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Injured in Fall, Sample Letter to Insurance Company Requesting Compensation document sample

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									ESD 112                                                                                                   FALL              2002

news of southwest washington risk management insurance cooperative, workers’ compensation trust,
and unemployment insurance pool programs

                                                The Cyclical Insurance Market
Inside                                             School districts are likely to see their insurance costs increasing over the next
                                                several years. The reasons for these increases are primarily market driven and are
                                                outside of the districts’ control. As members of a cooperative (or public entity pool),
                                                districts are well positioned to address the changes.
                                                   Costs which account for the operation of a pool or cooperative can be sorted
Course of Employment ........... 2              into at least three categories. The first cost is the cost of claims, which is affected by
                                                how much of each loss is retained by the pool. The second cost is the purchase of
                                                excess insurance to transfer responsibility to pay claims costs which exceed the
Field Trip Procedures on Line ... 2             amount retained by the pool. The third cost is for administration, which can
                                                include operations staff, keeping financial records, adjusting claims, providing
                                                safety services and a broker to purchase excess insurance. Changes in the amount
Vehicle Insurance Cards ........... 2           of retained claims costs paid directly by the pool and changes in the cost of excess
                                                insurance premiums can have a dramatic effect on the overall solvency of a
                                                program, and drive changes in the rates offered to member districts.
Life-Threatening Conditions .... 3                 HISTORY
                                                   Public entity pooling was born in the “hard” market cycle of the mid-1980s.
                                                Historically, the insurance marketplace has cycled between soft and hard markets
Pesticide Use in Schools .......... 3           every five years or so.
                                                   In the last hard market, insurance prices rose dramatically. Premiums increased
Parent Hosted Events .............. 4           200-300% with little notice. Some clients were told at the end of their policy period
                                                that they were going to be non-renewed for the next year. Other clients had their
                                                policies cancelled mid-term. When clients went to the market seeking another
Exec. Committee                                 carrier, capacity (ability to write new business) had shrunk to the point there were
Highlights ............................ 4/5     no other insurance companies offering coverage.
                                                   In response to that hostile environment and financial crisis, public entities
                                                (schools, cities, counties, sewer and water districts, and fire districts) self-insured
New Diabetes Law .................. 5           their commercial insurance exposures. Or, as an alternative for smaller entities, they
                                                grouped together to self insure - they “pooled” their resources.
                                                   Prior to the hard market cycle in the mid-1980s, less than 5% of the public
Safety Videos Available .......... 6            entities utilized pooling. Today, almost 40% of the public entities rely upon pooling
                                                to meet their insurance needs.
Claims Lesson                                      MARKET FORCES
Dogs at School ........................ 7          The economy and financial markets exert great influence over the insurance
                                                marketplace, especially as respects the cyclical nature of insurance pricing. With
                                                most insurance lines of coverage, it is common for the combined loss ratio, the total
School Emergency                                of claims and administrative costs, to exceed the amount collected in premium. Part
                                                of the magic of the insurance industry is its use of revenue on investments to offset
Plans ................................ Insert   underwriting losses.
                                                   When the economy is robust, returning a high level of income on investments,
Required WISHA                                  insurance pricing is “soft.” In a soft market, there are numerous companies
                                                offering coverage, and prices are low, to the point of being “below cost.”
Posters ............................. Insert
                                                   When the economy lags and invested premiums return very little in the way of
                                                income to institutional investors like insurance companies, the market “hardens.”
Safety Committee                                As investment dollars diminish, insurance company reserves must be utilized to
                                                offset underwriting losses. As reserves drop, the capacity to offer coverage
Requirements .................. Insert          declines. By necessity, as the market hardens, prices increase, sometimes
                                                dramatically. As underwriters evaluate the risk. The events of September 11, 2001
                                                have had a tremendous ripple effect on all lines of coverage - general liability,
                                                property, and workers’ compensation.

