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									“Your Journey
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  Mind, Body
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                 5th Edition
Welcome to Teaopia
Teaopia sells over 100 varieties of premium loose leaf tea. Our world
famous tea and custom blends are perfect for the connoisseur or
first time tea drinker. Along with our selection of rare and hard to find
loose leaf teas, we have an impressive variety of White Tea, Green
Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Mate, Rooibos, Fruit Blends and Wellness
Blends. Teaopia also carries an extensive collection of classic and
contemporary teaware and accessories associated with the art of brewing
loose leaf tea. Perhaps the most exciting product that we carry is our very
own Tea Master, which provides a simple and effective way of brewing
premium loose leaf tea. Many studies outline the numerous health
benefits of tea, including its cancer preventing properties, its ability to
ease rheumatoid arthritis and its role in weight loss efforts. Teaopia is
committed to providing you with the best products and the most current
knowledge of tea and all its benefits.
10 Reasons to Drink Tea
1.   Lose Weight, Stay Alert and Protect your Heart: According to Health
     Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD), tea helps
     support and maintain weight loss, increases alertness and helps
     protect against cardiovascular disease.

2.   Fight Diseases: Tea is high in antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids
     and catechins including EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate),
     which help protect the body from harmful free radicals and
     cellular damage.

3.   Drink to your Health: After water, tea is the healthiest beverage you
     can consume according to a panel of nutrition experts published in
     the Journal of American Clinical Nutrition.

4.   Boost your Memory: New scientific research suggests that drinking
     tea may lower the risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders
     such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

5.   Reduce Stress: The amino acid “L-theanine” found almost exclusively
     in tea is known to reduce stress and calm the mind, while keeping
     you more alert.

6.   Age Gracefully: Beauty starts from the inside out. The antioxidants
     found in tea help slow down the aging process, making you look
     and feel great.

7.   Lowers Cholesterol: Tea has been shown to reduce “bad”
     (LDL) cholesterol.

8.   Ease Arthritis: Tea has been shown to prevent and reduce the
     severity of rheumatoid arthritis.

9.   Oral Health: Tea helps eliminate bad breath and is rich in fluoride,
     which strengthens teeth and protects tooth enamel.

10. Stay Hydrated: Drinking tea is a delicious way to help meet your
    recommended daily water intake. Drinking tea may even be better
    than drinking water since it replenishes fluids and provides antioxidants.

 Teaopia, improving your health, one cup at a time.
Teaopia is a member in good standing of the Tea Association of Canada
     and the Specialty Tea Institute of the United States of America.
Flowering Tea
The perfect infusion of
Art, Beauty and
Great Taste
Flowering Tea
Our beautiful flowering teas are made from handpicked premium tea
leaves, sewn together by artisans to form bundles of flowers.
When infused in hot water, the slowly blooming flower unfolds into a
rare and wonderful bouquet.
All flowering teas may be infused up to three times.

Brewing Instructions
Place one flowering tea in a glass teapot. (remove strainer)
Pour hot water (80°C / 175°F) over tea.
Watch as the flower unfolds. (2-3 minutes)
Flowering tea may not completely bloom during first infusion.
Our flowering teas may be infused 2-3 times.

  Teaopia Bouquet                         Morning Sunrise

          Harmony                             Spring Rain
Matcha is a fine powdered Green Tea that plays a prominent role in the
history of tea culture. It is believed that Matcha was brought to Japan in
1191 A.D. by a Zen Buddhist monk named Eisai. Once Buddhist monks
were introduced to Matcha they began to use the beverage to keep
them focused and relaxed during long periods of meditation.
We now know that the amino acid L-Theanine, found almost exclusively
in the Camellia sinensis plant (tea), is responsible for relaxing the body
while at the same time stimulating brain waves, which keeps us alert.
Matcha is the fastest growing health drink today because of its high
antioxidant count and numerous health benefits. To get the most out
of this incredible Green Tea, make Matcha part of your daily routine by
adding it to smoothies, yogurt, shakes and of course traditionally prepared.

Teaopia’s direct trade Matcha comes from the Uji, Kyoto region of
Japan, which is considered the birthplace of Japanese Green Tea and
one of the most famous Matcha producing regions in the world.
This variety of Green Tea is unique because the leaves are grown under
diffused sunlight for 20-30 days prior to harvesting, which increases their
chlorophyll content. Our Matcha is created from the finest shade grown
tea leaves, which are steamed, dried and then removed of all stems
and veins. The dried leaves, referred to as “tencha”, are then stone
ground into a powder creating the final product, Matcha. Since you are
actually ingesting the whole Green Tea leaf when drinking Matcha, you
receive more health benefits, in fact approximately 10x more than an
infusion of Green Tea leaves.
Health Benefits
	   •	 Highest	known	concentration	of	antioxidants	in	a
       food source

	   •	 10X	more	antioxidants	than	Green	Tea
	   •	 9X	the	beta	carotene	of	spinach
	   •	 High	in	chlorophyll	which	detoxifies	the	body
	   •	 Boosts	metabolic	rate	by	35-40%	when	consumed		
       regularly, assisting in weight loss
	   •	 High	in	L-theanine	which	increases	alertness,		           	
       improves concentration and reduces stress

	   •	 Fights free radicals, which can cause diseases
       such as cancer and heart disease

Green Tea leaves are known for being high in antioxidants,
catechins and polyphenols, and we now have scientific proof of
the incredible power of Matcha Green Tea. Tufts University and
the USDA developed a method for measuring the antioxidant power
of foods; each food received an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance
capacity) value. The chart below lists some of the highest ranking
and well known foods.

