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									MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                 6 August 2007

                       Next generation of cereal seed treatments
Two innovative cereal seed treatments are stepping up to the plate in field trials and demonstrations across
Australia. Both products give another dimension to standard fungicide treatments by providing protection
from post-emergence insect damage.
Hombre , a Bayer CropScience seed treatment designed for wheat and oats, has demonstrated a clear
improvement in root vigour at a demonstration run in conjunction with Elders.

Jim Ireland, a grower from Tullibigeal, has this year taken part in the commercial scale trial which
benchmarks the benefits of Hombre against his chosen seed treatment on Yarran oats. Mr Ireland was
surprised by the improvement in plant mass and root vigour after two assessments.

“So far I have seen the Hombre treated crop twice and visually there seems to be double the root mass and
double the plant mass compared to the Vincit treated oats,” he said.

Jim added that “seeing is believing”, and other growers in the area would benefit by applying Hombre to
their oats or wheat due to the improvement in plant health.

Hugo Graesser, Area Manager for Bayer CropScience in Dubbo was excited to see the results.

“The oats have shown a tremendous response to Hombre with substantially greater root growth and above
ground biomass than the standard treatment used. Although Hombre is registered for the control of aphid
feeding damage and reducing the spread of Barley Yellow Dwarf virus, we have observed these responses
in the absence of any obvious pests.”

“There is a real need for Hombre in my area as growers strive to maximise profitability in their cropping
program year in, year out. I don’t think that many people realise all the benefits that it can deliver,”
Zorro , a seed treatment designed for barley, combines the powdery mildew control and leaf scald
suppression of Baytan with a powerful systemic insecticide.

Craige Lang, Market Development Manager for Bayer CropScience in Tamworth explained the benefits of
using Zorro in barley.

“Broad-spectrum insecticides are routinely applied to control pests in barley. This will not only destroy any
beneficial species that are in the crop, but can also result in secondary pests becoming a problem.”

“But when growers treat with Zorro, the systemic insecticide protects the plant from aphid damage. The
population of beneficial species flourish which reduces or eliminates the need to spray post-emergent

Mr Lang added that there may be benefits of using Zorro even in the absence of insect pressure.

“You can see the effects in the trial we are conducting in New South Wales. There is no sign of aphids or
other pests, but the Zorro treatment is way ahead of the standard fungicide treatment.”

Geoff Robertson, Market Manager Seed Treatments at Bayer CropScience was not surprised to see the
fantastic results.

“Hombre and Zorro not only protect against pests and diseases, but can also help sustain yields if a crop
has been exposed to extreme weather conditions such as water stress, extreme heat or a cold snap. We
have named these positive side effects Stress Shield™,”

“We have conducted trials over the past four years which show that crops treated with Hombre or Zorro
consistently yield higher than standard fungicide treatments. The average response over 41 yield
observations is 350 kg/ha extra yield,”
“Hombre and Zorro will appeal to growers who are continually looking to improve their cropping systems,”

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Hombre (top) promoting healthy roots compared to the standard treatment (bottom) in Jim Ireland’s

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