                                                continued on page 7
                                                                                                                 FALL 2002

Worker’s                                      Deliberate intent to cause injury
                                              to oneself is denied.
Compensation                                 These are just a few of the elements
                                          that have to be evaluated to
                                          determine if a claim is compensable
“Course of                                under the statute.
                                             In cases where there is no definite
Employment”                               traumatic event, or if there is a
                                          traumatic event that may be
                                          questionable, investigation into the
   When an industrial injury claim
                                          alleged injury and/or event occurs.
(workers’ compensation) has been
                                          Some tools used to investigate such
found to be filed in a timely manner,
                                          claims are recorded statements from
a determination must be made as to
                                          the worker alleging injury/event as
whether or not the worker was
                                          well as witnesses, supervisors and co-
                                                                                      Vehicle Insurance
acting in the “course of
                                          workers; obtaining records pertaining
employment” at the time of injury.
                                          to employment and medical history;
                                                                                      Cards & Accident
   Key distinctions between
                                          and independent evaluations.
Washington law and other states are
                                             Therefore, when notice of a
                                                                                      Reporting Packets
that, while it is necessary that the
                                          potential claim is received, a three
injury occur in the course of one’s                                                   Now Available
                                          point contact (injured worker,
employment, it is not necessary that
                                          supervisor and physician) is initiated to
                                          assist in determining if any other
                                                                                         New Proof of Insurance Cards for
                                          investigation is warranted.
                                                                                      district vehicles are now available to
                                                                                      our member school districts.
                                                                                         In additional to new Insurance
                                                                                      Cards, the Risk Cooperative has
                                                                                      prepared a new “Accident Reporting
                                           School Field                               Packet” to be placed in each vehicle.
                                                                                      This packet includes a list of the
                                           Trip Procedures                            contents of the packet, an accident
                                                                                      reporting card, witness statement

the injury “arise out of” the
                                           Now Available                              cards, exchange of insurance
                                                                                      information cards, a motor vehicle
particular duties a worker is paid to      On Line                                    accident report form, passenger seat
perform. No consideration is given                                                    location chart, and two pencils. These
to degrees of fault by the worker or                                                  documents are contained in an
employer in determining                       The recently issued School Field        envelope that is clearly marked “IF
entitlement to benefits.                   Trip Procedures, and related forms         YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT.” The
   Some of the questions concerning        provides detailed guidance for many        packet is designed to facilitate the
“course of employment” issues will         aspects of planning and executing          complete recording of the facts of the
generally sort into the following          field trips is now easily available for    accident and the exchange of
categories:                                your use online at http://                 insurance information at an accident
    • Parking Areas – These claims are                            scene as quickly and efficiently as
      generally denied unless a            insurance_programs/resources.html.         possible.
      worker’s job duties include work        In conjunction with these                   Members should receive one
      in the parking area.                 guidelines, if you would like training     Insurance Card and one Accident
    • Coming and Going – A worker          for your staff on field trip safety,       Reporting Packet for each of their
      on his/her way to or from work       please contact Peggy Sandberg at the       vehicles. Please see that one of each
      is generally not in the course of    Risk Cooperative.                          is placed in each of the district
      employment. The exception               Other information concerning the        vehicles. If additional Insurance Cards
      would be if a worker is on           four school insurance cooperatives         or Accident Reporting Packets are
      company business, using a            can be found on the ESD 112 website        needed, please or call Jim Rochel at
      company vehicle.                     at                  (360) 750-7504 or email him at:
    • Intentional Injury/Felony –          insurance_programs/. Check us out!

2                                                                                     ESD 112 risk management matters
FALL 2002