                ORAC Antioxidant Chart
                        Based on 1 gram

           Matcha Green Tea                      1384
                  Goji Berries                    253

                Pomegranate                       105
                 Cranberries                       95
               Wild Blueberries                    77
                 Raspberries                       55

                 Strawberries                      36
White Tea
It is believed that White Tea was discovered in China during the
Song Dynasty, 960-1279 AD. During this time, White Tea was
reserved as the “Emperor’s drink” and as a result the common
people were not allowed to drink this variety of tea. When White
Tea eventually became available to all, it was still extremely rare
and expensive.

White Tea generally consists of the young buds of the tea
plant, which are covered with a silvery white down, giving the
unopened leaf a white appearance and delicate taste. This
special handpicked tea is usually a first flush, early spring harvest
and results in limited quantities.

Health Benefits
White Tea is the purest form of tea, having undergone the
least amount of processing. As a result, this tea contains high
amounts of antioxidants. It’s these antioxidants, along with health
promoting phytochemicals that destroy free radicals, boost the
immune system, act as an antiviral and contribute to maintaining
a healthy, active metabolism and circulatory system. White Tea
is also believed to fight obesity, is known to reduce stress and
relaxes the mind, which makes it the ultimate health tea. With all
of its incredible benefits it’s no wonder White Tea has become
such a popular drink around the world.

White Butterfly                           Pai Mu Tan
White Butterfly is revered as one of      This tea originated in the Fujian
the finest Chinese White Teas. This tea   province of China where it is
is produced in the Yunnan province        traditionally known as Pai Mu Tan but
where only the youngest leaves are        perhaps more commonly referred to
gathered in the few days of early         by its literal translation as White Peony.
spring. The spiral twisted leaf and
naturally white downy appearance
makes this a delicate, clean and
sweet cup of tea.
Flavoured White Tea
Simply Mango                               Princess Earl Grey™
Organic                                    The beloved flavour of Earl Grey
This organic flavoured White Tea           can now be enjoyed with White
consists of Pai Mu Tan, ginger bits,       Tea. Princess Earl Grey is a lovely
apple pieces, rose hip peel, marigold      combination of White Tea, rose buds,
petals and natural mango flavour.          and natural aroma of bergamot.
This refreshing and healthy tea is
perfect for White Tea and fruit lovers.    White Pear
                                           White Pear is the perfect combination
Wonderful White™                           of White Tea, white rose buds,
This flavoured White Tea is a              marigold flower blossoms, apple and
combination of White Tea, apple            pear bits. This delicate tea has all the
pieces, orange peel, ginger bits,          great health benefits of White Tea with
cinnamon, lemongrass, coconut              the refreshing flavour of pear.
flakes, pistachio, red peppercorns,
and corn flower blossoms.                  Garden of Eden™
                                           This White Tea is a heavenly
Lovely Lavender™                           combination of White Tea, rose flower
The incredible and soothing aroma          blossoms, rose buds, marigold flower
of lavender can now be enjoyed             blossoms, lemongrass, and apple
with our Lovely Lavender tea. White        pieces.
Tea is infused with lavender flowers to
create this beautiful tea. The soothing
properties of lavender make this the
                                           This flavoured White Tea is a blend
perfect tea to drink at night or to help
                                           of Pai Mu Tan, bamboo leaves,
soothe you throughout the day.
                                           and pomegranate blossoms that
                                           surprisingly come together to create a
Superberry White™                          wonderful cranberry flavour.
Superberry White is a mixture of White
Tea, apple pieces, schisandra berries,
cranberries, goji berries, bilberries,
                                           Strawberry Fields™
                                           This aromatic White Tea is a
and mallow flower blossoms. The
                                           combination of White Tea, apple
combination of incredibly healthy
                                           pieces, currants, hibiscus, melon
White Tea with these true `super`
                                           cubes, strawberry pieces and
berries makes a tea that everyone will
                                           strawberry slices. Enjoy the delicious
want to have in their tea collection.
                                           flavour of strawberries all year round
This tea is high in antioxidants and
                                           with Strawberry Fields tea.
helps strengthen the immune system.
Green Tea
Green Tea originated in China over four thousand years ago
before being brought to Japan in the 6th Century. Green Tea is
made with unoxidized leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant
that is hand or machine picked, dried to remove moisture
and then shaped by rolling or twisting depending on the final
appearance desired. Since Green Tea goes through less
processing than other varieties of tea, it has a higher EGCG level.
EGCG is a catechin, which helps protect the body from harmful
free radicals. In recent years, many of the legendary medicinal
benefits of tea have been supported by the scientific community,
making Green Tea a more popular beverage than ever.

Sencha                                   Decaffeinated Green
This Green Tea is the most popular       This decaffeinated tea is perfect for
and well known variety from Japan.       Green Tea drinkers who love to have a
The loose green leaves provide a fresh   cup of tea before bed.
scent and a pale greenish-yellow cup,
which makes for a tea that can be
enjoyed daily.
                                         Jade Snow™
                                         This fresh Green Tea from Yunnan has
                                         a slight hint of apricot, which makes it
Temple of Heaven                         a light and refreshing tea.
The name gunpowder was given to          Sencha Shokai
this tea because its appearance          Organic
resembles gunpowder pellets.             Our Organic Sencha Shokai is a very
This slightly open twisted leaf has a    high quality Chinese Green Tea with
very aromatic balanced flavour.          long, needle shaped leaves and a
                                         fresh, grassy flavour. This early spring
Genmaicha                                pick has a bright colour and a fresh
Green Sencha with roasted and            flavour that Green Tea lovers will
popped rice. A sweet, nutty tea with a   cherish.
slight popcorn flavour which is known
to aid in digestion.                     Sencha Superior
Dragon Well                              Sencha, which literally translated
Organic                                  means “roasted tea”, is a traditional
                                         Japanese Green Tea with tightly rolled,
This organic tea is named after the
                                         needle shaped leaves. Our Organic
village where the tea grows in the
                                         Sencha Superior has a delicate and
Zhejiang province. The best grade is
                                         fresh flavour that Green Tea lovers will
made from one new leaf that is left
                                         appreciate either hot or iced.
in its natural, neatly pointed form.
The clean, well balanced aroma
suggests freshly cut grass and toasted
Flavoured Green Tea
Flavoured Green Tea contains all the same health benefits of
traditional Green Tea, with the addition of all natural flavours
and ingredients. Green Tea is noted for its health benefits in
strengthening the immune system while providing energy and
great taste.

