                                              that we are moved to do something for
                                                                                                                 Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of
                                                              someone without any thought of receiving
                                                                                                                 kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical
                                                              something in return. Such behavior is surely
                                                                                                                 end. –Scott Adams
                                                              the ground of a healthy and joyful society,
                                                              where we happily give of ourselves to help         Can you imagine a world where no one gave
                                                              another and such an act is happily received.       to each other? Where we all just looked after
         We first heard the saying practice random acts
                                                                                                                 our own needs and ignored everyone else’s?
         of kindness and senseless acts of beauty, many       What stops us from acting this way? Invariably
                                                                                                                 This would surely be a miserable place to live,
         years ago when we were at Findhorn, the well         it is our insecurities, lack of self-esteem and
                                                                                                                 for ultimately, whether spontaneous or
         -known spiritual community in Scotland. It           self-love, doubts and inadequacies. And the
                                                                                                                 planned, we cannot be happy without being
         always struck us as being the most obvious           same qualities also stop us from being able to
                                                                                                                 kind, by giving and caring for each other.
         thing to do, that practicing kindness and            freely receive. If we feel unworthy then we
         beauty should be a natural expression of who         believe we have nothing to give; if we don’t       Random acts of kindness are essential to our
         we are.                                              love ourselves then we don’t trust why some-       well-being, as they liberate us from self-
                                                              one would be kind to us. We may fear that if       obsession, selfishness, and isolation; they are
         Although wonderful in its intention, recently
                                                              someone gives without reason that they actu-       the effect of an open and loving nature. True
         there appears to be some misunderstanding
                                                              ally want something from us, or that they          generosity is giving without expectation, with
         about it, particularly the practice random acts
                                                              have an ulterior motive.                           no need to be repaid in any form. This is the
         of kindness part. This misunderstanding seems
                                                                                                                 most powerful act of generosity, as it is un-
         to arise from the idea that the receiver might       When we feel uncomfortable with generosity
                                                                                                                 conditional, unattached, and free to land
         not appreciate the kindness, that it might even      it can make us get stuck in ourselves and our
                                                                                                                 wherever it will. Whether we give to our
         make them apprehensive or distrustful. Sadly,        issues. When we can appreciate the beauty of
                                                                                                                 family, friends, or to strangers, it is the same.
         this speaks more about the suspicious world          spontaneity it takes us out of such self-
         we live in than about the nature of kindness. It     centeredness; it enables us to let go of focus-    We may feel we have little to offer, but
         is a shame that this may be the case, but if so,     ing on self and to reach out to each other.        whether it is a few pennies or a whole bank-
         then what is needed are more acts of kindness        We can both give and receive. Such egoless         roll, a cup of tea or a banquet is irrelevant–it
         and done by more of us, not less.                    moments are exquisite!                             is the act of giving itself that is important. As
                                                                                                                 Mahatma Gandhi said, Almost anything we do
         Be generous. Give to those you love; give to those   Giving spontaneously can also have a remark-
                                                                                                                 will seem insignificant, but it is very important that
         who love you, give to the fortunate, give to the     able affect on all those who come in contact
                                                                                                                 we do it.
         unfortunate — yes, give especially to those you      with both the act and the players. For in-
         don’t want to give. You will receive abundance for   stance, Huffington Post blogger Arthur Rosen-
         your giving. The more you give, the more you will    field was in the drive-thru line at Starbucks.
         have!– W. Clement Stone                              The man in line behind him was getting impa-
                                                              tient and angry, leaning on his horn and shout-
         Wikipedia says that a random act of kindness
                                                              ing insults at both Arthur and the Starbucks
         is: “a selfless act performed by a person or
                                                              workers. Beginning to get angry himself, Ar-
         persons wishing to either assist or cheer up
                                                              thur chose to keep his cool and change the
         an individual… There will generally be no
                                                              negativity into something positive. He paid for
         reason other than to make people smile, or
                                                              the man’s coffee and drove away. When he
         be happier.”
                                                              got home at the end of the day, he discovered
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This Special Time by Pam Muirhead
                                                                                          New Year’s Resolutions for a New Unity