Requirements                                 Children with
for Notification                             Life-Threatening
of Pesticide Use                             Conditions - New
in Schools                                   Law for Schools
   The new law concerning pesticide
use at schools is now in effect.                 Substitute House Bill 2834, which
   Effective July 1, 2002, Washington        became effective on 6/13/02, is an act
State law requires posting and               requiring a medication or treatment
notification of pesticide applications       order as a condition for children with
at schools.                                  life-threatening conditions to attend
   This law has three important              public school. It added a new section to
requirements for schools and day care        chapter 28A.210 RCW.
centers:                                         It provides that the attendance of
1. Specific notifications, at least forty-   every child at every public school in the
   eight hours before a pesticide            state shall be conditioned upon the
                                                                                           Emergency Rules
   application, that includes                presentation before or on each child’s
                                             first day of attendance at a particular     • Attachment C – Sample Medication
   prenotifcation of the application
                                             school of a medication or treatment           Order Form and Treatment Order
   and notification signs
                                             order addressing any life-threatening         Form
2. Required pesticide application
                                             health condition that the child has that    • Attachment E – Sample Nursing Plan
   records, and an annual summary,
                                             may require medical services to be            and Emergency Care Plan
   accessible to interested persons
                                             performed at the school. Once such an       • Attachment F – Sample Notification
3. Written annual notification to
                                             order has been presented, the child shall     Letter to All Parents
   parents and employees of the
                                             be allowed to attend school.                • Attachment G – Sample Letter to
   school’s pest control policies and
                                                A “life-threatening condition” is          Parents Requesting Medication or
                                             defined as” a health condition that will      Treatment Order
   In this law, a “school facility”
                                             put the child in danger of death during     • Attachment H – Sample Letter to
means any facility used for licensed
                                             the school day if a medication or             Licensed Health Care Provider
day care center purposes or for the
                                             treatment order and a nursing plan are         How can a school determine if a
purposes of a public kindergarten or
                                             not in place.”                              student has a life-threatening
public elementary or secondary
                                                OSPI has issued an informational         condition? There are several ways, and
school. School facility includes the
                                             bulletin and detailed guidance on how       some are informal:
buildings or structures, playgrounds,
                                             to comply with this new law. This           • The parent informs school staff (often
landscaped areas, athletic fields,
                                             bulletin, No. 61-02, issued 9/18/02, is       at enrollment)
school vehicles, or any other areas of
                                             available on OSPI’s website at
school property.                                                                         • The student mentions the condition
    The Washington State Department                                                        to a staff member
                                             healthservices. Be sure to print all the
of Agriculture (WSDA) has provided a                                                     • A “Student Health Inventory” sheet is
                                             related attachments, including the
how-to-comply manual for schools.                                                          completed and reviewed by the
This “WSDA Compliance Guide for the                                                        school nurse
                                             • Attachment A – Copy of the SHB 2834
Use of Pesticides at Public Schools (K-                                                  • The parent brings in medications for
12) and Licensed Day-Care Centers”           • Attachment B – WAC 180-38
                                                                                           the student
(June 2002,) is available on line on the                                                 • The student has a medical reaction or
WSDA website at                                                            health episode at school
PestFert/. It is currently the third item
                                                                                            However the school becomes aware
listed in “Hot Topics” (on the right of
                                                                                         of the life-threatening condition, it is
the screen).
                                                                                         essential that the school gathers
   Call WSDA’s toll-free number for                                                      medical information and take steps
pesticide information and services at                                                    necessary to protect the student.

ESD 112 risk management matters                                                                                                     3
                                                                                                            FALL 2002

PARENT HOSTED                            • The school controls the activity
                                            The school district’s general
EVENTS –                                 liability coverage protects the        Executive
                                         school district, its employees and
Does school                              volunteers in the event of a claim     Committee
                                         for damages alleging negligence
district liability                       arising from a school-sponsored
coverage extend?                         activity (subject to specific
                                         exclusions and limitations).
   The Risk Cooperative is frequently       The three activities listed above
asked if a parent or business owner      are most probably not school-           SW WA Risk
or volunteer who hosts an event to       sponsored, and the school district’s
benefit the school is protected by the
                                         general liability coverage would
school district’s liability insurance    not extend.
coverage. The events may look                                                    Cooperative
                                            However, a parent-hosted event
something like these:
                                         may appear to be school-
• A parent invites a school class over   sponsored if the school is not          Executive Committee
  for a pool party.                      diligent to make sure that it is        Meeting
• A father who owns a pizza              clearly designated as school-
  restaurant has the winning team        sponsored or not. (Embrace the          August 26, 2002
  over for dinner after the game.        event or steer clear of it.) Three
• A school volunteer has the class       steps to help clarify school
  over to her house for an end of the    sponsorship includes the following:         The purpose of this meeting was to
  year barbecue.                         1. Ask the sponsor to include a         select excess insurance coverage. Loy
Are these school-sponsored events?          statement that “this is not a        Dale discussed that insurance is a
    The short answer to this question       school-sponsored event” on           cyclical business and that we are in the
is often found by answering this            information connected with           middle of a hard market, which entails
question – WHO is controlling the           non-school sponsored activities      carriers having reduced capacity,
activity or event?                          that is distributed to students.     issuing more non-renewal notices,
                                                                                 cancellations and declinations,
                                           If your school allows distribution    charging increased rates and requiring
                                           of announcements of non-school        higher underwriting standards.
                                           sponsored activities, review the          The options for excess coverage
                                           information and ensure there is       include: (1) continue to get coverage
                                           no impression of school district      in the excess market through our
                                           endorsement or sponsorship            broker Willis, or (2) to purchase
                                           before distributing it.               coverage from the Washington
                                         2. Do not allow use of any district     Schools Risk Management Pool at the
   If the school district sponsors the      equipment (copiers or                Puget Sound ESD.
activity, then the school district is       telephones) or district supplies        The Washington Schools Risk
responsible for and must control the        (letterhead, postage, etc.) to       Management Pool agreement would
activity.                                   advertise a non-school sponsored     be for one year only, then at the end
                                            event.                               of the first year the option is to renew
School-sponsored activities share
these characteristics:                   3. Ensure that staff who may            with them for three years or to find
• Activities are organized by the           attend the event know that it is     coverage from another source.
  school and planning occurs during         not school-sponsored.                   The committee members chose to
  school time                            4. In some cases, the school may        purchase excessive coverage for FY
• Activities are often connected to         want to announce that the event      2002–2003 through Washington
  curriculum                                is not school-sponsored, or          Schools Risk Management Pool at a
                                            publish this in the newsletter.      savings of nearly $500,000.
• The event usually occurs during the
  school day                                Help protect the district from
                                         liability connected with activities
• The school is paying wages to
                                         over which it does not have control
  school employee(s) to supervise
                                         by clearly designating non-school
• The school usually pays for a          sponsored events.
  portion of the activity (at least
  transportation)                                                                                 Continued on page 5