Goji Green                                   Pomegranate Green
Our Goji Green Tea consists of organic       This flavoured Green Tea is a beautiful
Sencha Shokai, goji berries, schisandra      combination of Sencha, cranberries
berries, pomegranate flower blossoms         and pomegranate flowers. The subtle
and an all natural strawberry aroma.         taste of our Pomegranate Green is
Get the benefits of Goji berries and         perfect any time of day, either hot or
Green Tea with this amazing blend.           iced, for tea and fruit lovers.

                                             Caramel Apple
Blueberry Amore™                             This delicious Green Tea is a
Blueberry Amore is a combination             combination of Organic Sencha
of Green Sencha, blueberries, rose           Shokai, caramel cubes, and apple
petals, mallow petals, red rose buds         pieces. Now you can get the nostalgic
and safflower petals. The mixture of         and tasty flavour of apple and
fruit and flowers together provides a        caramel in a healthy Green Tea.
delightful flavour and aroma for
the palate.                                  Simple Pleasure™
                                             Sencha Green Tea, currants, orange
Spring Morning™                              peel, almond bits, sour cherry pieces
Spring Morning offers a mixture of           and safflower petals. This fruity and
Green Sencha real strawberry slices          refreshing tea is the perfect afternoon
and red currants. This visually and          pick me up and is one of life’s
tastefully stimulating fruity flavoured      simple pleasures.
tea is perfectly offset by the sharp
aromatic flavour of Sencha.
                                             Jasmine Superior
                                             This flavoured tea is made by using
Cactus Fig™                                  fresh jasmine petals in a multiple
This flavoured tea is the perfect blend of   aromatic process, produced by
Green Sencha, fig pieces, aloe vera,         layering Green Tea leaves with
sandalwood and orange flowers.               jasmine petals.
The combination of all natural
ingredients come together to create
an earthy yet sweet taste.
                                             Jasmine Pearls
                                             Jasmine Pearls are beautifully hand
                                             rolled Green Tea leaves scented with
                                             jasmine petals, which can also be
                                             referred to as Dragon Eyes.
Flavoured Green Tea
Coconut Cream™                             Earl Grey Green
This flavoured tea is a blend of classic   Sencha Green Tea scented with the
Green Sencha, almond leaves, white         robust flavours of bergamot oil. This
chocolate flakes and coconut slices.       tea is perfect for those who love the
The balanced combination of flavours       flavour of Earl Grey but are looking for
is a treat for any coconut lover and is    the benefits of Green Tea.
a perfect accompaniment to dessert.
                                           Japanese Cherry
Marrakesh Mint                             Japanese Cherry is a mixture of Green
Organic                                    Sencha with real cherry bits and
                                           sunflower petals. The combination of
This refreshing organic Green Tea
                                           fruit and flowers provides a delicately
is made from Sencha, peppermint
                                           sweet flavour perfect any time of day,
leaves and natural aroma. If you
                                           hot or iced, for tea and fruit lovers.
love peppermint tea, our Organic
Marrakesh Mint is sure to become a
fast favourite.                            Ginger Green
                                           Ginger Green is a balanced
Fresh Lemon Zest™                          combination of Green Sencha,
                                           ginger bits and sunflower petals.
Fresh Lemon Zest is a blend of Green       This flavoured tea allows the benefits
Sencha, real lemon peel and lemon          and flavour of ginger to be perfectly
granulate. This cool and refreshing        combined with those of Green Tea.
tea is perfect for those who love the      Those who appreciate the characteristics
combination of lemon and Green             of ginger will enjoy this tea day or night.
Tea together. This drink is great any
time of day and is perfect for making
traditional Iced Green Tea.                Love Spell™
                                           This delicious Green Tea is a lovely
                                           combination of organic sencha,
                                           papaya chunks, red sugar hearts,
                                           coconut chips, pineapple bits and
                                           safflower petals. You will quickly fall
                                           under the spell of this tropical tea.
Matcha powdered Green Tea is praised for being rich in naturally
occurring catechins including EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate),
which are believed to help protect against cancer, help prevent
cardiovascular disease and help reduce harmful cholesterol
in the blood. Since you are actually ingesting the whole Green
Tea leaf when drinking Matcha and using the powder in your
smoothies, baking etc, you are receiving more health benefits,
in	fact	approximately	10X	more	than	an	infusion	of	
Green Tea leaves.

A telltale sign of a superior quality Matcha is its luminescent
green colour, which is directly related to its chlorophyll content.
Teaopia’s Matcha is bright green with a sweet, fresh taste,
signifying that it is of superior quality. All our grades and flavours
of Matcha are beautifully packaged in sealed 30 gram tins,
which make them ideal for storage and travel.

Pinnacle                                   Superior
Teaopia’s Pinnacle grade Matcha is         Teaopia’s Superior grade Matcha has a
hand picked from the top two breeds        mellow and fresh taste. This Matcha is
of Matcha trees by only skilled hands,     ideal for those who are new to the art of
which ensures that the leaves are          Matcha drinking and is great for adding
accurately sorted. Although this is a      to smoothies, sprinkling on yogurt and of
slow process, hand picking produces        course traditionally prepared.
tea of the highest quality. Our Pinnacle
Matcha has a sweet and fresh flavour
that Green Tea drinkers will love.
Oolong Tea
Oolong can also be referred to by its original Chinese name,
Wu Long, which translates to “dark or black dragon”. After the
leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are picked and withered,
they are processed through careful drying, rolling and steaming,
followed by a short period of oxidation that turns the leaves from
green to a reddish brown. In terms of oxidation and flavour,
Oolong Tea is somewhere between a Green and Black Tea.
Recently, Oolong or Wu Long Tea has been highly praised for its
numerous health benefits including its ability to assist in weight
loss and lower blood cholesterol.

