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									                               PANTHER PRESS NEWSLETTER
                                                   Edition 1

What a start to the year it has been…after two years away from our spiritual home we finally return to Walter Street excited at the
prospect of playing football in the picturesque settings of Ascot Vale. Having seen most of the upgrades to the ground completed
with the clubrooms totally refurbished, the playing arena resurfaced, and the surrounding facilities including a new playground
built in close proximity, it certainly makes for an enjoyable place to bring our families and friends.

With little time to catch our breath, everyone involved have certainly worked very hard in the off season. A new senior coach in
Tony Liberatore has really got people talking and with quite a number of new players arriving - there is definitely a bit of a buzz
around the place.

The club has worked hard off the field to introduce a number of new sponsors who have been very successful commercially, but
just as importantly all place a great deal of importance on building relationships in the wider community which we as a club strive
to mirror with our emphasis on family values, building relationships and supporting the welfare of others.

Back at home there are great expectations, but our primary goal has never changed – our on-going success will always be
measured by our people, their involvement and building a culture where more and more people will want to call the club their

Presidents Report

Well I think I need to firstly congratulate our resident “author” Chief for firstly getting back down to the club and secondly
initiating this newsletter. Anything that improves communication within our group is worthwhile pursuing and whilst it may yet
be the quality of a BRW or Financial Review, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy catching up on what’s going on around the place.

The theme of my report this issue concerns restraint, responsibility and control. And I’m not referring to behavior at Nik’s bar,
but on the football field. This year will see the profile of this club raised to a level never before seen in Victorian Superules. Our
association with SEN is already the talk of the league and with profile comes jealousy. Our supers and masters sides will be the
target of increased attention this year and this will come in many forms. From aggression and sledging on the field to abuse from
opposition spectators, all of which we’ve already seen displayed in our first encounter against Carrum. Whilst I am very proud of
the way every player conducted themselves during this game, it hasn’t prevented us from having to defend the integrity of one of
our players against a slanderous report Carrum has submitted to the league. We will employ all resources at our disposal to defend
our player not because he was wearing an AVSR jumper but because he is innocent. Hopefully, truth and justice will prevail.

We must embark on this season with a complete understanding of what this club expects of its players. Whilst we will vigorously
defend players against unjust accusations, we will not tolerate players disrespecting this club or this game. We will continue to
come down hard on players who think they have a right to engage in physical or verbal abuse – whether it be teammates, club
officials, opposition players or spectators. As a club, we will cop what is thrown at us and never allow others to distract our focus.
It is this steely determination to pursue our game with dignity and respect that will ensure our on-going success, both on and off
the field.

On a brighter note, I would like to personally take this opportunity to congratulate Roughy on his admittance to “The 100 Club”.
His desire for the contest is only surpassed by his desire for a coldie after the game! Well done Rough.

I wish both sides the best of luck against Footscray and look forward to an enjoyable season.

Signed…………The Prez
Soon all players/officials/families will be able to log onto our new website for updates and reviews. There is also available to
everyone a new Facebook site you can go to and join, which will we continually update and keep everyone abreast of what’s
happening around the club.

New Superules Apparel

This weeks round sees the unveiling of the new Superules Jumper/shorts and socks, last game we saw the SEN Panthers run around in the new
gear attracting many positive comments. Judging by the player feedback this new outfit will have a similar response.

Club memberships are now due, if you pay in full by this Sunday no later than 6.30pm, your name will go into a raffle to win
back your membership…a very generous prize given what your membership covers.

In the coming weeks our Sponsorship/Membership/Fundraising Manager – Rad, will outline a new membership initiative he will
be managing – the Community Membership, something new and exciting to give others similar opportunities that all players and
officials are fortunate to have.

Sporting Apparel
The club will have shirts, singlets, sports bags, caps and jackets for players and families to purchase during this weeks game –
they look great, we will have all apparel on show with pricing for those keen to make a purchase.

Upcoming events

    •    30/04/10 – Friday night live at the club, kick off at 7.00pm.
    •    01/05/10 – Working bee around the club – 10.00am start.
    •    02/05/10 – Sponsors Day, Ascot Vale versus Footscray.
    •    14/05/10 – Friday night live at the club, kick off at 7.00pm
    •    16/05/10 – Ascot Vale versus Diamond Valley.