4                                                                               ESD 112 risk management matters
FALL 2002

Continued from page 4
                                              The District,                            02, is available on OSPI’s website at
SW WA Unemployment                            The Student,                                Some of the other provisions of the
Compensation Pool                                                                      new law require that the district, in
                                              Diabetes and                             conjunction with the parents and the
Executive Committee                                                                    student’s doctor and other health care
Meeting                                       the Legislature                          professionals, develop an individual
                                                                                       emergency plan. This plan is to be
May 23, 2002                                                                           updated at least on an annual basis,
                                                 The 2002 Washington State
                                                                                       and sooner as need may dictate. The
                                              Legislature passed Engrossed
                                                                                       plan is to be distributed to all
   As a matter of information, Loy Dale       Substitute Senate Bill (ESSB) 6641,
                                                                                       appropriate staff.
discussed the funding model noting            that requires school districts in
that the state of Washington’s rate is        Washington State adopt policies and         In conjunction with the individual
0.02 of taxable wages compared to the         procedures for dealing with students     health plan, the parent can designate
Pool’s rate of 0.002 (our rate is 1/10th of   with diabetes. The new law became        an adult volunteer to assist in the
the State’s rate). He went on to say          effective on July 1, 2002.               administration of proper care of the
that from 1995 through 2001, member                                                    diabetic student. The “parent-
                                                  The Legislature in creating this
districts have paid contributions of $2.5                                              designated adult” volunteer receives
                                              new law stated: “The legislature
million, but received refunds in the                                                   additional training from a health care
                                              finds that diabetes imposes
form of cash and transfers to the Risk                                                 professional or expert in diabetic care
                                              significant health risks to students
fund of $2,708,285 ($2.2 million went                                                  selected by the parent(s). It is the
                                              enrolled in the state’s public schools
back to the member districts in cash).                                                 obligation of the parent to see that
                                              and that providing for the medical
Even though it is self-insured, the                                                    the “parent-designated adult”
                                              needs of students with diabetes is
employee benefits portion is                                                           receives the proper training to
                                              crucial to ensure both the safety of
determined by the State. Individuals                                                   administer care as prescribed by the
                                              students with diabetes and their
applying for unemployment notice no                                                    Individual Health Plan. The “parent-
                                              ability to obtain the education
difference with the benefit delivery                                                   designated adult” can be an employee
                                              guaranteed to all citizens of the
system.                                                                                of the school district.
                                              state.” ESSB 6641 also states that
   The committee approved the                 “children with diabetes can and             The school district cannot require
Administrative Budget and to keep             should be provided with a safe           an employee to become a “parent-
rates flat for FY 2002-2003.                  learning environment and access to       designated adult.” The employee
                                              all other nonacademic school             volunteer must file, without coercion
                                              sponsored activities.”                   by the employer, a letter of intent
SW WA Workers’                                                                         stating their willingness to participate
                                                 ESSB 6641 requires that the school
Compensation Trust                                                                     as a “parent-designated adult”
                                              district provide individual health
                                                                                       volunteer. If an employee chooses not
Executive Committee                           plans for students with diabetes, and
                                                                                       to act as a “parent-designated adult”
                                              that the board of directors for the
Meeting                                                                                volunteer, the employee cannot be
                                              school district adopt policies to be
                                                                                       subjected to any reprisal or
April 30, 2002                                followed for students with diabetes.
                                                                                       disciplinary action from the employer
                                                 The Bill calls for the                for refusing to file a letter.
   Kevin Wick reviewed the                    Superintendent of Public Instruction
                                                                                          The school district, its employees,
PricewaterhouseCoopers’s actuary              and the Secretary of the Department
                                                                                       agents and parent-designated adult
report for FY 2000-2001.                      of Health to develop a uniform
                                                                                       volunteers, who while acting in good
   The committee approved the                 policy for all school districts to
                                                                                       faith and in substantial compliance
Administrative Budget and the rates           provide for the inservice training of
                                                                                       with the provision of ESSB 6641, will
for FY 2002-2003.                             school staff on symptoms,
                                                                                       not be liable in any criminal action of
                                              treatment, and monitoring of
    The committee approved a                                                           for civil damages as a result of services
                                              students with diabetes. This policy
$1,050,000 refund to member districts                                                  provided as prescribed by ESSB 6641.
                                              will include the standards and skills
in the fiscal year 2001-2002, which                                                       Districts that have diabetic students
                                              that must be in place for inservice
included a transfer of $259,824 to the                                                 need to become familiar with ESSB
                                              training of school staff.
Risk Management Cooperative on                                                         6641, and set into place all of the
behalf of common members in the                  OSPI has issued an informational
                                                                                       policies and procedures prescribed by
fiscal year of 2001-2002.                     bulletin and detailed guidance on
                                                                                       the new law.
                                              how to comply with this new law.
                                              This bulletin, No. 61-02, issued 9/18/

