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					Unpaid Payroll Taxes

Individuals & Corporations Owing Delinquent Payroll
Other Names are Trust Fund, the 100% penalty, and the IRS code section 6672…

You may be losing thousands of dollars in benefits, and risking audits and additional
payroll tax liabilities in the future!

Corporations, LLCs, LLPs – I may be able to cut your payroll tax problems bill in half! You will
pay only the amount taken out of each paycheck. You will save the matching portion, all the
interest and penalties, and all corporate income tax owed. All this without filing a bankruptcy,
offer in compromise, or request to drop penalties. The IRS has to accept this. I do this for
corporations that owe payroll tax every single month! How great is that!?

Did you file the following with the internal revenue
   ●   Final corporate and payroll tax returns.
   ●   Liquidation papers and corporate minutes.
   ●   Computation of gain or loss to the corporation and a deductible loss to you under the
       liquidation code sections.

Did you get your tax deductions on your personal
1040 tax return for…
   ●   Money paid for stock.
   ●   Money loaned to the corporation.
   ●   Money you are paying on the trust fund liability (yes I can effectively make your trust
       fund tax deductible).

Have you closed the statute of limitations on the IRS coming back and assessing
additional money against you personally?

Find out what you and your advisor may not know about your payroll tax liability!
Lost Your Payroll Records? Don’t File Payroll Taxes
Late! We Can Help File 941,940,W-2′s, 1099′s. State
Unemployment Forms.
I can help you reconstruct them! It’s no excuse for filing your 941, 940, and state reports late.
penalties and interest add up fast. There are large penalties for not filing W-2′S, no matter how
late they are. The penalty can be removed when the reports are filed.

Payroll Tax Audit
I offer professional help to minimize the damage. If as a result you owe more than you can pay,
we will consider a payment plan, offer in compromise, or a restructuring as described above.

Protect your money and assets!
The items mentioned above are just some of the “loose ends” that need to be attended to in
order to protect yourself now and in the future when you owe payroll tax (also known as trust
fund, the 100% penalty, and IRS code section 6672), and get proper refunds for your losses. I
am at your service, with the knowledge and reputation of many successful negotiations with the

You have nothing to lose and a great tax savings to gain by calling me at 713-774-4467. I want
the opportunity to help you with your IRS tax liabilities and to protect your assets. Call me today
to set up an appointment. I would also be happy to discuss this on the phone for your
   ●   If you are considering hiring us, call Joe Mastriano, CPA 713-774-4467.
   ●   Think your IRS matter is handled? Think again!
   ●   For your analysis, click here to email me.

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