Birthday Wishes

    •    Damian Walsh-Quesy (Quasy) 22/04
    •    Phil Smith (Smithy) 23/04
    •    Michael Karamitos 25/04
    •    Kevin Jensen (Jenno) 29/04
    •    Tony Baldassarro 05/05
    •    Paul Artha (Chief) 08/05
    •    Dave Sumner 09/05

Update on our mate GB

You may not all be aware that GB, who sustained a very serious leg injury during the match against Carrum ending the season for
him. GB was operated on Tuesday and all went to plan with the Surgeons repairing his Achilles…(plaster foot to knee) no doubt
it will be a long road back to recovery, but we are pretty certain come round one next year, he will be running around in the
panther guernsey.
Congratulations 100 games up

Grant “Roughy” McMurdo

This week we add another player to the exclusive one hundred club. Grant “Roughy” McMurdo, lines up this Sunday for the SEN
Panthers in what is an extraordinary achievement. Roughy certainly typifies the Panther spirit. A robust, in and under midfielder,
he will never die wondering, always giving his best, having gained the respect of his team mates as well as the opposition.,
through his deeds on the field and those contributions he makes off it.

Well done Roughy - enjoy the day.

First Gamers

It was great to see so many new players done the panther guernsey against Carrum, congratulations to those playing their first

    •    Tony Liberatore Tony Baldassarro Joe Tomasello
    •    Robert Comande Sam Brancati      Frank Zoccali
    •    Dave Sumner     Jim Simadopoulos John Rizzo
    •    Tony Brosnan

Master’s Round 1, SEN Panthers versus Carrum

SEN Masters Match Report

The Krakouer Brothers – Phil (Sam) and Jim (Robbo)          Tony “Crusher delivering one of his stirring speeches

Victory is sweet – Stewie certainly looks happier and        A hard fought win for the SEN Panthers
seems a tad slimmer in the SEN Panther guernsey
                   1/4          Half          3/4        Final            SEN Panthers Goal
                  time          time         time        siren            Kickers                                 SEN Panthers Best Players
                                                                          Paul “Saundo”
Carrum                                                                    Saunders                     2          “Rizzo” - BOG
Cowboys           2.0.12         5.3.33      6.4.40       7.4.46          Ron “Schultzy” Szulc         2          “Macca”
SEN                                                                       Brian “Ducky” Kane           1          “Vinnie”
Panthers          2.0.12         2.1.13      6.4.40       9.4.58          Grant “Roughy”
                                                                          McMurdo                      1          “Austin Powers”
                                                                          Graeme “GB”
                                                                          Bowden                       1          “GB”
                                                                          Stuart “Stewie”
                                                                          Nixon                        1          “Crusher”
                                                                          Vin “Vinnie” Gaffy           1

The SEN Panthers headed down to the seaside suburb of Carrum to take on the Carrum Cowboys in the season opener. Due to a number of late
withdrawals from the Ascot Vale Panthers over 35’s side, a number of regular SEN Panther players were called upon to fill in, some needing
later to back up in the Superules game, creating significant problems for Crusher.

Late money on Centrebet for the Cowboys in from $2.05 to $1.45 had many punters giving the SEN Panthers little chance. One well known
punter took the double into St Kilda for $55,000.00 ensuring the Cowboys would start an overwhelming favourite.

Calling on mates, recent retirees and injured players, Crusher finally rustled up 18 of Ascot Vale’s finest to don the SEN guernsey and take on
the Cowboys. Whilst the weather was picture perfect we quickly realized why Carrum are known as the Cowboys. The ground looked like they
had only herded the cattle off the night before!!

Stand in coach and hall of famer nominee Tony “Crusher’ Kilty, directed his player to follow a particular game plan, developed in consultation
by long time protégé Mick Malthouse – rotations and zoning were key elements in a plan designed to break down the resolve of the Carrum
Cowboys. The SEN Panthers responded well jumping out to an early lead, before being pegged back by their bigger and stronger opponents late
in the quarter.

The second quarter was a replica of the second half of the first dig with the cowboys dominating play. Crusher’s plans so damaging early were
unravelling due to injuries. We look to have little run, Vinnie “two time all Australian” Gaffy’s early dominance was waning and our mosquito
fleet could not find the ball -20 points down at half time and staring down a likely defeat.

At half time Crusher delivered one of his well known inspirational speeches, something out of the manuscripts of the great John Kennedy –
don’t think, do. With the Duck and the Prez – Schultzy pushing into the forward line, the lumbering Jenno nominated for the ruck and the fleet
of midfielders implored to take the game on, the SEN Panthers took to the second half reinvigorated.