ESD 112 risk management matters
                                                                                                                           FALL 2002

    Employee Health and Safety Takes Center Stage
         During the week of July 29, 2002, 70 school employees from fifteen school districts came to the ESD 112 Conference
      Center to attend ”Safety Training for Maintenance, Custodial and Grounds School Staff”. This program, now in its third
      year, is provided to Southwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust member districts free of charge. The program
      goals are:
          •   To provide specific safety information and promote a general safety awareness among school district employees;
          •   To provide safety training that helps meet WISHA requirements;
          •   To provide a forum where employees may ask specific safety questions of safety professionals and;
          •   To share ideas, suggestions and concerns with employees from other districts

         This year, nine instructors provided information on these topics:
          •   Back safety, stretching, and proper lifting techniques           •   Electrical safety
          •   Hazard communication and material safety data sheets             •   Chemical handling principles
          •   Personal protective equipment                                    •   Fall protection
          •   Ladder safety                                                    •   Fire prevention
          •   Asbestos awareness                                               •   Indoor air quality/mold
          •   Respiratory protection                                           •   WISHA compliance and inspection
          •   Forklift operations                                              •   First aid/CPR

         Some highlights:
         Vern Allers from Injury Prevention Management, Inc. had the class performing stretching exercises early on Monday
      morning. Walter Want, a well-known safety consultant, had a table full of personal protective equipment for the class to
      look at. Later, Walter took the class outside for a demonstration of fall protection equipment. Dan Sabatino of Associated
      General Contractors used an aquarium full of water, an electric drill and a hot dog among other props to demonstrate
      various electrical safety principles. An OSHA inspector shared slides showing common safety hazards and violations.
      Participants also received a binder with reference materials dealing with each subject.

         Those who attended agreed that it was a positive learning experience and the instructors were very knowledgable.
      Those free lunches weren’t too bad either! If there are any follow-up questions, specific needs in the area of safety
      training and compliance or any program suggestions for the future, please contact Scott La Bar at (360) 750-7504.