Sumatra Highland                          Tie Kuan Yin
Chin Chin                                 This tea has a more robust flavour
                                          than most Oolongs, which may be
This Indonesian Oolong is oxidized
                                          why it has achieved unprecedented
very tenderly providing the tea with a
                                          popularity around the world. May be
fruity flavour.
                                          infused 5 to 8 times.

Fine Champagne
This Taiwanese Oolong is a pleasant
fine aromatic tea and is considered a
good choice Oolong.

Flavoured Oolong Tea
Plum Oolong                               Creamy Nut Oolong
This high quality flavoured Chinese       This high grade Chinese Oolong
Oolong adds sultana raisins, sour         contains apple pieces, caramel bits,
cherries, schisandra berries and          almond pieces, safflower, sunflower,
mallow flower blossoms to create a        mallow flower and natural aromas.
plum flavoured Oolong tea. This tea       Great for multiple infusions.
is perfect for fruit tea lovers who are
looking for the health benefits and
delicious flavour of Oolong tea.
                                          Peaches and Cream
                                          This high grade Chinese Oolong
                                          contains papaya pieces, peach
                                          pieces, pomegranate flowers,
                                          safflowers and natural aroma.
Black Tea
While Black Tea methods and varieties differ according to region,
four basic steps are always followed: withering, rolling, oxidizing and
firing.It is the firing and full oxidation of the leaves that distinguishes
Black Tea from White, Green and Oolong Tea. Black teas are
produced in almost all countries that grow tea, with the exception of
Japan. The major Black Tea nations are China, India, Sri Lanka, Africa
and Indonesia.

Ceylon OP                                    King of Pu-Erh
Classic Dimbula                              King of Pu-Erh is known as one of the
                                             most famous Chinese teas and has a
Ceylon OP also known as Classic
                                             very distinct earthy aroma and taste.
Dimbula gets its name from the
typical Dimbula gardens.
The OP that follows Ceylon stands            Darjeeling Ambootia
for Orange Pekoe and refers to the
grading of the tea and not its flavour.
                                             Organic                  FTGFOP1
                                             The Ambootia tea estate is located in
                                             India’s renowned region of Darjeeling,
Assam Banaspaty                              where organic methods are used to
Organic             FTGFOP1                  grow this beautiful tea. The leaf is well
                                             twisted and the flavour is sure to meet
This organic Black Assam comes from
                                             all expectations.
the small Banaspaty Tea Estate in
Northeast India. This tea is a first flush
Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange             Darjeeling Makaibari
Pekoe (FTGFOP1), with a rich, malty
and full bodied flavour. If you like Irish
                                             Our organic Darjeeling Makaibari is
breakfast tea, you are sure to enjoy
                                             a beautiful second-flush from the
this Assam.
                                             traditional garden of Makaibari.
                                             This Black Tea is an aromatic,
Assam SF Budla Beta                          nutty cup.
This Black Tea originates in the Assam
region of India and has a well worked        Irish Breakfast
leaf with golden glowing tips.
                                             Assam broken/CTC and Sumatra teas
                                             are the perfect accompaniment to a
Decaffeinated Black                          morning breakfast.
This option is perfect for Black Tea
drinkers who like to have a cup of tea       English Breakfast
before bed.
                                             Assam, Ceylon and Sumatra teas
                                             come together to create the perfect
Yunnan FOP                                   morning cup.
The `yun` in Yunnan means `cloud`,
which is fitting because most of             Tarry Lapsang Souchong
the teas are grown at elevations of
                                             This distinctive Black Tea is known for
3,000-7,000 feet. This Black Tea has a
                                             its naturally created deep, pungent,
number of golden tips, which gives it
                                             smoky aroma. Black Tea leaves are
an aromatic and slightly
                                             fired over smoking pine needles, which
spicy flavour.
                                             produce its strong scent and flavour.
Flavoured Black Tea
Black Tea has been shown to sharpen concentration, lower
cholesterol, improve circulation and have a therapeutic effect
on gastric intestinal illnesses. Get all the health benefits and rich
flavour of Black Tea with our exclusive Flavoured Black Tea selection.

Classic Earl Grey                              Market Spice™
One of the most famous Black Teas,             This organic Black Tea has orange
the classic Earl Grey consists of              peel, cloves, marigold flower
Ceylon Black Tea scented with oil of           blossoms, and red peppercorns
bergamot. Bergamot is an inedible              added to create a spicy and delicious
citrus fruit whose oil is pressed out of its   brew. If you like our Teaopia Holiday
rind and then sprayed onto a blend of          Blend or Chai tea, you will love our
Black Teas.                                    Market Spice tea.