C     hristmas Day has come and
gone once more, but the bless-
                                        the time is right. The light that
                                        we have received is ours to give:
                                        to shine it on a weary world,
                                                                                          Love - I commit to loving God and building
                                                                                          loving relationships.
ings remain with us. Hopefully the      and so increase it. That is what
busyness has gone for a while           Jesus did and now it is our mis-                  Authenticity - I live in integrity with Christ
too. Christmas reminds us that          sion, too.                                        principles as I help to lift my beloved commu-
the Spirit of Christ lives in all our   May peace and joy be with us all.
hearts. We are permanently                                                                nity to its highest and best.
joined to this Spirit and live in its
grace. There are still several days                                                       God-Centered - I live from my oneness with
of this precious season before                                                            God and honour the divinity in all life.
Epiphany on January 6th, so per-
haps we could find more time to                                                           Acceptance - I accept and affirm everyone as
enter the silence, to experience                                                          unique expressions of God
our oneness with God and re-
ceive guidance for the coming                                                             Action - I live my life practicing spiritual prin-
year. It’s a great time for reflec-
                                                                                          ciples as taught and exemplified by Jesus the
tion and thanksgiving to prepare
ourselves for another year.                                                               Christ.

                                                                                          Original Blessing - I am created in the image
The seeds of new experiences
                                                                                          and likeness of God, and as such I am origi-
and new growth are stirring
within us now. They need the                                                              nally blessed.
darkness, the quiet and the love
of our true selves to get ready to
burst forth in all their glory when

       Affirmation: Faith Blesses My Day and Paves My Way

Awaken Your Faith Faculty
By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann

Of all the faculties, the one Jesus spoke of most frequently was faith. … Have faith. Believe. Trust.
Over and over, Jesus emphasized this first of our powers, and in one of his disciples, we watch the
faculty develop.
Faith does not come all at once with a mighty thud. It must grow. It must be encouraged. It must be
invited and then made welcome. As Simon, the crude fisherman, became Peter, the dedicated apos-
tle, so the ability to trust God must grow in our lives.
Faith has been defined in many ways. The writer of Hebrews referred to it as “the assurance of things
hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1). Understood in this light, faith is that quality in
us which enables us to look past appearances of lack, limitation or difficulty, to take hold of the divine
idea and believe in it, even though we do not see any evidence of it except in our minds. Through faith
we know with an inner knowing the Truth that has not yet expressed itself in our manifest world. …
The location of the faith center is significant. It is in the center of the head, between the ears and the
eyes. When we put our faith in that which we see with our eyes or hear with our ears, we are using
the faculty in a limited way and the results will come accordingly.
However, we can center the faculty of faith on our inner vision and our inner hearing, developing this
faculty through prayer to know the potential God has given us. And when we do, our results will ex-
press the higher realization of our spiritual nature. At its highest level, faith is directed by our spiritual
nature, from the Christ center at the crown of the head. We determine the direction of our faith, and as
we do, we determine the results that we will have in our lives. …
In developing the quality of faith, we must start as Peter did, by being receptive to Truth ideas and
letting them grow in us until we can feel our absolute oneness with the quality of faith—feel in such a
way that we no longer think in terms of having faith, but express it automatically, as Jesus did.
Page 6

                                            Affirmation: I have the strength to accomplish all that is mine to do.