    Now in Your Trust                           • Disaster Preparedness                      date the video is needed so it can be
                                                • Elements of Back Care                      sent to the district in time.
    Video Store                                 • Fall Protection                          • Videos may not be kept longer than 2
                                                                                             weeks upon their receipt.
       The Southwest Washington                 • Forklift Safety
                                                                                           • Please rewind before returning.
    Workers’ Compensation Trust has a           • General Safety Orientation
                                                                                           • If the requested video is already
    small safety video library now available    • Groundskeeping Safety
                                                                                             checked out for the time that you
    for member districts. These videos deal     • Hazard Communication for Schools           need it, you will be notified.
    with a variety of safety subjects, and      • Office Ergonomics                        • Videos are expensive. Most cost
    can be used for general information
                                                • Personal Protective Equipment              around $400 to replace. If the district
    and staff training. They are great for
                                                • Power Tool Safety                          loses a video, a bill will be issued for its
    both safety committee meetings and
                                                • Slips, Trips & Falls                       replacement cost.
    staff meetings. Current titles are:
                                                • Understanding Musculoskeletal               If the district would like to borrow a
    • Accident Investigation
                                                  Disorders (MSDs)                         video please call or email Scott LaBar
    • Control of Hazardous Energy
                                                   Because of the limited number of        (360-750-7504 or
                                                videos, please note the following: Provide your
    • Bloodborne Pathogens in Schools - A                                                  name, district, video title desired and
      Refresher                                 • One (1) video to be loaned to a
                                                                                           date needed and how you may be
                                                  district at a time.
    • Chemical Storage Hazards in the                                                      reached. Your request will be
      Laboratory                                • Request videos at least 1 week in
                                                  advance. Be sure to specify the

6                                                                                           ESD 112 risk management matters
FALL 2002

                                                                                      continued from front page
Claims Lesson -                                                                          CURRENT CYCLE
                                                                                         Today, we are in the second to third year of
                                                                                      this hardening portion of the insurance
Property/Casualty                                                                     market cycle. As evidence, the minimum
                                                                                      retention layer (the amount the client must
                                                                                      pay for each loss before excess insurance
                                                                                      coverage steps in) carried by the Workers’
                                                                                      Compensation Trust has increased from
A Doggone Shame                                                                       $150,000 per loss two years ago to $300,000
                                                                                      this year. As the retention increases, the share
                                          of injured boy said that the school         of the loss the client must pay also increases,
The incident                                                                          which increases the necessary contingency
                                          was not liable due to the posted sign,
                                                                                      margin or equity (monies held in reserve to
                                          but could not understand why the            pay for losses).
    The father of a second grader         rule was not enforced.
                                                                                         In the Risk Cooperative for the current year,
came to school with his golden
                                                                                      rates went up an average of 5% overall. At the
retriever on a leash to pick up his son   How to prevent this type of injury          same time, the renewal of the excess
and his son’s friend (with the                                                        premiums through conventional insurance
permission of the other boy’s                                                         companies would have increased 200% in a
parents). The father and dog walked           Here are several strategies that        single year (up $650,000). By purchasing excess
onto the elementary school campus,        schools can use to help keep animals        coverage through the Washington Schools Risk
and waited for the boys away from         off school grounds:                         Management Pool, another school district
the main entry door. There was a          1. Establish a school policy that           insurance cooperative, the increased cost of
sign posted at the front door entry          prohibits animals on school              excess coverage was “limited” to 23% (up
of the school (but no other location)        grounds. (Even tame animals are          $150,000). We can expect increased costs for
                                             sometimes unpredictable and can          excess coverage next year as well, because the
that stated that “Pets, dogs or
                                                                                      market is still hardening and the economy has
livestock are not allowed on school          injure students.)
                                                                                      not yet recovered.
grounds.”                                    Note: Be sure that the policy allows        It is clear we are in the midst of a volatile
    The boy’s friend was the first to        for specific animals as part of the      insurance market. One of the hallmarks of
emerge from the school, ran over to          science curriculum. See the Health       group self insurance is stable, long-term
where the father was waiting, and            & Safety Guide for K-12 Schools In       pricing. By utilizing the current contingency
gave the dog a hug. (The boy was             Washington, Appendix F, “Animals         margin or equity, insurance pools can offset
familiar with his friend’s dog.)             in the Classroom,” at                    some of the impact of dramatic changes in
Apparently the dog was not                         insurance costs.
expecting this treatment, and bit the        healthsafetyguide.asp for                   Pooling cannot guarantee there will be no
boy in the face.                             guidelines. Address animals for          increases in the cost of insurance coverage.
                                             show and tell times as well.             What pooling offers is a more stable
    There was a paraprofessional                                                      environment that mitigates the impact of
outside of the school building            2. Publish this restriction in school       sudden changes in the market. ESD 112’s
monitoring students leaving school           newsletters.                             insurance pools will work with an independent
and getting into parents’ vehicles.       3. Post signs prohibiting animals in        actuary from Pricewaterhouse Coopers in
She heard the boy yell, and brought          several places on schools grounds.       Seattle to evaluate the impact of the
him into the health room. The school      4. Go over this prohibition and the         upcoming renewal of excess insurance
called 911. An ambulance arrived                                                      coverage for next year (2003-04). What is
                                             reasons for it with students.
within 15 minutes.                                                                    known now is that there will be increases in
                                          5. Instruct staff on how to respond to      the cost of coverage. While increased
    Animal control was contacted             this behavior if they see it either      contributions from member districts will not
and put the dog in quarantine.               during or outside of school hours.       be 200-300%, increases could be in double
                                             (Tell staff to ask violators to remove   digits.
The injuries and damage                      animals from school grounds and             LOOKING AHEAD
                                             inform administration.)                     Pooling is still the best choice when looking
                                          6. Enforce the rule consistently.           for stable, long-term, high-quality coverage.
   Injuries to the seven-year old boy
                                          7. Involve local law enforcement or         Last year the Workers’ Compensation Trust
included a broken nose and a tear                                                     refunded $1 million to its member districts. In
from his forehead to his lip that            animal control when needed.
                                                                                      the current year it is expected that program
required 21 stitches. Plastic surgery         In this case, although the claim for    will make a similar refund. The Risk
may be needed. The injured boy            damages was not made against the            Cooperative, by necessity, will utilize its
sometimes wakes up at night with          school, a student was seriously             contingency margin/ equity to minimize the
nightmares. The boy who owned             injured. School rules are in place to       impact of increased costs on its member
the dog was traumatized because of        protect students and staff, and these       districts. Together the member districts in the
the bite and losing his dog.              rules need to be enforced. Remember         insurance cooperatives/ pools can withstand
                                          that animals are unpredictable and          the current “hard” insurance market
   The parents of the injured boy                                                     conditions until the cycle shifts to its softer
have made the claim for damages           should be kept away from children
                                                                                      side. If you have any questions concerning the
against the dog owner’s                   except under very controlled                renewal of your insurance coverage, please
homeowner insurance. The mother           situations.                                 call Loy Dale at the ESD.

