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                                       Celebrating 40 years of M2/W2!
  Association -                                   Thank you for your participation!
  Restorative                                                        The Most Excellent Way
   Christian             By Wayne Northey
                                   Please help me understand! In the last election, every major party in Canada called for
                         harsher penalties in response to crime, and Prime Minister Harper recently introduced a policy of
                         tougher punishments for crime. If you raised kids and well (or witnessed such), please answer me:
   STATEMENT             was it punishment or embrace that won them (you) over? Is the final word for God love or hate?
“Mutually transforming   Is there any biblical word for God that means hate? How often did Jesus call God (loving abba)
lives—one relationship   Father? How often did he call God (harsh sentencing) Judge?1 What has been the dominant image
      at a time.”        of God in (Christian) Western culture since the eleventh century?2 Can one find a single reputable
                         criminological/sociological study that concludes crime may best be stopped through ever-harsher
     VISION              punishments (and society remain “civilized”)? Can one teach flying from a submarine? Can one teach
                         citizenship from a punitive institution? Does one find a plethora of academic studies that establish
                         two tenets: “(1) prison rarely rehabilitates, rarely deters, and often increases the risk of recidivism, and
    Our vision is to
                         (2) a strongly punitive and law-and-order approach to complex criminal justice problems in general
 recruit and empower
                         brutalizes prisoners, prison staff and society at large.”3? “When I fed the poor,” wrote Dom Helder
 volunteers to reflect   Camara, former Archbishop of São Paulo, “they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor had
 God’s restorative and   no food, they called me a communist.” M2/W2 seeks both to embrace the least of these and to raise
 inclusive love within   tough questions about justice. We seek structural change accordingly.
  the criminal justice             Ottawa Citizen columnist Dan Gardner wrote recently (February 24, 2006, my emphasis):
   system and wider      “Two flies cling to the side of a stagecoach as it rolls across the desert, trailing a thick cloud of dust
   society, to foster    in its wake. One fly looks back. ‘Wow!’ he says. ‘Look at what we’re kickin’ up.’… A criminologist
                         once told that to me as a way of illustrating how politicians, police chiefs and activists delude
healthier communities.
                         themselves about crime policies… Crime policies don’t control crime rates. The broad state of
                         social development does... Nobody wants to hear this, of course, because it means there are no quick
      M2/W2              fixes and no way to win elections by beating crime. But reality is reality. The flies aren’t kicking up
                         the dust, no matter what they think.”
                                   In a more recent article (April 26, 2006, my emphasis), Gardner asked: “Are Mr. Harper’s
   Registration #
                         tough mandatory minimums worth the cost? Will they make people safer? Vic Toews, Mr. Harper’s
  10775 8054 RR00
                         Justice Minister, insists they will. They proved themselves in the United States, Mr. Toews told
                         reporters a few weeks ago. It was tough mandatory minimums that drove down crime in the 1990s.
                         But Mr. Kleck [American criminologist and deterrence expert] says that’s not true: ‘The consensus of
                         American experts who have looked at that is that the mandatory minimums didn’t help and may
                         well have hurt.’ ”                                                                        (cont’d on page 3 )
  Member Agency

                         1   I counted them three times. Are you ready for the two numbers in order of the questions?: 177 and 0.
                         2   You guessed it! See: Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition, Harold J. Berman, Harvard
                             University Press, Cambridge and London, 1983.
    United Way           3   Criminologist Matti Joutsen, former Director of the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, presently
   Member Agency             with The Ministry of Justice, Finland, is summarizing the professional studies in the field (Satisfying Justice, Ottawa:
                             Church Council on Justice and Corrections, 1996, p. 183). Why don’t we get this in North America? Crime has been
                             politicized and “mediatized”, making truth about crime hard to come by in politics and the media.