Creamed Earl Grey                              Sweet Lemon Drop™
                                               This all natural flavoured tea is the
Lovers of Earl Grey tea will want to
                                               perfect combination of Ceylon
have our Creamed Earl Grey as part
                                               Black Tea, lemon peel and lemon
of their collection. The subtle yet
                                               granulate. This balanced and
distinct flavour of bergamot pairs
                                               refreshing tea is ideal for those who
perfectly with cream making this tea
                                               love the combination of lemon and
ideal to drink day or night.
                                               tea together and makes the perfect
                                               classic iced tea.
Lady Earl Grey
Black Tea lovers have been putting             Strawberry Shortcake™
Earl Grey on the top of their list for         Ceylon Black Tea, real strawberry bits
years and we are sure that our version         and leaves and an unmistakable
of Lady Earl Grey will become an               strawberry cream flavour.
instant favourite with all Black Tea
drinkers. The subtle taste of bergamot
with a hint of lemon is the perfect way        Bourbon Vanilla™
to start or end any day.                       This flavoured tea is an incredible
                                               blend of Ceylon Black Tea and
                                               bourbon vanilla pieces. Bourbon
                                               Vanilla provides a strong vanilla flavour
                                               without being overpowering, which
                                               makes it perfect to be served
                                               with desserts.
Flavoured Black Tea
Teaopia                                    Dublin Cream™
Holiday Blend™                             This unique tea is a balanced blend
                                           of Ceylon Black Tea, whole roasted
This specialty tea is an incredible
                                           coffee beans and jasmine petals.
blend of apple pieces, cinnamon,
                                           These natural ingredients combine to
almond and bourbon vanilla bits.
                                           create a great coffee cream flavour,
All of these natural ingredients
                                           perfect for tea and coffee lovers.
combine to create a mildly spicy
                                           This flavoured Black Tea is a great
and fruity Black Tea that is perfect for
                                           place to start for those who are trying
the holiday season but is sure to be
                                           to make the transition from coffee to tea.
enjoyed year round.

Caramellissimo™                            Masala Chai
This dessert-like tea is a mouthwatering   This unique blend of Ceylon Black Tea
blend of Ceylon Black Tea, caramel         is naturally flavoured with cinnamon,
pieces, hard biscuit pieces and            cardamom and cloves, which
cream caramel flavour. The sweetness       produces a spicy and mild flavour.
of the caramel is offset by the            This Black Tea has been an Indian
aromatic flavour of the Black Tea,         classic for hundreds of years and can
making Caramellissimo a perfectly          be enjoyed in a number of ways:
balanced sweet tea. This Black Tea is      plain, with milk and sugar or even as a
a great substitute or accompaniment        Masala Chai Latte.
for dessert.
                                           Amaretto Cherry
Monk’s Blend                               Amaretto Cherry is made up of
                                           Ceylon Black Tea, cherry bits and
Monk’s Blend is a dramatic
                                           almond pieces. These natural
combination of Ceylon Black Tea,
                                           ingredients combine to create an
vanilla and grenadine. This flavoured
                                           almond-liquor flavour with a hint of
tea has a mysterious background, as
                                           cherry to liven up the palate.
it is believed to have been developed
by monks to fulfill their life’s desires
and used by Franciscan monks to
keep them awake during periods of
meditation. While we may not know
the true history of Monk’s blend, we
do know that this tea is delicious and
much desired by vanilla lovers.
Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate is a wonderful stimulant, which can act as an all
natural and cost effective substitute to energy drinks and coffee.
The stimulant in Yerba Mate is called mateine, which is like
caffeine but less disruptive to your metabolism and doesn’t leave
you with the side effects and toxicity of coffee. With 52 more
active compounds and a higher antioxidant count than Green
Tea, Yerba Mate fights free radicals, detoxifies the body and helps
protect against diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Yerba Mate                                  Mateccino™
Yerba Mate is the beverage of choice        Roasted Yerba Mate leaves, natural
in South American countries due to its      Rooibos, sunflower petals, cornflower
well-balanced flavour and                   petals and chocolate flavouring.
health benefits.

                                            Mate Sweet Energy ™
Mate Citrus Buzz                            All the incredible health benefits of
The combination of Green Yerba Mate         Green Yerba Mate are infused with
leaves, lemongrass, safflower petals,       aloe vera bits, figs, dates, orange
sandalwood, orange peel, ginger,            peel, mallow flower and sunflower
lemon peel and spearmint give this          petals to create a refreshing and
herbal tea an unmistakable citrus           exotic flavour.
flavour that will leave you with the pick
me up you desire without the side
effects and toxicity of coffee.
                                            Mate Chai
                                            The ingredients of classic Indian Chai
                                            tea including cinnamon, cardamom,
Mate Peach                                  ginger, cloves and black pepper have
All the health benefits of Yerba Mate       been added to roasted Yerba Mate to
are infused with papaya bits, marigold      produce a delicious and healthy tea
petals, safflower petals and spearmint      that Chai lovers are sure to enjoy.
to create a fruity peach flavour that is
ideal to serve any time of day either
hot or iced.

Mate Vanilla Mint
This Green Mate is the perfect
combination of peppermint and
vanilla bits. Now you can enjoy the
amazing benefits of traditional Green
Yerba Mate with a refreshing and
delicious vanilla mint flavour.
Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate is a South American herb from the holly family.
Although Yerba Mate has been used medicinally and socially by ancient
peoples for centuries, it is only in recent years that it has been studied for
its health benefits and praised as the perfect alternative to coffee.
The Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society conducted a study
on Yerba Mate, and one of their many conclusions was that Yerba Mate
contains “practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life”.
In fact, many indigenous South Americans refer to Yerba Mate as
“The drink of the Gods”, because of its incredible health benefits.
Yerba Mate has even been nicknamed the “liquid vegetable” because
of its numerous active compounds, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
On top of the vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols, Yerba Mate also
contains saponins, which have been found to stimulate the immune
system and help protect the body from disease.

Benefits of Yerba Mate
•   All natural stimulant, which allows you to feel energized without the
    side effects and toxicity of coffee
•   52 more active compounds than Green Tea. 196 compared to the
    144 found in Green Tea
•   Contains 15 amino acids
•   Higher in antioxidants than White, Green, Oolong and Black Tea
•   Contains vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin (B3), B5 and B complex
•   Boosts the immune system
•   Increases mental alertness
•   Detoxifies the body
•   Weight Loss: helps break down fat, increases the body’s metabolic
    rate and suppresses appetite.
•   Protects the body from disease

Preparing Yerba Mate
Mate and Bombilla
Fill your mate half full with Yerba Mate. Pour boiling water into the mate
and let brew for 6-8 minutes. Place the bombilla in the mate and Enjoy!
Teaopia Tea Master
Place 4 teaspoons of Yerba Mate into your Teaopia Tea Master (16oz),
fill with boiling water and let brew for 6-8 minutes. If sugar, sweetener or
honey is required add it to your Tea Master before brewing. Place on top
of your mug to dispense and Enjoy!