The third quarter saw the team lift, Rizzo was dominating his wing, the Krakouer brothers began to find the footy and Macca completely took
over in the middle. Down back, full back of the century – Gus rallied the troops to force the forwards wide, closing down many of their forays
with disciplined defence and sweeping attacks from the half back line. By three quarter time the SEN Panthers had drawn level.

The final quarter was always going to be hard fought, with a home ground advantage to rival AAMI Stadium, and a parochial crowd to cheer
their local team home, the SEN Panthers had to dig deep and find the desire to close out the contest. Crusher left his Collingwood coaching
manual to one side, preferring to look all his troops in the eye and demand they win this last battle.

Even with GB succumbing to a debilitating injury, and with no bench to speak of, the diggers kept coming, wearing down their bigger, stronger
opponents drawing away at the end.

After the game Crusher did not want to single out any one player, much preferring to comment on the team performance and how all his players
made solid contributions.

Well done Crusher, and well done to the SEN Panthers, who never once gave up.
Super’s Round 1, Ascot Vale versus Carrum
The game down at Carrum posed many questions for the Superules Football Team, with the headline grabber being the delayed arrival of Desy
who would need a helicopter if he was to make it on time before the first bounce. Unfortunately the hat was passed around, and whilst all the
players indicated how great a bloke he was, not too much money was forthcoming, I think in the end we had enough for a pony ride…still he is
one of franchise players and we do try to move mountains…especially for the big bloke.

The Ascot Vale Super’s could have put the cue in the rack, had they kicked straight – 2goals 6 behinds certainly left the door ajar, and with
limited resources to draw upon, self doubt could have entered the minds of players.

The players continued to miss easy shots in the second, and the mounting injury concerns meant the brains trust had to shuffle the decks in an
effort to get some structure in play. With Zocco, Spider, Puss and Tony done and dusted, before half time, our more experienced players were
continually holding back an inspired Carrum who drew closer as the second term ended.

The inspired off season recruiting of Tony Liberatore to the senior coaching role was beginning to pay dividends, needing to fill big shoes, both
on and off the field, he and his coaching staff went about reconstructing the side.

With Libba at the helm directing traffic in the midfield, Quasy rejuvenated as an attacking half forward, the Panthers went on a goal kicking
rampage. Quasy slotting five and with Desy heading to centre half forward, our formidable forward line began to function.

Disappointing to see Fab go down with a hamstring having dominated early - ruling him for the next game, but the players stepped up with
excellent support given by Macca who had already played in the earlier game. But having no interchange to assist with the rotations, Bruno who
had limped off earlier in the masters with a leg injury, made a remarkable recovery and competed well in last quarter. Unfortunately for Bruno
the diagnosis was grim, he now needs his left leg amputated after succumbing to a serious mental illness.

With the game well and truly won, and a growing injury list, the players did what was required to secure the win. Had Quasy returned to the
club rooms to join in the mild celebrations, Wally may have challenged him to best afield having made up many lengths at the bar before
closing time. Not that Wally is ever short on confidence – having denounced Quasy’s best afield award, giving himself high praise for his in and
under attack on the ball.

It was a great win considering the circumstances, and with so many players returning in the coming weeks and several new recruits arriving in
the near future, the team will certainly be improved.

I would make mention of the courageous mark late in third quarter taken by Chief, but I hate talking about myself in the third person…hopefully
when I take one in the hands well above my head, the players maybe more accommodating…it’s a tough crowd we please and I now just think I
would have to lose an organ or a limb before recognition is forthcoming.

                     1/4         Half                        Final                Ascot Vale
                    time         time        3/4 time        siren                Panthers Goal                              SEN Panthers Best
                                                                                  Kickers                                    Players
                                                                                  Quasy                          8           Quasy - BOG
Cowboys            2.0.12         5.1.31        6.3.39        9.4.58
                                                                                  Chief                          2           Libba
Ascot Vale                                                                        Desy                  (9 pointer)          Wally
Panthers           2.6.18       4.10.34 10.13.73 13.17.95                         Libba                          1           Kitten
                                                                                  Wally                          1           Matty
I wonder if Libba was thinking what he had got himself into    Libba showing his leadership abilities, urging his players to forward

           What’s Desy thinking – coaches’ pet!               Libba may have not worked out Chief yet – But you would think
                                                              judging by Tony’s body language that he’s the last person you should
                                                              listen to.
Thank you to all of our sponsors for the contribution and ongoing support

Ascot Maintenance Pty Ltd
18 Myross Ave., Ascot vale Vic 3032
    ph/fax: 03 9370 0350                                  The Union
    mobile: 0414 537 360


                                                            Ascot Vale

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