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               M2/ W2 Asso ciatio n – R es t orat iv e C hris t ian Minis t ries

      Changes and                            about our next new staff person, our
                                                                 new Community
     Introductions!                                              Resource Co-
         Perhaps it is fitting in our 40th                       ordinator, since
year that we “reinvent ourselves” with                           Mary Reeves was
new programs and staff. We have been                             Abbotsford’s former
hiring!                                                          Mayor. She comes
         In March, 2006, we signed                               with a wealth         strengths?… As in this photo, we’re
five new contracts with Ministry for                             of pro-fessional      having fun at least! Bernie remains
Children and family Development              and volunteer community service           half-time Volunteer Co-ordinator, and
(MCFD). We have hired two new                background, a variety of community        Wayne picks up on several needed
staff persons. They are: Rufus               leadership roles, and strong              tasks.
Loewen who has                               commitment to restorative justice.                 Don Ibsen has been active
delivered Spiritual                          She writes: “My greatest passion for      professionally in Christian ministry
Care/ Chaplaincy                             sometime now has been the social          for over 25 years. He was also
services for MCFD                            degradation of many individuals,                            recently a prison
(Ministry for                                families and communities due to the                         chaplain for two years
Children and Family                          epidemic of addictions… As a young                          until the provincial
Development) in                              child my parents also instilled in                          institution was closed
Abbotsford since                             me the need to give my very best to                         in 2002. He is also
2004. Rufus has                              everything that I laid my hands to and                      self-employed in the
been married 37 years, and has 4 kids        also to realize that I should give back                     construction business.
and 7 grandkids. Rufus has been a            to the community.” She has 2 kids and                       He takes over
Social Worker for 24 years, and in           5 grandkids.                              from Jim Wilson, and joins Bernie
between two such stints, he pastored in               Carolyn Krahn’s choice to        Martens as federal coordinator of
a Mennonite church.                          cut back to three-fifths time meant we    men’s prisons, three-fifths time. He is
         Grace Williamson, Parent            hired a new three-fifths time Office      married with two adult children.
Mentoring (MCFD), has volun-                 Assistant, who                                     And lest you think that all
                         teered with W2      has been a                                our staff our new, Pascal Adams
                         for three years.    W2 volunteer.                             (Coordinator in Kamloops),
                         She writes that     Marilyn Lick                              Maureen Donegan (Chilliwack P2
                         she has had         has also shown                            and CoSA, Cora Goodyear (W2
                         “eight plus years   keen interest                             Federal Coordinator), Linnea Groom
                         volunteer-ring      in restorative                            (Bookkeeper and W2 Co-ordinator)
                         experience          justice through                           and Carolyn Krahn (Office Assistant)
                         with domestic       various                                   continue in their positions. And
violence and abuse. Four years               workshops                                 several volunteers still supplement
experience providing care for the            attended. She also works part-time in     volunteer coordination at several
elderly dealing with emotional, grief        a busy medical clinic, and has 3 kids.    prison institutions.
and mental illness issues has also           Her smile tells us already what we’re              Some years ago, the M2/W2
taught me a lot about our intrinsic          in for!                                   staff were defined as a “motley crew”.
value and the need to be loved,                       Bernie Martens and Wayne         And while we’ve done no musical
understood and supported.” She adds:         Northey have been around forever.         recordings, the term has stuck. So
“Dear mothers, if your heart tugs you        We couldn’t swap us out, so we            if you do not remember all of us by
to help make a difference or if you          redefined us: since April 1, 2006 we      name in your prayers, please at least
have any questions at all about our          are Co-Directors. This promises           remember “The M2/W2 Motley Crew”
P2 programs, please call us at the           to build on our respective strengths      in your prayers. And God bless us
M2W2 Office: 604-859-3215.”                  and minimize our weaknesses. You          everyone!
         For all living in Abbotsford        wonder what
and many further away, you will know

M2/W2 Association 208-2825 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6S3 Tel: 604-859-3215 / 1-800-298-1777 www.m2w2.com
               M2/ W2 Asso ciatio n – R es t orat iv e C hris t ian Minis t ries