                                       *Adjust amount of tea and brew time to taste
Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free herbal, low in tannins and
very high in antioxidants. Although Rooibos is fairly new to North
America, it has been consumed in South Africa for generations.
According to research in South Africa and Japan, Rooibos has
been shown to aid in health problems such as insomnia, irritability
and hypertension. Since Rooibos contains powerful antioxidants
it also helps boost the immune system, destroy free radicals
and slow the aging process. Rooibos is the perfect choice for
introducing children to tea and for those sensitive to caffeine.

Natural                                      Applestrudel
Rooibos is a broom like bush from            This delicious tea is a blend of Rooibos,
the Cedarberg region in South Africa.        apple, currants, cinnamon bits and
Besides its great taste, the exceptional     bourbon vanilla pieces.
characteristic of Rooibos is the fact        Combining the spicy taste of cinnamon
that it contains no caffeine and very        with fruit and vanilla makes this sweet
few tannins, which prevents it from          yet spicy tea irresistible to dessert lovers.
becoming bitter when over brewed.
Rooibos is also high in essential
minerals such as potassium, iron,            Truffle Orange
calcium, copper, fluoride, magnesium,        Truffle Orange is a combination of
zinc and antioxidants, making it an          real orange peel, safflower petals and
extremely healthy tea for everyone to        chocolate flakes. The well matched
benefit from.                                flavours of chocolate and orange
                                             come together wonderfully in this
                                             balanced and flavourful tea.
Earl Grey Rooibos
Rooibos is infused with the classic
flavour of bergamot to create a              Coco Caramel™
naturally caffeine free tea. It is perfect   This dessert like tea is a blend of
for Earl Grey lovers who like to have a      Rooibos, cocoa bean shells and
cup of tea before bed without the risk       natural aromas, the combination of
of disturbing sleep.                         which create a chocolate-caramel
                                             flavour. This decadent tea is a great
                                             substitute or accompaniment for
Kalahari™                                    dessert and is safe to drink at night
Kalahari is an exciting blend of             since it is naturally caffeine free.
Rooibos, lemongrass, orange peel             Chocolate lovers will be sure to get
and mallow blossoms. These natural           their fix with this delectable
ingredients combine to create a tea          flavoured tea.
with a refreshing orange flavour.

Ice Age™                                      Tangerine Dream ™
This fruity Rooibos is a blend of safflower   Green Rooibos is combined with
blossoms, lemongrass, lemon peel,             fig pieces, carrot bits, lemon
mint and orange blossoms.                     granulate, ground ivy herb, orange
Surprisingly, the combination of these        peel, and chrysanthemum leaves
ingredients come together to create a         to create a wonderfully refreshing
peachy-lime flavour.                          tangerine flavour. Those that love the
                                              combination of citrus and tea will
                                              think they are dreaming after
Strawberry Cream™                             trying this blend.
This dessert-like tea is the perfect
combination of Rooibos, strawberry
pieces and strawberry leaves.
This tea is a great substitute or
                                              Amazing Vanilla ™
                                              As its name suggests this tea is an
accompaniment for dessert and
                                              amazing combination of Rooibos,
is safe to drink at night since it is
                                              bourbon vanilla pieces and natural
naturally caffeine free.
                                              vanilla flavour. The unmistakable
                                              aroma of vanilla is infused into this
Summer Breeze™                                tea creating the perfect cup for any
                                              vanilla lover. This tea is ideal to serve
Summer Breeze is the perfect
                                              along with dessert since it is flavourful
combination of green Rooibos, pear
                                              but not overpowering.
bits, sultana raisins, dates, carrots,
mallow flowers and lemongrass.
Fruit and tea lovers will consider this
Rooibos a treasured member of their
tea collection for years to come.
Wellness Blends
Teaopia’s exclusive Wellness Blends are infusions made with
herbs, flowers, roots, spices or other parts of plants. Since herbal
infusions do not contain tea leaves they are generally caffeine
free. Although technically not a tea because they do not derive
from the Camellia sinensis plant, they make a satisfying cup that
is beneficial to your health and well being. The essence of these
exclusive herbal blends is to set you on a journey to achieve
harmony between mind, body and soul. Drinking these teas can
help you maintain a feeling of overall wellness.

Sleep Well™                                 Slimming™
Sleep Well is a combination of              This blend is a mixture of roasted
Rooibos, tulsi, Melissa, lemon              Yerba Mate, peppermint, liquorice root,
verbena, hop leaves, aniseed, fennel,       stinging nettle, elderflower blossoms,
peppermint and liquorice root.              rosehip peel and silver lime blossoms.
This tea is an ideal drink to have          The combination of these all natural
before bed as it relieves headaches,        ingredients come together to create the
nausea and insomnia and since it is         perfect diet tea. Contains Mateine.
naturally caffeine free there is no risk
of disturbing sleep.
                                            Our Cleansing tea is a mixture of
Fit Active™                                 senna leaves, mint, lemongrass,
This Wellness Blend is a combination        orange flowers, orange peels, ginger
of apple pieces, rose hip peel,             pieces, tulsi, balm, garnet apple
strawberry and raspberry leaves,            blossoms, and bay leaves. As its name
elderberries, bramble berries,              suggests this refreshing blend is ideal
sunflower petals, vitamin C from the        for cleansing the body and is known as
acerola cherry, and safflower and           the all natural laxative tisane.
cornflower petals. This tea is a must
have for all tea drinkers as it helps
prevent the common cold and is very         Calming™
rich in vitamin C.                          A perfect blend of Rooibos, tulsi,
                                            apple pieces, Melissa, orange peel,
                                            lemongrass, lemon verbena, lime
Slim and Slender ™                          tree blossoms, marigold and mallow
This Wellness Blend is a combination        flowers. This blend is also known to
of Yerba Mate, King of Pu-Erh, stinging     help with migraines, headaches and
nettle, carrot pieces, aloe vera, red       improvement of peripheral blood vessels.
rose buds, mallow flowers, calcium
lactate, sunflowers and magnesium
citrate. These natural ingredients
                                            Rise N Shine™
come together to create a tea that          A perfect combination of lapacho,
both boosts the immune system and           honeybush, roasted Mate, apple
burns fat. Contains Mateine and Caffeine.   pieces, cinnamon bits, green Mate,
                                            chrysanthemum flowers, guarana
                                            powder, cola nut, pomegranate
                                            blossoms, marigold flowers,
                                            and aroma. Contains Mateine.
Wellness Blends