         Be Strong                                                                                           lenged by others in the human thought
                                                                                                             and eventually will be overcome by one
         By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann
                                                                                                             who is stronger. … Mental strength
         Strength is not simply a physical quality.                                                          alone—pitted against the strong mind of
         As with all the Twelve Powers, it ex-                                                               another—may result in a test of wills, a
         presses itself on three levels, each one                                                            human contest, with the same results.
         complementing the others in this life ex-                                                           Only spiritual strength remains nonresis-
         pression on the earth plane.                                                                        tant, triumphant, regardless of the chal-
         In the physical realm, strength is vitality,                                                        lenge.
         endurance, the ability to persist. In the                                                           For the best results, both physical and
         mental area of expression, strength is that                                                         mental strength must be rooted in the
         quality of mind which enables one to lead,                                                          spiritual development of the strength
         to accomplish, to follow through on deci-                                                           faculty. …
         sions, to establish purposes in life, and to                                                        … Strength is a quality that we can and
         hold firm to spiritual principles in daily                                                          must develop if we are to bring forth our
         living. It expresses itself as stability of        to persist in order to bring it forth. But       God-given potential. It is to be brought
         character.                                         faith has to be established in strength. The     forth along with the other 11 powers, but
         The highest expression, and the one that           “two brothers” must grow together, both          it must be basic in our growth.
         should determine the direction of                  under the loving direction of our own            As you begin your development of this
         strength in the other realms, is the spiri-        Christ nature, the “perfect human” idea          faculty represented by Andrew, declare
         tual realization of this quality. Here             within us.                                       quietly to yourself: Through the will
         strength is closely allied with faith. In the      Faith must continually be strengthened,          and the work of [Spirit] within, my
         symbology of the 12 disciples and the 12           and strength must be inspired to right           God-given potential of strength is
         qualities of mind that we are to develop           action by spiritual faith. In a spiritual way,   developed and expressed—easily
         as Jesus encouraged and developed his              then, strength enables us to persist in          and in divine order. Remember that
         closest followers, strength and faith are          prayer, to build a stronger and stronger         strength is to be developed easily, not
         represented by the brothers Andrew and             faith in our spiritual nature and the activ-     with tension and strain, but with a re-
         Peter.                                             ity of God through us, and to do the             laxed, trusting attitude.
         Peter must be the first of our qualities to        things that need to be done by us as a           … As with all the powers, strength is
         be unfolded in a spiritual way, because            part of becoming the “fourth dimension”          consciously awakened first in the intellec-
         without faith there is no impetus to ac-           person that our Twelve Powers, spiritu-          tual nature and then developed (through
         tion and no foundation for a program of            ally developed, enable us to be.                 prayerful concentration on the idea) to be
         spiritual growth. Faith also is our innate         The person who depends on physical               a spiritual realization of oneness with the
         ability to see the unseen, plus the desire         strength alone is constantly being chal-         Source of all strength.

                                                          A THOUSAND SUNS from The Global Oneness Project
                                                                                  NOW AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING
                                                                             Call Paula at the Unity Office: 780-477-5351
                                              A Thousand Suns tells the story of the Gamo Highlands of the African Rift Valley and the unique world-
                                              view held by the people of the region. This isolated area has remained remarkably intact both biologi-
                                              cally and culturally. It is one of the most densely populated rural regions of Africa yet its people have
                                              been farming sustainably for 10,000 years. Shot in Ethiopia, New York and Kenya, the film explores the
                                              modern world's untenable sense of separation from and superiority over nature and how the intercon-
                                              nected worldview of the Gamo people is fundamental in achieving long-term sustainability, both in the
                                              region and beyond.
                                                                                                                                                 Page 7

Four Reasons to Avoid High Fructose-Glucose Corn Syrup
By Sara Novak, Planet Green

