How To Make An iPhone App

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					        How To Make An iPhone App
             Beginner's Guide – What You Need To Get Started

Have you always wanted to make your own iPhone application for gaming or business
purposes, but weren't sure what to learn or how to get started?

Many folks would like to bring their idea to life, and even make money selling their app
in the Apple iPhone store, but the first bit of know-how needed is programming,
hardware, design, and even research to know what to offer a starving crowd.

Now, in this article we cannot cover everything that you would need to know to make an
iPhone app, but we can get you started and pointed in the right direction, and as you will
soon see – making an application that is ready for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is very
much an achievable goal, and it can be quite fun along the way.


First of all, the backbone of iPhone application programming is the language, which is
Obective C, a very similar language to C+. Its not necessary to understand the C
language, because you can always hire a programmer for a reasonable price, but it
certainly makes it easier to have some experience in this standard.

I would suggest therefor that you consider looking up a basic how-to tutorial on the web
that teaches C+ or C++, and get yourself a compiler to run the programs that you will be
making with basic code. There are loads of these tutorials all over, and most are free.


Although it isn't a must to create an iPhone app only on a Apple computer, it is
recommended that you are the very least have a copy of the device that you intent to
design for.

This is very important so that you can understand how your program will all run
together. It will make it easier on you to have an Apple computer with the latest version
of OSX.


Next, you will need to download the SDK, which stands for Software Developer's Kit.
This is free and can be acquired at the Apple developer's page. It will come with the
Apple iPhone simulator so that you may test your program along the way, frameworks,
and the Xcode editor where you will be working with the majority of your code. This
will integrate with Cocos2d, which will be responsible for bringing the functionality and
visualization of your application to life.


Before you start anything, have a good idea of the look and feel of your app. Decide
early on if it should be for entertainment purposes or business matters and then identify
your crowd.

Ask yourself, who will use this? Who will like it? How will it benefit them? What is the

This will help you pave the way for the feel, visuals and even sounds such as the
soundtrack and audio effects, especially if it's a iPhone game.


Learn your market inside and out. Do keyword research, youtube video research,
website demographic research, and even browse through similar apps in the Apple app
store so that you can see which ones are popular, why this is so, and which ones are
doing poorly, and why they are failing to meet demand.

This step should be done first. This will tell you what to make, and whom to design it
for. During the design process when you are getting a feel for the look and sounds, try
drawing out your app.

Make sure, that just like when planning out a website, you map out the flow by drawing
thumbnails of each menu screen, each bit of game play, action and characters.

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Description: Learn how to make an iPhone app with this simple guide. If you are just getting started, this will show you what you need to look for, acquire and do to make your first project come to life.