Autumn Breeze™                                 Herbal Chai ™
This Wellness Blend is a mixture of            This Herbal Chai is a take on traditional
honeybush, papaya bits, osmanthus              Masala Chai, without the addition
blossoms, marigold blossoms and                of any Black Tea, which makes it
aroma. The lovely combination of               completely caffeine free. Consists of
natural ingredients helps to stave off         ginger, apple pieces, anise seeds,
hunger pangs and aids in digestion             cardamom, black peppercorns and
making it perfect to drink either before       cloves. A mix of herbs and spices that
or after a meal.                               can be added to any tea in order to
                                               receive the health benefits it provides.

After Lunch™
As its name suggests this tea is               Sunset Honeybush™
great to have after a meal since it            This delicious Wellness Blend combines
aids in problems of indigestion and            honeybush, mango pieces, strawberry
heartburn. After Lunch is the perfect          leaves, orange peel, strawberry pieces
combination of melissa, tulsi, apple           and natural aromas to create a juicy
pieces, peppermint leaves, liquorice           strawberry-orange flavour.
root, camomile, fennel, caraway,
rosemary and marigold petals.
                                               This multi-purpose herb can be used
Camomile                                       as a spice, as an additive for certain
Organic                                        oils or in the form of an infusion.
Camomile has been used as a                    Due to the ingredient menthol that is
medicinal herb for centuries and               present in Peppermint, it is thought of
continues to be sought out in order            as an herb that may help with sore
to treat health problems, relieve              throat, stomach ache, nausea,
anxiety and control insomnia.                  Irritable Bowel Syndrome and stress.
The small blossoms that make up our            The minty, clean and refreshing flavour
Organic Camomile blend produce a               of our cut leaf Peppermint makes it
wonderfully aromatic and deliciously           ideal for drinking either hot or cold and
deep flavour. Due to the calming               is a perfect way to start or end any day.
effect of this herb it is ideal for drinking
before bedtime, and since it is
naturally caffeine free there is no risk
of disturbing sleep.
Fruit Blends
Teaopia’s all natural Fruit Blends consist of real dried fruit, natural
flavourings and aromas. Since the majority of our Fruit Blends
are naturally caffeine free and high in vitamin C they are
ideal for introducing children to tea. A great advantage to
using Teaopia’s premium Fruit Blends, particularly when serving
children, is that you can control the amount of sugar added to
your hot or iced tea.

Strawberry Kiwi™                              Apple Cinnamon
This fruity drink is a mixture of hibiscus,   This fruit blend contains the traditional
apple pieces, rose-hip peel, kiwi and         base of hibiscus, apple pieces and
strawberry slices. As its name suggests       rose-hip peel with the addition of
this fruit blend produces a fresh             cinnamon bits and currants.
strawberry-kiwi flavour that is perfect       The contrast between the sweetness of
either hot or iced and is great for kids      the fruit and spicy aroma of cinnamon
since it is entirely caffeine free.           combine to create a perfectly
                                              balanced beverage.
Iced Princess ™
Iced Princess is a flavoured tea that         Fruity Ginger ™
combines Green Sencha and Ceylon              Fruity Ginger is a combination of pear
Black Tea with apple pieces, hibiscus,        bits, apple pieces, fig bits, melon
papaya bits and orange peel.                  cubes, papaya bits, ginger, red
The mixture of natural ingredients            pepper, red rose buds and rose flower
creates a wonderful strawberry-peach          petals. This delightful blend is perfect
flavour good enough for royalty.              for fruit lovers who appreciate the
Iced Princess contains both Green             natural flavour of ginger.
and Black Tea, which adds a small
amount of caffeine.                           Pina Colada
                                              The classic cocktail has now been
Black Currant                                 transformed into the perfect fruit blend.
This mixture includes the traditional         Pina Colada is a mixture of hibiscus,
base of hibiscus, apple pieces, and           apple pieces, rose-hip peel, candied
rose-hip peel with the addition of            pineapple and coconut flakes.
elderberries, black currant leaves,
black currants and vanilla flavour.
These natural ingredients combine to          Mojito Raspberry Mint ™
create an amazing black currant and           Mojito Raspberry Mint consists of pear
vanilla flavour that is hard to resist.       bits, hibiscus, lemongrass, raspberry
                                              bits and peppermint. This refreshing
                                              combination of natural ingredients is
Aztecs Gold™                                  wonderful either hot or iced and will
This Fruit Blend is a combination of          be enjoyed by fruit lovers any time
apple pieces, papaya and pineapple            of day.
bits, cranberries, banana chips,
mango bits, passion fruit granulate
and pear. This sensational Fruit Blend
resembles a stash of gold nuggets
hence its name Aztecs Gold.
Fruit Blends
Sangria                                  Wild Cherry
This summertime favourite has been       Our Wild Cherry fruit blend is a
transformed into a delicious Fruit       refreshing combination of real cherry
Tea. Our Sangria consists of apple       pieces, hibiscus, apple pieces and
pieces, hibiscus, grapes, orange peel,   rose-hip peel. This naturally flavoured
papaya pieces, pineapple pieces,         cherry beverage is wonderful served
mango pieces, strawberry slices,         either hot or iced and is bound to
lemon peel and lemongrass.               make all cherry lovers go wild.