                                        off with corn kernels, yes, but         researcher and activist at the       can also save some major dough
                                        then that corn is spun at a high        nonprofit Institute for Agricul-     and reduce the amount of pack-
                                        velocity and combined with three        ture and Trade Policy said. These    aging that your family throws
                                        other enzymes: alpha-amylase,           55 different foods included bar-     away.
                                        glucoamylase, and xylose isom-          becue sauce, jam, yogurt, and
                                        erase, so that it forms a thick         chocolate syrup. “We found              Try homemade granola.
                                        syrup that’s way sweeter than           about one out of three had mer-         Make veggie chips
                                        sugar and super cheap to produce.       cury above the detection limit,”
                                        That’s why it’s poured into a huge      Wallinga said.                          Make some Snickerdoodles
                                        majority of mass produced proc-                                                   for a Saturday snack.
                                                                                4. The Environmental Im-
                                        essed foods.
                                                                                pact of High Fructose Corn
                                        2. High Fructose Corn Syrup             Syrup is Huge
                                                                                                                     2 cups all-purpose flour
                                        Does Weird Stuff to Your
By now, you’ve more than likely                                                 Most corn is grown as a mono-        2 tsp cream of tartar
seen one of the ads put out by the                                              culture, meaning that the land is    1 tsp baking soda
Corn Refiners Association. The          While the commercials claim that        used solely for corn, not rotated    1/4 tsp salt
ads tell the story of a “natural”       it’s fine in moderation, the truth is   among crops. Large monocul-          1/2 pound (2 sticks) unsalted
sweetener made from corn. They          that the whole problem with high        tures, which are usually geneti-     butter, softened
go on to insinuate that high fruc-      fructose corn syrup in the first        cally modified, can be riddled       1 3/4 cups sugar
tose corn syrup has been unfairly       place, is that moderation is seem-      with pests. As a result, monocul-    2 large eggs
portrayed and that this truly           ingly impossible. The syrup inter-      tures are often dressed with a       4 tsp ground cinnamon
American ingredient is fine in          feres with the body’s metabolism        toxic cocktail of pesticides so
moderation. Toronto's Lloyd Al-         so that a person can’t stop eating.     that they can survive. Monocul-           1. Put the rack in the upper
ter wrote in his Treehugger blog        It’s truly hard to control cravings     tures can deplete the nutrients in        third of the oven. Preheat
about this massive $30 million ad       because high fructose corn syrup        soil and lead to erosion. In addi-        to 350°F.
campaign last year.                     slows down the secretion of leptin      tion, the pesticides used to grow         2. Mix together the flour,
( High Fruc-          in the body. Leptin is a crucial        them pollute our soil and ground          cream of tartar, baking soda,
tose Corn Syrup Producers on a          hormone in the body that tells          water.                                    and salt.
Roll). The campaign claims that         you that you’re full and to stop                                                  3. Beat together the butter
                                                                                Our Advice: Skip the High
high fructose corn syrup has the        eating. That’s why it’s so closely                                                and 1 1/2 cups of sugar until
                                                                                Fructose Corn Syrup
“same natural sweeteners as table       associated with obesity. It’s like an                                             well combined. Add the
sugar and honey.” Since then, the       addictive drug.                         Luckily, we have a lot more op-           eggs and beat. Stir the flour
association has released a number                                               tions when it comes to avoiding           mixture into the butter
                                        3. There Might be Mercury in
of ads with the same message.                                                   this frightening ingredient. The          mixture until smooth.
                                        Your Corn Syrup
                                                                                Corn Refiners Association                 4. Roll the batter into 1
But when push comes to shove,
                                        And what about the rumors of            wouldn’t spend $30 million on                  1/4 inch balls with your
what are the facts about high fruc-
                                        mercury being found in corn             advertisements if they didn’t feel             hands. Roll the balls in
tose corn syrup? How is it made?
                                        syrup? I wrote last year that ac-       threatened and that’s because                  a mixture of the re-
Is it healthy in moderation to the
                                        cording to MSNBC in one study,          more and more alternatives are                 maining sugar and cin-
body and the planet? Here are the
                                        published in the Journal of Environ-    becoming available. Read labels                namon and place about
facts, so that the next time you’re
                                        mental Health, former Food and          on every processed food that                   3 inches apart on the
asked, you can confidently dispel
                                        Drug Administration scientist           you buy. Stores like Whole                     pan.
any high fructose corn syrup ru-
                                        Renee Dufault and colleagues            Foods and Earth Fare carry tons           5. Bake for 8-11 minutes,
                                        tested 20 samples of high fructose      of foods without it.
1. The Process of Making                corn syrup and found detectable
                                                                                Make Your Own Snack
High Fructose Corn Syrup is             mercury in nine of the 20 samples.
Pretty Weird
                                        “We went and looked at super-
                                                                                Also consider making your own
First of all, there’s nothing natural   market samples where high fruc-
                                                                                snack foods instead of buying the
about high fructose corn syrup          tose corn syrup was the first or
                                                                                prepackaged variety. This way
and it most certainly does not          second ingredient on the label,”
                                                                                you can control your ingredients
exist in nature. The process starts     Dr. David Wallinga, a food safety
                                                                                and use safer sweeteners. You
                             We provide the nurturing environment; Divinity within provides the infinite possibilities.