(cont’d from page 1)                       nothing to help us understand or deal      believed him to be sincere.
                                           with criminal victimization (pp. xiii               What a shock it was to me
          Why? The vast majority of        and xiv).”                                 when I learned things weren’t quite
those caught committing crime, and                  An alternative subtitle for       that way after all. All that time,
the general public, have no awareness      his book that surveys the worldwide        energy, and concern for Charles from
of how tough any laws are. Gardner         criminological and sociological            individuals who had come alongside
explains: “[Most criminals who land        literature might have been: There is       him seemed wasted. I have not had
in jail] tend to be young, semi-literate   no one righteous, not even one (Saint      any contact with Charles since I found
and dumb. They don’t subscribe             Paul). Gabor is less pessimistic,          that out. He has not shown up for the
to newspapers. They don’t watch            and puts the “no-one-is-righteous”         recent times I have gone to visit him.
Question Period. They don’t read           rate at about 90% in most instances,       I pray for him and hopefully will be
criminology journals or the latest         including, yes, our media persons, our     able to visit him soon. Unfortunately,
amendments to the Criminal Code.           politicians, and our law enforcers! It’s   because of my having Alzheimer’s
What they know about the system            grim, tedious reading indeed.              disease I am no longer allowed to
tends to come from equally clueless                 “Experts” of course line up       drive a car, and am dependent upon
buddies ‘boasting about what they did      on both sides about crime reduction…       Bernie Martens who has faithfully
and got away with,’ says Mr. Kleck.”       I think we’re onto something               picked me up for the visits. I would
          But what about incapacitation    though when we choose “the most            like to visit Charles again and try to
at least? Longer sentences have            excellent way” (Saint Paul). In            encourage and challenge him to get
to mean less crime? “Wrong,                Jesus’ impossible words: “Love your        back on track – to rebuild his life, step
unfortunately. In reality,                 enemies.”                                  by step. There is always hope.
incapacitation is a big, complicated
issue and longer sentences deliver             Two Questions,                         2. What is important for a new
diminishing returns (Gardner).” – as            Two Answers                           volunteer to know?
indicated above by Matti Joutsen.          1. What are some joys of                            You need to be a friend to the
          Then there is another simple     volunteering?                              one you visit on a regular basis. It
reality: the vast majority of those                 Volunteering for M2W2 is          takes time to establish a relationship.
living in the democratic West (about       a ‘two-way street event’, and to the       Be yourself. If you feel you are not
90% of all of us folks) – in particular    degree that both who are involved are      a good match, talk to M2W2 people,
the self-proclaimed ‘law-abiding’          fully engaged to make the situation        but give it time. Be informed. There
like… well, you and me, are what           as meaningful as possible, it can be       are opportunities to attend important
Canadian criminologist Thomas              satisfying to both the visited and         Training Sessions where you hear
Gabor calls: “opportunistic repeat         the volunteer. I experienced that          from and interact with other volunteers
offenders.” He writes at the outset of     with Charles (not real name) for a         who visit clients. Some have been
his 1994 book, ‘Everybody Does It!’:       good period of time. Charles is an         with the same person for years. You
Crime by the Public (my emphasis):         intelligent individual with whom I         may hear testimonies of clients who
“I wanted to take issue with the           could easily and meaningfully relate.      have been greatly affected by the visits
hypocrisy displayed by many citizens       It was enjoyable to dialogue with          of a faithful friend like you. When
who routinely condemn what they            him. Because of his keen mind, we          visiting, show interest in the person,
consider to be our leniency towards        could converse on many topics. It was      feel free to ask questions. You are
convicted criminals, while they justify    indeed a two-way experience. From          being a friend who cares. You may
their own illegalities.” He adds, as       our visits, it seemed as if Charles was    feel overwhelmed in the beginning
though responding directly to this         moving ahead and I was thinking            and have high expectations. Leave the
month’s pronouncements about crime         about how he might be able to become       results to God who knows you and
by the new Canadian government,            rehabilitated into society some time       who knows your friend better than you
“Draconian policies may appeal to          down the road. He often shared about       do.
our tendency to project all that we find   his relationship to God and his desire     - Dave Friesen is a faithful Circles of
unacceptable in ourselves onto some        to encourage others in their faith.        Support and Accountability (CoSA)
identifiable social group, but they do     From what I saw and heard him say, I       volunteer.