Organic Raspberry is made up of
apple pieces, rose hip peel, hibiscus,
blackberry leaves and natural
raspberry flavour.



        A selection of pre-packaged
          premium loose leaf teas.

A selection of nine
assorted premium loose
leaf teas. This sampler
set makes a great gift
for any tea lover!
Tea Master
Perhaps the most exciting product that we carry is our very own Tea
Master, which provides a simple and effective way of brewing any
variety of tea, including White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea,
Mate, Rooibos, Wellness Blends and Fruit Blends. The Tea Master is truly
the best tool for infusing loose leaf tea, because it allows the water to
fully encompass the whole leaf, providing optimum flavour. The Teaopia
Tea Master brews perfectly clear tea every time. Simply turn the handle
slightly with your thumb and your tea will automatically dispense.
Brewing Instructions
Even tea of the highest quality can produce a poor tasting cup of
tea if it is improperly brewed. Many people who claim they don’t
like tea have probably tried a poor quality leaf or have had it
brewed incorrectly. Making your cup of tea just right is easy, once
you know the three components of creating the perfect cup.

Amount of Tea
Measuring loose leaf tea is the first step to making the perfect cup.
A good rule of thumb is 1 level teaspoon of tea per 8oz cup of water.
Check the back of our Teaopia bag or tin for specific measurements.

Temperature of Water
The second step is correct water temperature. To achieve 90°C,
simply bring water to a boil and let stand for 2-3 minutes.
To reach 80°C, bring water to a boil and let stand for 3-5 minutes.
Water should be brought to a boil using a kettle, and never
in the microwave.

Brew Time
The final step is all about timing. Brew time will depend on the
variety of tea you are making. See the chart below for specific
brewing times.

     White         1.5 tsp   80oC    2-3 min

     Green          1 tsp    80oC    2-3 min   These brewing instructions
                                               are based on an 8oz cup.
     Oolong         1 tsp    90oC    3-4 min
                                               For iced tea double the
     Black          1 tsp            3-4 min
                                               amount of tea.

                                               These instructions are
  Yerba Mate       2 tsp     90oC    6-8 min
                                               only a guide.
    Rooibos                                    Adjust brew time to taste.
  Fruit Blends     1.5 tsp   100oC   6-8 min
 Wellness Blends
Tea Blending
One of the greatest things about loose leaf tea is that you can make your
own unique and delicious blends by mixing different teas together.
All Black Tea, Fruit Blends, Wellness Blends, Mate and Rooibos easily
blend together because of the similarities between their brew time
and water temperature. When blending White Tea, Green Tea or
Oolong Tea with any other variety, we recommend that you use
water at 80°C and infuse for a maximum of 3 minutes.
Just remember; always use the lowest temperature water and
minimum brewing time to get the best results.

Some of our customers’ favourite blends:

Apple Cinnamon (Fruit Blend) and Coco Caramel (Rooibos)

Sencha (Green Tea) and Herbal Chai (Wellness Blend)

Coco Caramel (Rooibos) and Strawberry Cream (Rooibos)

Pai Mu Tan (White Tea) and Organic Raspberry (Fruit Blend)

Mateccino (Mate) and Peppermint (Wellness Blend)

Coconut Cream (Flav. Green Tea) and Earl Grey Green (Flav. Green Tea)

Yerba Mate (Mate) and Fit Active (Wellness Blend)

Rise N Shine (Wellness Blend) and Wild Cherry (Fruit Blend)

Cleansing (Wellness Blend) and Summer Breeze (Rooibos)

Jasmine Pearls (Flav. Green Tea) and Tangerine Dream (Rooibos)

Sunset Honeybush (Wellness Blend) and Caramellissimo (Flav. Black Tea)

              The possibilities are endless, so be creative.
         We would love to hear about your favourite tea blends at

Cast Iron
The cast iron teapot, also knows as a “tetsubin”, is a classic Japanese
teapot that dates back to the 17th century. These sturdy pots were
originally considered to be ordinary kitchen tools, generally used to boil
water and brew tea. It wasn’t until the 19th century, when tea drinking
became popular in Japan, that having cast iron teapots became a
symbol of status in the home. Cast iron teapots have yet to wane in
popularity since the 17th century because of their beauty and function.
These teapots heat evenly, retain heat well and last a lifetime, which
make them perfect heirloom pieces. These teapots are covered in black
enamel to prevent rust from forming inside.

Yixing (pronounced ee-shing) teapots first appeared during the Sung
Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.) in the Yixing region of China. Yixing teapots
were invented out of necessity, since tea culture in China was shifting
from powdered tea to whole tea leaves. The Chinese realized that
they needed a new tool to steep tea, and Yixing clay pots began to
appear. The Jiangsu province in China is the world’s only source for
this unique clay from which Yixing teapots are made, called purple or
red clay. Although the material is referred to as purple clay, this by no
means limits the natural colours that these pots are found in, which
include red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Unlike most other varieties
of clay, Yixing clay, is naturally lead free allowing for the glazing step to
be skipped and the pores to remain open. The porous nature of this
clay absorbs the colour, flavour and aroma of the tea that is brewed in
it, making it the ideal material for a teapot. With regular use, the interior
of the teapot continues to absorb the specific qualities of the tea, which
increases its flavour and richness with each steeping. For this reason,
Yixing teapots are best appreciated
when a single flavour of tea is
dedicated to them, ensuring that
the seasoning is not disrupted
by cross-brewing.
   This is the Chinese and Japanese
character for tea. The character depicts
 wooden branches, grass and a man
between the two, which symbolizes the
    way tea brings humankind into
            balance with nature.

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