ESD 112 risk management matters                                                                                                      7
SW WA Risk Management                     WA WA Workers’ Compensation
Cooperative Executive                     Trust
                                          Bill Bentley, Chairman
Chuck Anderson, Chairman                  Stevenson-Carson School District
La Center School District
                                          Dr. Milt Dennison
Dr. Glenys Hill                           Camas School District
Kelso School District
                                          Tom Lockyer                               Emergency Paging
Dr. Bill Hundley                          Ocean Beach School District
Woodland School District
                                                                                    Member districts need to report
                                          Mike Merlino
John Medlin                               Evergreen School District                 emergencies at the time of the event.
Skamania School District
                                          John Vencill                              Off Hours Access to ESD Insurance
Jim Sutton                                Longview School District                  Programs is available by paging
Kalama School District
                                                                                    (360) 408-0373.
SW WA Unemployment
Compensation Pool
Susan Garrett, Chairman                   ESD 112 Insurance Program Staff           Contact
Centerville School District
                                          Loy Dale, Executive Director              Insurance
Gary Goreth                               Shaun Mettler, Budget Analyst
Longview School District                  Lisa George, Secretary                    Programs
                                          Jim Rochel, P/C Claims Adjuster
Barry Gourley
                                          Sherri Phillips, WC Claims Adjuster       During normal business hours, Monday
Hockinson School District
                                          Tracey Usher, WC Claims Adjuster          through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Dr. Rick Wilde                            Marla Bouma, WC Claims Assistant          call (360) 750-7504, 568-SCAN, or
Klickitat School District                 Peggy Sandberg, Loss Control Specialist   1 (800) 749-5861.
                                          Scott LaBar, WISHA Loss                   Contact us on line at:
Terry Werner                                Control Specialist
Castle Rock School District                                               

The objective of Risk Management
Matters is to provide useful
information to our member districts.        Educational Service District 112
Your contributions and comments             2500 NE 65th Ave.
are welcome! Please call Loy Dale,          Vancouver, WA 98661-6812
Executive Director, with comments.
ESD 112 Risk Insurance Programs
2500 NE 65th Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98661-6812
PH (360) 750-7504
FAX (360) 750-9836

Evelyn Hambleton, ESD 112

ESD 112 Print Center
Dave Meadows, Print Center Manager
Tom Nelson, Lead Press Operator

An effort is made to distribute this
publication to districts appropriately.
If someone in your district did not
receive a copy who should have one,
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