M2/W2 Association 208-2825 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6S3 Tel: 604-859-3215 / 1-800-298-1777 www.m2w2.com
               M2/ W2 Asso ciatio n – R es t orat iv e C hris t ian Minis t ries

   1966 to 2006                                     In Loving
                                                    Memory of…                                 Mark Your Calendar
40 years of M2/W2
This year being an anniversary
year we are in a celebrative mood.                                                               2006 marks the 40th
We give thanks for our history; to           Ed Albrecht, passed away                           Anniversary of M2/W2
God for placing a vision in the        February 8, 2006. Ed began                            and we want to celebrate!
minds and hearts                       volunteering with M2/W2 in Nov.                        Please mark the following
of the original pioneers and           1994 and visited in the prisons two                    dates on your calendars:
volunteers; for the faithful support   times per month for twelve years.
that has moved M2W2 forward to                                                                     Friday, October 27
                                       He connected with his most recent
what it is today.                      prisoner friend for nine years. Ed also                         (Kamloops)
                                       continued to work with fellows after                      Saturday, October 28
We are planning a very special         their release from prison. A service                           (Abbotsford)
40th Anniversary celebration this      of celebration for his life was held in
fall in late October. We plan to                                                                  Sunday, October 29
                                       his home church as well as at Pacific                          (Vancouver)
have stories from each of the four     Institution.
decades.                                  Jack Dekens’ wife, Greta, passed                   Look for details as to times
                                       away after a long fight with cancer in                 and locations in the Sept.
M2/W2 has most recently added
                                       early May. Jack served on the M2/W2                        issue of TimeLines.
new programs and staff to
                                       Board of Directors from 1980-88. He                   Wednesday, June 28th –
complement our Mission
                                       continues to be very supportive and                        Hep C Awareness
Statement: “Mutually transforming
                                       our condolences go out to him and his
lives – one relationship at a time.”
                                       family.                                               Training, M2/W2 office,
Our Restorative Justice                                 *****                                     7:00 to 9:30 p.m.
understanding is leading us to
                                          Needed - a dependable car!                          All volunteers and anyone
areas such as P2, Parent
Mentoring, and Spiritual               Our staff put on a lot of miles                       interested are encouraged
Care/Chaplaincy (all under the         visiting the various correctional                             to attend. . . .
Ministry for Children and Family;      facilities, often giving volunteers                          RSVP June 26.
CoSA (Circles of Support and           a ride. At present we have one                       September 28 & 29 (7:00
Accountability); FASD (Fetal           agency car and over the years
                                                                                            to 9:30 p.m.), September
Alcohol Spectrum Disorder); and        it has been well used. So we
victims. A report on these new         find ourselves in need of another                           29 (9:00 a.m. to
developments was given at our          vehicle. Perhaps you, or someone                     3:30 p.m.) CORE Training.
Annual General Meeting on June         you know, would be willing to help                     All volunteers and anyone
14th.                                  us out with the donation of good                         interested are likewise
                                       economical, dependable car.
                                                                                                encouraged to attend.
Yes, we have changed in the past
                                          Are you up for the challenge?
40 years. One important aspect that    As we expand our programs our Association
has remained the same is that of       is in constant need of volunteers. On                 M2/W2 Association Stewardship Policy
our extra-ordinary volunteer base.     Wednesday September 13, 2006,                      No portion of the remuneration of development
                                       7:00 pm we are asking you to recruit               representatives shall be based on gifts received
              Thank you!               one friend to attend an information session        or committed to M2/W2 Association. Gifts that
                                       on all volunteer opportunities with M2W2           are designated for the support of a particular
                                       Association, venue TBA. Please be thinking         program of M2/W2 will be used solely for such
Please celebrate with us!              about whom you can invite to this evening.         purpose(s). However, if a particular project or
                                       The opportunities are so varied and while one      program is oversubscribed, excess designated
                                       opportunity may not suit you it may appeal to      funds will be used where needed most. Gifts
                                       your friends, so let’s give them the information   will not be accepted for projects or purposes
                                       and let them choose. Thankfully the body is        that are not within M2/W2’s goals unless
                                       made up of many different parts and giftings.      approved by the M2/W2 Board of Directors.

M2/W2 Association 208-2825 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6S3 Tel: 604-859-3215 / 1-800-298-1777 www.m2w2.com

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