                             Window on the Board

                                                                                   The Board welcomed 6 new members to the
Unity Church of                                                                    congregation in the past 2 months.
                                                                                   We are indeed a vibrant and welcoming com-
Edmonton                                                                           munity. Attendance at our Sunday service con-
                                                                                   tinues to run in the high thirties.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 52092                                                                     As you can see from the Treasurer's report
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2T5                                                          finances vary month to month from red to
                                                                                   black. We have a good reserve in our operat-
13820—109A Avenue                                                                  ing fund but would rather not have to access it.
                                                                                   To that matter, a number of fund raising initia-
Phone: 780-477-5351                                                                tives are being looked at and will be announced
Fax: 780-488-5662                                                                  in the New Year.
                                                                                   Our annual meeting is coming up in March                                                             (Date and format to be announced). I would
                                                                                   ask each of you to contemplate the prospect of
                                                                                   serving on the board, as openings will be avail-
                                                                                   able. Serving on the Board gives a person a
Board of Directors                                                                 different perspective on the operation of the
John Wichuk                                                                        church. If you feel the call to serve, please ap-
                                                                                   proach one of the following members of the
Vello Reili
                                                                                   Nominating Committee Bill Trainor, or Delia
Bill Trainor
Jean Wiley
                              C    hristmas Greetings from the board. Per-
                              sonally I would like to wish everyone a fulfilling
                                                                                   Vaughn. At the December Board Meeting Peter
                                                                                   Windel was ratified to serve out the position
                                                                                   left by Erica Deneve’s departure. Welcome
Delia Vaughan                 Happy and Healthy New Year.                          back Peter.
Peter Windell
                              Since the Power for the month of January is          Over the last month Paula has taken over the
                              “Faith” I have selected a number of quotations       web page management from Yvonne. That was
                              from various people which show different per-        the last of the tasks to be passed over from
                              spective on the word “Faith”                         Yvonne. Unity of Edmonton is truly blessed to
                                                                                   have Paula. The Board thanks her for the effort
                              “Optimism is the faith that leads to achieve-        and professionalism she brings to the position
  Sunday Services             ment.”                                               of Office Administrator.
                               Helen Keller
                                                                                   The facilities committee will be engaged in
   Sunday Service             “They can because they think they can.”              discussions with W.P.C. in the New Year look-
                              Virgil                                               ing at possible lease changes. The Board is
   time is 9:30 am                                                                 sensitive to the concerns that some of the
                              “When the solution is simple God is answer-          congregation have regarding the facilities and
                              ing.”                                                will attempt to address the issue in the New
                              Albert Einstein                                      Year.
                              “Faith is a passionate intuition.”                   Thank you to all Members for all the support
                              William Wordsworth                                   offered in the past year and again wishes to all
                                                                                   for a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
                              Our Worship Committee is meeting every
                              month to plan services and speakers                  John Wichuk President of the Board
                              I would like to thank them for a wonderful job.
        Centered in God,
     we co-create a world
       that works for all.

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